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  1. Not touching anything Harmony Gold has a hand in.
  2. When exactly is this supposed to be released? Dec? Hope for 1 of the shops to open up slots near release date.
  3. eXis10z

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm glad there's a chance to get the 0s in this form. Couldn't get the arcadia one previously.
  4. Had a new hobby at that time and decided to cash out funds for it.
  5. Oh thank God it uses new super parts. I already sold all the old ones together with their valks.
  6. Come on.. give it to us in the OG colors.
  7. Has anyone gotten theirs from Bombusbee?
  8. Ah got it! Thank you. That was the cw show I didn't catch along with black lightning.
  9. eXis10z

    Macross figures

    More Sheryl Nome yeah!
  10. Edit double.
  11. Amiami finally sent me the payment link after another email for any other members who are still waiting. Now just wait for them to ship. With this I am finally done with this line. Hikaru's 1S, Roy's 1S and this 1J armoured is a good way to say goodbye to this line. 😄
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