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    Hi-Metal R

    Didn't manage to get an Arcadia one but this will do just fine for now. I'm not familiar with HMR. Are they fully transformable or partformers?
  2. Fair enough. Looks like I'll be holding on to both for a while before deciding. Hayate's seem more desirable due to the special base for now.
  3. Mine's in shipping process over at CDJ.
  4. Ah ok thank you. Don't remember seeing it at Threezero site itself.
  5. Interesting I didn't know there was a BD Mark 43. Is it new?
  6. I don't know. I hope it's more maroon. 😁
  7. Yes I have kept it. FJ offered a partial refund as well so it's all good. Now the hunt for 0S PF resumes.
  8. Just an update on my situation. So FJ couldn't get a response from the seller so they are now requesting I send the 0D back at their expense and they will refund the full cost and shipping paid. Of course I'll be out on the import taxes. I may just take up the suggestions from you guys and request to keep the 0D instead.
  9. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a 0S PF floating around the auctions right now. 😄 Yes they have replied, if the seller wants it back I will need to return it at their cost. I will lose out on the import tax unfortunately.
  10. I hear you guys and I've been watching reviews for the 0D PF. I agree 0D is the better toy. My desire for the 0S PF still outweighs the 0D. I am also in talks with FJ to resolve this issue. While I still want a 0S and was disappointed for not receiving it after a long anticipation, I am more open to keeping the 0D for the time being until I managed to obtain a 0S. 😀
  11. I usually collect only the hero unit due to lack of space and honestly have no interest in this 0D. I guess I'll see what FJ says and depending on the solution I guess I'll keep it either for trade or sale from you guys' suggestion. May i know a fair market rate for the 0D PF in case a trades comes up?
  12. Does the 0D PF have the leg issue too?
  13. Does it? Is it due in part to it being cannon fodder?
  14. I bought this and just received it. To my horror it turned out to be VF-0D PF. Sincerely hope it was a mix up by the seller and not a bait and switch. I can't imagine how troublesome it's going to be getting this sorted. Hope FJ comes through. 🥲
  15. Guys, which display stand can I use for this? Just realized Arcadia doesn't include a stand only the adapter. Arcadia stands are sold out everywhere.
  16. I'm slightly cautious getting it off resale. Bandai is releasing a HMR of it after all. Could be a precursor to a dx chogokin version. Has anyone's non-pf vf-0s started to yellow?
  17. CDJ has already taken my money. Lmao.
  18. Does FJ mark down the value of the items for us to avoid taxes?
  19. OK that seems more reasonable compared to $1300. 😑
  20. Any idea on the market value of a new/pre-owned VF-0S PF these days? I'm in the market for 1 of these recently. Someone offered me a new piece for a whopping $1300. 😱
  21. Missed out on HLJ's MB Justice amidst all the CNY preparation and celebration. Thank god managed to get 1 from AMJ near at near retail.
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