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  1. If they rule time can I blame them for things taking so long? 😄
  2. Looks fantastic with those super strike parts!
  3. Damn I want this bastard! Soooo pretty.
  4. Looking at these are making me want to get the Hot Toys 1/6 version. I love the look of the character.
  5. I remember when those first came out. I had wished that I didn't have to pass on them. I ended up getting the Low Vis instead. But didn't have the cash for both. Nice score though. They'll look awesome when you have them set up.
  6. As long as they stay away from the Macross toys
  7. Is it just the arm cannons not fitting snug that is the problem or are there other issues with this and the Hayate? Are there pics anywhere of the other problems?
  8. Good. Scalpers can go screw themselves. Some of those guys are smoking crack with those asking prices.
  9. Are the issues you guys are talking about that bad? So far this is the only VF-31AX I've wanted to get. I just don't want to get irritated spending that much money and it's floppy or popping out of position all the time.
  10. That's a pretty sweet lineup @chriswoo
  11. The box is very classy looking. I love it. Much more sophisticated than the usual.
  12. It's because they're going to announce Max's VF-1S for the next WWM release. At least that's what I like to tell myself.
  13. That's dedication to a collection right there.
  14. Those pics make it look good. I only have the Alto Full set in YF-29 form so I'm thinking of getting this one.
  15. I respectfully disagree about the 30th Anniv. YF-29. I think it looks sharp. The stripes look cool to me. Honestly of all of them I like Isamu's the least. Just kinda boring to me.
  16. Well they did recently re-release the enemy Valks. Not sure if that was just leftover inventory or if they decided to do another run. Maybe they'll do the same with the other M-Zero fighters. I'd definitely get a VF-0D PF. Even if it was expensive it's still a lot cheaper than the secondary market.
  17. So blue. I already have the full set red Alto version. They'd probably look good together.
  18. I'm ok with the extended wait. I need to figure out a way to display all mine anyway.
  19. I like the way you think. Reissue the OD OF while they're at it too. 😉
  20. (Fixed) I'm thinking a DYRL Max 1S. This is #1 on my wishlist 😁
  21. Far as I've read or seen it's only the white parts you'd have to worry about. Assuming you're not leaving it in direct sunlight all the time.
  22. Awesome pic and pose. I need to take my mirage and super set out and play around with it soon.
  23. Damn, sorry this happened to you @vladykins. I feel like we can't have anything nice these days without someone pissing in the punchbowl. At least you caught it quickly and it didn't affect too many people. I hope the people it did affect get their money back quickly.
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