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  1. apparently, there has been some improvement on the reissue... https://ameblo.jp/arcadiaac/entry-12705260202.html sample: Wondering now if they also actually did improved their upcoming YF-19 reissue as well...
  2. http://tamashiinations.blog.jp/archives/12094187.html samples:
  3. https://twitter.com/ARCADIA_Co_Ltd/status/1450051677726199814
  4. UPS? They still don't offer EMS even though it's been open and avaiable for some time now? Weird. That said, 7881y is quite expensive and quite high for just the Armor-parts, but that's prolly just regular rate for UPS individual/non-corporate rate. btw, how many did you actually ordered from N-Y? fwiw, I just paid AE for mine for 4414y, and I thought that was a bit exhorbitant already. They use some local-company but shipping is really handled by DHL, anyway. It was also a bit funny at AE that both their "Fast" shipping and "Economy" shipping has the same 4414y rate.
  5. Not sure about the Hargun, but here are their last tweets regarding MZ-23 toys (regular and army): https://twitter.com/ARCADIA_Co_Ltd/status/1415962682822299648 https://twitter.com/ARCADIA_Co_Ltd/status/1427877832215064576
  6. I think USAF and US-Marines uses different colors on their jets' landing gears. I think the "White" gears was specific to USN jets, and possibly just with the F8, F4 Phantom-II (navy), F-18, and of course, the F14.
  7. Thought navy jets like the F-14 always have white landing gears.
  8. Are you then suggesting they are hinting Macross Plus BD will be finally released here in the States since they listed the YF-19 DX iin that survey? That will be quite interesting...
  9. They could've added the upcoming 31AX and its pregnancy-kit stuff, but nope. They didn't even bother to list it as an option. Wonder why...
  10. Ouch! Mine's on the second-run schedule, but hopefully does not have that shenanigan.
  11. Why even bother when there is no DX VF-1 or even HM-R Macross in question #10 and #11 of the survey? Only VF-31J, YF-29, and YF-19. Must be a inventory-glut. The YF-19 DX is not even really that good of a purchase even against the wonky Arcadia-YF19 original release...
  12. I thought you meant Bandai surprisingly included the GBP DYRL-fists, but alas, I think those are just the same extra hands that came with the original standalone 1J release: from Anymoon:
  13. Unfortunately, the "32k" yen pricing for the Armored-VF1J DX only seems to be avaialble for the local japanese market. I saw a couple that was avaialbe on their japanese-site, but not-available when I switched to their english-site. Same japanese-market-only shenanigans seems to be similarly happening on Ami and Amzn-jp. Oh, well. At any rate, how's the valk on the Armored-VF1J combo? Does it have the Max-1A improvements wrt the nosecone? Does it still have misaligned wings? Or is it some qc-rejects that Bandai's trying to move?
  14. Well, Mao was 11 in Zero and mostly likely 12 during SW-1. Max was 16 (TV) and 18 (DYRL) during SW-1...
  15. Weird. Mao was a very old lady in Frontier. Max in this upcoming Delta movie is, on the other hand, ... 🤔
  16. /me scratches head I'm not really sure what you're trying to argue with. You said Bandai costs less than the Yamato. Cost less exactly to who and how? Bandai? Us? Scalping makes the cost of acquiring the DX alot more than what we experienced wihen most of us acquired the old Yammie many mahy yeara ago. Not sure where "Bandai has to drop their prices or add more features" is coming from. Also, Yamato didn't go bankrupt when the 1/48 was out and about. I got my yammie GBP about when it was released many years ago around way less than $100 shipped back then from hlj. Others prolly got it even cheaper from Ami or AE or even from Kevin's old Valk-Exchange shop. If you paid more for the Yammie, 1/48 GBP than the DX then that just meant you bought your yammie many years after it was released and most possibly at the ludicrous secondary-market pricing. That means it's not really comparable and not a fair assessment.
  17. Maybe at msrp levels, but not quite really I think. Most of us here got the old Yammie 1/48 GBP for quiite alot less than the MSRP back then almost 20 years ago? I don't think anybody here paid msrp or above when it got released. Availability and shipping costs was very easy compared to the DX. Contrast with the DX acquisition now. Lucky to get it at MSRP (or even at all!), but I reckon most that got it are paying either at above-MSRP. Maybe even at ludicrous scalper-pricings. As per recent DX (meaning, after Max-1A), it wasn't even that readily available at the usual import shops. Then you get the still-high pandemic shipping-fees nowadays.
  18. https://twitter.com/Mrk_arcadia/status/1436193666565959680/photo/1
  19. Not quite. Bandai seems the only toy-company that regularly uses strict artificial scarcity on almost all their popular lines (Metal Builds, SOCs, SHFs, etc.) and licenses (Gundam, Mazinger, EVA, Macross, etc, etc). Especially when a particular item(s) is/are in heavy demand. On the flip-side, they'll almost always totally glut their market with several Mazinger variations...
  20. Yeah. I don't think "shelf warmer" can be applied to the DX Roy at all. Shelf-Warmer usually indicates item is still readily available in regular import shops like Ami or HobbySearch or HLJ as "new". DX-Roy just ain't available as "new" from the regular import shops right now, so it ain't actually shelf-warming per se. As far as we know, it seems only the secondary-market have some sort of DX-Roy glut.
  21. DX VF-1D pictorial at hacchaka.net: https://hacchaka.net/archives/52072262.html samples:
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