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  1. I plugged Anymoon in the survey as well. Well deserved for as much as I've watched your videos @jenius. Am I really the only one that begged Bandai to complete their Hi Metal R Destroids and enemy mecha?
  2. Yeah, I made this preorder with the thought that it might be more expensive than most opening night preorders, but I wanted a backup. That opening night frenzy was real and I figured it would be good to have to pay a bit more rather than pay hundreds more. Turns out, I don't need it so I can cancel with nothing lost. Worked out well for me, I'd say.
  3. Bombusbee sent me a notice to pay. $370 (minus deposit) plus $61 for shipping. Came out to $414. I'm going to cancel my preorder as the email says the deposit is refundable and I already have an armor bundle from HLJ arriving tomorrow.
  4. Anime-Export seems to have the armor kit in stock for roughly $164 https://www.anime-export.com/index.php?product=53868
  5. I got mine at preorder and it came out to $326 @HLJ. With shipping it ran $375.
  6. My combo pack just shipped DHL from HLJ, if anybody else ordered from them. Still haven't heard boo from Bombusbee, but I'm sure they'll come through. I've ordered a bunch of TFs through them and even the orders that got lost in the mail, they made right. Their shipping charges, are another story, though.....
  7. Same, same. Scheduled for Monday, but DHL has gotten it to my door at least 2 days early every time. We'll see. I'm sure I just jinxed myself.
  8. Just got the Youth versions of Dragstrip Overheat and Breakdown Crackup in from TFSource. Unfortunately, Overheat came with a broken shoulder out of the box. As long as I can get a replacement part/figure for him, I love the pair. Crackup is a perfect homage to the G1 toys, in my opinion. He's definitely a sexy MFer. Even The Ravishing One himself would have been happy to be get a Rude Awakening from him.... Not bad at all for $45. Can't wait to get his buddies who are on their way from China.
  9. Review for the armor parts set. In Japanese but subtitles do help. This thing looks amazing. I've wanted one of these since I was a kid and this'll be my first set. Can't wait to get this in my hands.
  10. Nevermind. I posted before I watched it. Was a preview and I saw review. Oops
  11. Me trying to scroll back through old emails to search for confirmation messages to do the same..... I really need to learn to be more organized.
  12. Well, dammit.....I just did the same. Works out well because the youth Wildrider is on sale at Show.z for $67 with no tax or shipping fees. I'd been eyeing him for a while now. Picked up Gravestone from Show.z as well. Looks like I'll be all in for this set, too. Along with Cang Toys' Predacons, Dream Star's Aerialbots, Gigapower's Dinobots and whatever the hell else is going to get me divorced.
  13. Not possible, unfortunately, when you got hands like this and eyes like this when it comes to painting, especially anything that size.
  14. That pink, though. Ugh..... *edit* Your display looks great. Love how these look. Personally, I even love the shade of green. It's just the pink....
  15. Godspeed to the true, original Street Fighter. F*ck Covid.
  16. Don't know how many metal heads we have on here, but one of the great ones passed. Slipknot was one of the huge reasons I got back into metal and Joey's drumming in particular was a main factor in that. He'd left the band a while ago, but his influence helped bring about a whole new generation of great metal bands and drummers. Godspeed, my brotha. That's one hell of a jam session you're gonna have up (or down) there.
  17. Welp....not happy about having to pay another $35 in shipping from BiJ but the crap got here in 2 days. That's just insane. Course, I'm stuck at the station for the next 72hrs so I won't be home till Sunday.🤦‍♂️ Almost feel bad about the nasty email I sent BiJ about charging me twice for overly expensive shipping. Almost
  18. Just got a message from BiJ that my prepaid order is ready to ship......for an extra fee of $36. Won't be using them again.
  19. mantisfists

    Hi-Metal R

    This thread still makes me sad.
  20. I get what you're saying. I think what I disagreed with was you saying that 1/48 scale was a useless size for this toy when what you meant was 1/48 was a useless scale for you. For what it's worth, I do hope they make the larger version as more options are always better. Personally, for me though, it doesn't make sense to shell out for a scale that's in between the two scales I'd like, even if it meant getting the larger scale built. That would essentially double the cost for the larger scale I really want.
  21. I disagree with this completely. The Gurabs weren't that big. Size charts confirm it. I love scale accuracy and having them like that reminds me how small they were. It's why I like the Sentinel toy size. It confirms to me just how tiny an aircraft the Legioss was in comparison to Yamato or Bandai's 1/48 VF-1s. There are larger Inbit mecha.....it's just not the Gurab or scout for that matter. I think it would, however, be cool to have a Gurab or scout at a scale that goes with the Sentinel or Beagle ride armors. I realize the size makes the Gurab underwhelming on their own. But their danger was never as individuals but more in swarms, hence getting more than a few. It also makes the poseable figures and bikes included with the Sentinel Legioss all the more viable now that they'd have enemies to pose with. Just my opinion, anyway.
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