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  1. I'm in the market for Alto's VF-25f. I'm open to either purchasing or offering my DX VF-1a Kakizaki for trade.
  2. Saving up for a DX Vf-25f Renewal so I'm selling off the small stuff to pay for the big stuff. Everything is complete with boxes. CONUS only. Will upload pictures soon. Robot Spirits Gelgoog: $80 shipped SOLD Robot Spirits Rx-78 and G-fighter: $120 shipped Banpresto Marida Cruz and Painted HG Kshatriya w/ metal parts: $120 shipped Wei Jiang M01 Commander Optimus: 85$ shipped SOLD
  3. Honestly the arms are so light and the the shoulder joints are so tight, I don't foresee drooping being an issue.
  4. Those big holes on the back of the legs are meant for the super parts to connect.
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