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  1. Shout out to Axelay. Reached out to him about the Macross kite decals he sold years ago. Was lucky he still had a few to sell. Quick shipping and fair price. Thanks!
  2. The VF-4G I purchased from yman1437 arrived today. Perfect transaction from price, communication, packing and super fast shipping. Absolutely would recommend.
  3. Big thanks to bravo5! Now my VF-0S will finally be complete. Also thanks for the super pro job on packing the item.
  4. If Playmates was making a toy of me I'd want them to hide my face as well.
  5. I know there was a screen shot of the armored Galatica from the web-episodes posted earlier but does anyone have or know where to find some better pictures of the Galatica in her prime?
  6. Good to see Playmates hasn't lost their suck. http://www.toyark.com/news/terminator-toy-...toy-images-482/
  7. Just received my Cloud and Fenrir from Chowser. Got here in no time. Thanks a lot Chowser!
  8. Oh man. I really don't want the Sideshow Snake Eyes to be cool or for that matter any Joes made by them. My wallet is already taking a beatin' from the 25th Anniversary stuff.
  9. Well no matter what Rachel Nichols has the two biggest reasons why I'm going to see this film.
  10. Probably old news but I was talking about the Power Armor. http://www.hisstank.com/gi-joe-news/attach...ttachmentid=911
  11. My feelings on the vehicles is a little mixed after I saw the boxed photos. I was hoping they would have gone the same route as they did with the 25th figures and have them in their classic packaging and having to build it and add the stickers on yourself. For me that was one of the best parts of getting them. I have a really fond memory of getting the Defiant as a kid, spending hours putting it together then running outside and re-enacting a crash landing into a snow bank. If I had only knew how much that thing was going to be worth...I probably wouldn't have had so much with it.
  12. My wallet knows I have no control. It blames Hasbro.
  13. Most of those new two packs sound like they will be fairly easy repaints but the Nemesis Enforcer and Iron Grenadier should be interesting.
  14. New comic 2 packs up for pre-order http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product...amp;mode=retail All I can say is COBRA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!
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