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  1. At least for me, if I order through KC, I don't have to pay taxes like I do through BBTS. Shipping through the slow boat method also still gets it to you about the same time, if not sooner, than BBTS is receiving their stock and shipping it out. That's been my experience, anyway.
  2. The man was in so many of my favorite movies in the 80s. Remo Williams, Tremors, Naked Gun. Him stepping into a gopher hole in Tremors still makes me snort. RIP, my man. Thanks for the good times.
  3. To be fair....MS was going for the ultra toon look and pretty much nailed it, if you ask me. If you like the more "realistic" headlights, their previous offering looks fantastic as well. I'm still on the fence on getting this. I have both Light of Freedom and Transform Element's offering and don't need three Primes. But, hot damn, this guy looks good. I have his little brother that he's based on as well and it makes me want the bigger one even more knowing what a great figure that is. Dammit, Magic Square!
  4. Oh, there's a reason. Might not be the reason they're telling you, but there's definitely a reason.
  5. I only asked about the light armored figure that they had silhouetted and if they were going to make a larger version to scale better with the mech. I didn't even think to ask about any other Zentran figures. They said they were focusing on developing the light armored "Gluu-Ger" included with the battle pod, then move on to a larger figure if needed.
  6. I asked KC if they were planning on releasing a larger pilot separately that scales better with their VTs and they said they're currently trying to develop the included pilot to be bigger but if it doesn't work out, they'll look into releasing a bigger figure. Sounds like the numbers are just place holders as they try and figure things out. I love how open they are with their processes and really appreciate how willing they are to answer whatever question you ask.
  7. I preordered but it looks like the legs only rotate and don't bend at the knees. Articulation wise, that'd be a huge disappointment for me, if that's the case.
  8. Cannon Fodder now available for preorder. https://www.kitzconcept.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=89 Out of curiosity, I asked on Facebook why they were making such limited runs of their latest products and the answer was refreshingly honest. I think he thought I was upset that they were sold out but he said that the response for the new figures was not expected and that they would do what they could do locate a figure for me. I'd already preordered through BBTS and was just curious as to the limited run, but I thought the response was very cool and open. The prices on these figures is getting high enough for me to doubt whether or not I'll continue with the line much further but every interaction I've had with KC has very much made me want to support the company. I also sent him a link to this thread in case he wanted to get some feedback from people who are purchasing his products.
  9. I can't remember, does Kitzconcept charge taxes if you live in The States?
  10. Facebook page says that if support is good, a Spartan would come as well. Odd that they'd release just three of the Destroids. Of course, their GBP armor was supposed to release in September of this year.......still waiting. It will be interesting to see what light up features and gimmicks they'll include, though.
  11. No problem. I'll swing by the PO tomorrow and see what the cost'll be. I've already paid off my preorders for both DS01S and DS01R (Skywarp and Thundercracker) from Show.z, so I'm already all in. I've heard that Show.z is including the upgrade parts forming kits on both the S and the R figures, so that'd be a big bonus for me. While I adore the matte finish on him, I hope they do something about the paint scratching, as it is a problem. I've never owned, nor handled, the Maketoys Seekers, but seeing comp pics and handling this figure, it's extremely hard for me to imagine not making the change. This DS is Fanstoys level quality (and transformation complexity....sheesh) at a bootleg price point. I have both the Takara and the Robot Paradise Soundwaves and I could totally see sticking with the Takara even though the RP's does offer higher quality and slight (in my opinion) improvements. I think (again, I've never owned or handled the Maketoys versions) I'd compare them more to Fanstoys Stomp and Gigapower Graviter. Like you, I went in on the GP dinos. When FT reissued Stomp and Soar, I picked them up since they were a great price on certain sites figuring I could just sell them off if I didn't like them. When Stomp came in, he was so nice I actually preferred him to Graviter.....that is, until I took Graviter out to compare the two, at which point...again, in my opinion...there really was no comparison. On his own, Stomp is an absolute stud and if I'd have bought him first, I don't think I'd have felt a need to replace him. I think, even if I'd have seen and handled Graviter somewhere else where I couldn't compare them directly, I still wouldn't feel the need to switch. It's when they're in hand that Stomp just seems less than Graviter in almost every way. That's in contrast to the RP/Takara Soundwave comparison where, even with them in hand, I still wouldn't/don't feel the RP version is that much better than the original. Anyway, I'm excited and geeking out to see what you think. I'll let you know tomorrow if the shipping's reasonable. I may wait till a couple days after Xmas to send it out as well to avoid it getting lost in the gift frenzy Bermuda Triangle that many sent packages get sacrificed to this time of year, if you're cool with that.
  12. Hey, man. I've got the DS Starscream just sitting in a closet and would be more than willing to ship him out to you if shipping isn't too expensive. I'm warning you, though. Once you get him in hand, it might end up costing you $450 or so in (pre)orders. Everything about this guy is quality and if he didn't scratch so easily, he'd be damned near perfect. I'd send Stomp your way, as well, but I think shipping would be too expensive, especially with how much money I've bled over these holidays. I'll echo what M'kyuun says in that, it's too bad you weren't closer as if I could hand you some of these figures, you could review them to your heart's content. The hand off would just be an excuse for me to be able to talk toy robots with somebody other than my 10 year old daughter, of course, so you'd have had to bear with that. Maybe you're actually lucky you live so far away.
  13. mantisfists

    Hi-Metal R

    Wait.......WHAT!? I don't know how long and how many times I've clicked on this thread and gotten sad every time I saw a new post was only about some old stuff. I'd almost given up hope. Wow. I'm truly shocked. So excited for this as I absolutely love this line. I hope this is the result of that survey they put out, I really do.
  14. AE has always been great for me. Their shipping might not be the cheapest, but it gets here super fast, so I preordered from them. Thanks for the link.
  15. I plugged Anymoon in the survey as well. Well deserved for as much as I've watched your videos @jenius. Am I really the only one that begged Bandai to complete their Hi Metal R Destroids and enemy mecha?
  16. Yeah, I made this preorder with the thought that it might be more expensive than most opening night preorders, but I wanted a backup. That opening night frenzy was real and I figured it would be good to have to pay a bit more rather than pay hundreds more. Turns out, I don't need it so I can cancel with nothing lost. Worked out well for me, I'd say.
  17. Bombusbee sent me a notice to pay. $370 (minus deposit) plus $61 for shipping. Came out to $414. I'm going to cancel my preorder as the email says the deposit is refundable and I already have an armor bundle from HLJ arriving tomorrow.
  18. Anime-Export seems to have the armor kit in stock for roughly $164 https://www.anime-export.com/index.php?product=53868
  19. I got mine at preorder and it came out to $326 @HLJ. With shipping it ran $375.
  20. My combo pack just shipped DHL from HLJ, if anybody else ordered from them. Still haven't heard boo from Bombusbee, but I'm sure they'll come through. I've ordered a bunch of TFs through them and even the orders that got lost in the mail, they made right. Their shipping charges, are another story, though.....
  21. Same, same. Scheduled for Monday, but DHL has gotten it to my door at least 2 days early every time. We'll see. I'm sure I just jinxed myself.
  22. Just got the Youth versions of Dragstrip Overheat and Breakdown Crackup in from TFSource. Unfortunately, Overheat came with a broken shoulder out of the box. As long as I can get a replacement part/figure for him, I love the pair. Crackup is a perfect homage to the G1 toys, in my opinion. He's definitely a sexy MFer. Even The Ravishing One himself would have been happy to be get a Rude Awakening from him.... Not bad at all for $45. Can't wait to get his buddies who are on their way from China.
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