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  1. Absolutely in for all of those!
  2. Revenge concert has been great! Mayan and Megumi are loving it.
  3. I'm sure Macross Chess would get a good response
  4. Calendar marked, lock F5's in attack position.
  5. I think new orders are going out okay, it's all the old orders that are seemingly boned.
  6. That's pretty interesting, I hadn't heard that before.
  7. Love the 27 design. When they eventually get re-released with matte finish I'll get them.
  8. International travel permitting I want to head over for any Crossover style concert event.
  9. I'm in for this! Watched a few Frontier concerts on YouTube and really enjoyed them. Can see the performers absolutely love doing it.
  10. I wasn't going to buy any more 1/48s but this sure looks special. And then I'd have the HMR, 1/60 and 1/48. I know I can rely on the level headed crew here to talk me out of this purchase 🆘
  11. Yooo I didn't know about this! Gonna track that down for sure.
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