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  1. *sigh* Was hoping this one comes with extra antennas/ear-lasers that I can use for my old Rod...
  2. Yeah. Lots of important and significant stuff from the books remain either unmentioned, glossed over, and/or plain ignored and re-imagined. These should have been apparent in the first few minutes of ep1. Really gotta turn off your inner Tolkien nerd. Just try to enjoy this series as part and parcel of the re-imaginings established by the Jackson films.
  3. Has it really been that long ago? Damn I feel old! Anyway, don't have the box anymore, but still got that Skull Leader. Still intact and still feel solid and new. Celebrate!
  4. Oh Bandai just wants to over-rice Macross valks like they're continuously over-ricing their Gundam suits...
  5. treatment

    Hi-Metal R

    Want the purple HM-R Tomahawk instead...
  6. Spartan was in DYRL. Phalanx was not. Think the Armored Valkyrie GBP replaced the Phalanx's TV-role in DYRL.
  7. I actually just got the US BD from amzn. It went down to $40 or something last week, so I finally snagged it. I'm only a few episodes in, but the video seems very very nice and very clean. From hazy memory, this Orguss US-BD's video quality reproduction seems much cleaner than the Voltes V and Kimagure Orange Road US-BD releases I have from Discotek. I will have to do a re-watch on those two titles just to properly verify, tho.
  8. Mr.K's WonFest-2022 article: https://ameblo.jp/arcadiaac/entry-12758085033.html Use auto-translate from your browser. Lots of pics and stuff.
  9. You somehow just completely missed noel's dedicated thread...
  10. https://twitter.com/Mrk_arcadia/status/1553304844223410176?cxt=HHwWgMCjvdWhuY4rAAAA
  11. Not Wotafa's, but prolly the first DX-31AX Bogue video-review, I guess...
  12. Arcadia yf-19 reissue delivered today! w00t! All joints definitely much tighter and much snuggier than my original Arcadia release, especially the ankles... Finally and definitely, this Arcadia 1/60 YF-19 reissue is... THE _DEFINITIVE_ and MOST AWESOMEST PERFECT TRANSFORMATION YF-19 COLLECTIBLE TOY AT THIS POINT IN TIME!!! It's just finally frickin' really magnificent now as it should've been in the first place! fwiw, I think only the PF edition will top this. If you're into the PF edition, that is. I'm just more than satisfied with my non-PF edition. At least, for now...
  13. yeah. for those that don't go to twitter, here is the snapshot as well as the arcadia shop-site again: arcadia site-shop: https://arcadia.ac/products/detail/354 get ready with yer proxy stuff to order/reserve it!
  14. meh. Also, why does it have DYRL-hands instead of TV clown-hands, anyway? Bandai Assymetry again?
  15. Wotafa's gonna have a review soon... https://twitter.com/wotakufighter/status/1551904459345006593?cxt=HHwWgsDUicW4vIkrAAAA
  16. video tweet of fighter-mode from the same person: https://twitter.com/simsim5479/status/1551766674059120641?cxt=HHwWgsCq2bDk_YgrAAAA looks like it prolly still require massaging and stuff...
  17. https://twitter.com/Mrk_arcadia/status/1551071485623558145?cxt=HHwWgoCjnYvTwYYrAAAA
  18. https://twitter.com/Mrk_arcadia/status/1551065932381859840?cxt=HHwWgMClreyPv4YrAAAA
  19. It is a bit confusing, as this pic shows a "premium" one and an undetailed "cream" one at the back: I'm gonna guess that the current preorder one is the regular non-detailed but not cream-color one like below:
  20. summer wonfest-2022 pics from dengeki hobby: https://hobby.dengeki.com/event/1619750/ samples:
  21. summer wonfest-2022 pics from dengeki-hobby: https://hobby.dengeki.com/event/1619750/
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