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  1. Those are all awesome options but it would be Smokey and the Bandit for me 😁
  2. Ahh, that's what I figured. It makes sense. I just didn't know if they had to be modified to do so.
  3. Wasn't sure where else to ask this so figured this was a better place than any.
  4. That Trans-Am was my favorite car as a kid. Still kinda is.......
  5. Damn, I'll take one of each of them. They look great!
  6. Glad they're releasing the YF-19. I wanted one but not at the secondary prices. It'll go nicely with my VF-19
  7. I put down I wanted them to make every Valk from every series Not asking too much right?
  8. When you get a chance would you mind showing off some of it's posing capabilities with some pics? Not a big deal if you can't just curious if I want to get into the line.
  9. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Ahh don't know that either but looks really cool. How posable is it?
  11. Wasn't sure where else to post this so I figured I'd do it here. Have a chance to get a GX-71 Voltron set brand new for retail and as a lover of the original cartoon and seeing raving reviews on it I think I might pull the trigger. Does anyone on here have it and what are their thoughts on how good of a toy it is?
  12. I've never watched any Gundam in my life (I'm assuming that's what this is) but I've always loved the mecha designs. This one is incredible. I've seen other metal build kits that also looked badass. I've been really tempted.
  13. Right but not too bad of a markup from some of those retailers. I only paid around $30 USD more than what the pre-orders were going for so I can't complain.
  14. Seems like because of the high retail cost of the set it was pretty easy to get it close to the retail price upon release. Which I'm grateful for, especially after the pre-order night nonsense. Scalpers can't mark it up though I'm sure some will try after some time passes.
  15. Damn you're right! I never noticed that before! Can't un-see it now.
  16. Ordered my combo set from Okiniland. Should be here on Thursday according to DHL shipping. I actually didn't pay much more overall than those who got it on pre-order night.
  17. Is the YF-30 really that bad? I've been trying to decide whether or not to get one. I love the way it looks but am concerned with the issues it has that I've read about.
  18. I've been liking the look of the Maruyama version of these but all these stories scare me away from buying one. Hoping one day they'll do a reissue with improvements but it's probably wishful thinking.
  19. Just purchased mine! Glad I was able to get it at a more reasonable price. I ended up going with DHL. It wasn't much more than Fedex anyway. Hopefully the wait isn't too long. I never got the original VF-1J so I'm good with this. Thanks for the info. Sqidd
  20. Yeah, they were pretty nice and durable. They wanted you to play fight with them. The hilt does look awesome. I'll probably end up getting it.
  21. So which is the better option in terms of getting your stuff delivered undamaged? DHL or FedEx? Wasn't sure you had a better chance than the other of it arriving safely.
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