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  1. Metal Structure Fin Funnels reopened at Nippon Yasan: https://www.nippon-yasan.com/30094-metal-structure-option-parts-fin-funnel-for-rx-93-gundam-limited-edition.html
  2. Not sure as I'm not from the US. Looking at prices from local stores (Malaysia), these seem to be in line with the marked up prices at least for the base figure.
  3. Preorders actually opened yesterday at least at Nippon-Yasan and Anime Export but at a significant mark up.
  4. Got mine in in the order history. Guess I'm done. Congrats to those who got one as well. Sorry to those who didn't.
  5. I think I got one at NY. After clicking on the Pay Later link, I got kicked out to the waiting area. But I got a pre-order pay later confirmation email from them. Does this mean my order got through? Still at waiting area...
  6. todd77

    Bandai DX VF-31

    What's this? Has some kind of preorder madness started at NY? Seems like Nippon-Yasan now adds you to a waitlist to access their site instead of outright crashing when the traffic volume is too high?
  7. Also didn't see this posted but there is a pictorial review of the Nightingale that's been up since last week: http://blog.livedoor.jp/hacchaka/archives/52038857.html
  8. todd77

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Got one at NY!
  9. Managed to get an order in at Nippon-Yasan as well. Shipping at 6.3k yen.
  10. Preorder for the PG 1/72 Millennium Falcon is up on Nippon-Yasan @ 45,400 yen.
  11. Looks like Bandai's PG Millennium Falcon will be released on August 28 2017. More info here Comes packaged with the LEDs and photo-etched parts. About 680 parts and uses 3 AAA batteries.
  12. Looks really nice. Seems that the battle damaged areas are molded and there is even some detail beneath the damaged hull. Some turntable videos of the model:
  13. If they can replicate all the detailing and proportions of the original 5-foot film model, I'd be extremely happy with this (though the pricing is killer...). Judging from Bandai's 1/144 TFA Falcon model, there seems to be a lot of extra piping added to the side walls that I don't think are present in the models used in the original trilogy. Plus the 1/144 TFA Falcon has the left sidewall mirrored from the right which I think is incorrect.
  14. Looks amazing! Will absolutely be getting one. Seems to be ANH-only version though (3-landing gears, no front headlights). And the detailing on this one seems to be based on the film's 5-foot model, yes?
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