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  1. I got mine in last week. Think I remember a few others on here as well getting theirs around the same time from BiJ via DHL.
  2. Part of what made the origional Robo Cop so great was the black humor and satire...aspects lessened in the sequel and totally lost in III and the reboot. It's the reason, in my opinion, movies like Robo Cop, Starship Troopers, Big Trouble in Little China and Tropic Thunder the are considered the classics they are to begin with. They all seem shallow until you dig deeper, which makes their comedy that much more biting and hilarious. To be honest, I don't even think you COULD make a movie like that in today's world. That script and anybody involved in its creation would be burned and buried
  3. Personally, I think this is it for me. Unless/Until they do a VE-1, a VT-1 or the Roy variant Armor set, I've got pretty much every valk I want. Ok, maaaaaaaybe I need a CF. But, that's all I need.
  4. Here's the person's quote. There's a lot of people on that forum that vouch for him. He has a lot of good prices on Fanstoys products which, like Macross items, typically sell out super fast and get scalped at insane prices. Because of that, there's always people who are suspicious and plenty of questions are asked. But, everyone who's ordered from that site has gotten what they ordered and for the price they got in on. I can't say whether or not he's legit, as I haven't actually received any of the preorders I have through him, but it sounds like he is. At the same time, he co
  5. I've spent way too much money on transforming robots this past week. I'm going to go let my wife stab me now. The hospital bills will probably be cheaper than the damned toys, anyway. She'll be doing my wallet a favor. Who am I kidding.....it's her wallet.
  6. WOW!!! I remember that comic at the comic stores when I was a kid. What a blast from the past. Thanks for posting that pic, man. That put a smile on my face before this whole preorder madness.
  7. I just preordered 2 Fanstoys Quietuses (Quieti?) for just under $240 each but I haven't gotten them in hand yet. According to the members on the TFW2005 forums, he's a reputable seller. I have no idea what price he's going to list this as, but for me, I'm willing to plop down $15 as a backup. If I get it somewhere else and his price is good too, I'll buy it and pass it on to somebody here. If it's more than I'm willing to pay, I'll eat the $15. If it's a scam (which it doesn't seem to be), I'm out $15. Well, unless you include the two Quietuseseses.
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