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  1. just did the survey today too. we should all do it!
  2. so he is like ironhide size ish...does his height in bot mode scale correctly to the "holy" scale chart? i'm guessing they picked it so that it would but made it a differet line becaue there is no way that combined mode will scale. i'm thinking combined mode is 16 inches tops (smaller than CW devy) or maybe CW devy height MAX, which is out of scale with MP bots. i'm guessing they picked this because if the combiner is in scale the bots modes won't be and better to have 1 large bot out of scale than 5-6 figures out of scale. that said, i don't give a crap about raiden so at roughly $200 once all is said and done with shipping etc....i gotta skip. better value most likely than the TT MP Seekers but not by much.
  3. so wait is the armored parts only set (no valk) out yet not not? iused a proxy buyer for mine this time. want to know when to bug them. lol.
  4. There is also the part where they haven't made an MP scale omega supreme or larger figure with good stable joints. thats where DX9 kills FT in the omega wars. also FT hasn't even released a combiner torso yet so we don't know if they have improved their know how on big joints since their omega fail (yeah i consider it a fail). Add the fact that their fort max is supposed to be double the height (well more than) of their omega supreme and.....i'll believe it when i see it that they can make a good big bot withi decent joints. that being said....i really don't need a 50" city bot in my life. if i did $1000 seems high but not out of the question. it'd be once in a lifetime figure so the price being a little more than 2.5 zeta combiners is ...understandable althouh you got to be a REAL fort max fan to get it or just rich enough where $1000 is basically like normal collectors spending 150 bucks on a titan class from hastak.
  5. heres my thoughts... CORE CLASS - probably don't care about any of those, unless they do a good shockwave. DELUXE CLASS - skids! prime arcee was a great design, not sure how they'll impromce on the prime RID version much, yeah kickback! stunticons! lets hope they are way better and combine. there were A LOT of autobot cars in WFC so deluxe stunticons would be perfect sparring budddies! also what the heck is energon monster? VOYAGER CLASS - BLASTER FINALLY! hope he doesn't suck. prime soundwave....will have to see if he is actually good. kinda a cool creepy soundwave design. i liked tf prime so i have soft spot for their designs. armada starscream! never watched that trilogy (and people say it sucked so never gonna bother) but always thought a few of the robot designs were cool, especially starscream/seekers. the deluxe one they released a few years back was ok but kinda lacking. if they can make him up tot he standards of WFC era voyager toys i'll be happy. LEADER CLASS - never cared much for lazer optimus, i mean he is OK but he's not MY optimus. that being said if they toy is good...we shall see. also blitzwing!! hopefully it will be a crapton better than astrotrain from WFC. although if it is will i get it only to realize i whould pick up the wfc astrotrain i dn't like so much just to pair with him? hmm.. COMMANDER CLASS - motormaster! hell yeah! TITAN CLASS Cybertron Metroplex - REALLY hope this is Fall of cybertron metroplex and not the cybertron unicron triligoy one...which i suspect it is. the unicron trilogy is old enough 30 somethings probably are nostalgic for it now. 2nd list CORE CLASS - ravage might be cool but BBM (bumblebee movie) shockwave as a core class? nah....too small unless he is really cool. 86 spike...they really gonna make a transforming mech suit spike? cool. the rest of the 86 movie core class is like.....why so small? unless they are better than teh recent core class soundwave....gonna skip em. 86 rumble...we'll see! DELXUE CLASS - perceptor getting that. al the TF6 (BBM) stuff gotta wait and see. also 86 arcee? retool of wfc or other? don't are abo thet other stuff. VOYAGER CLASS - 86 hot rod varaint? colors or what? don't understand. 86 junkyard? yeah i'll get it. TF6 soundwave/thundercracker is a wait and see. LEADER CLASS - don't need a coronoation kit for ER starscream so skip the king. sludge!!!! heck yeah. dn't care about the rest.
  6. everytime this thread pops to the top i wish for bandai to release more HMR destroids and zentran mecha. this time i'll add Vf-1S MAX from DYRL. bandai has released the dyrl hikaru, the dyrl kakizaki....could they just give us the max already. i'm fine using tv roy to fake dyrl roy too at that point. haha
  7. Mechapilot77

    Hi-Metal R

    oh yeah. i thought the britai was rumored to be an SHF that is in scale with the HMR Vf-1s? anyway, yeah we never got those two as well. the MEP toys one really didn't scratch that itch btw.
  8. amazon told me it was due to arrive on 9/21 after originally not being due until november. yeah i said i wouldn't support this release but i gave in. really don't care for the beast component. anyone want that for pretty cheap? I guess i'll be getting my copy next week.
  9. totally jealous of the combo pack box. i have a 1J ready for this so i just got the armor parts set.
  10. Mechapilot77

    Hi-Metal R

    so how many (and which) shown prototype designs have so far been vaporware? This line been dormant for a long time, but is there any hope it will come back online? tomahawk, phalanx, Nousjadel-Ger, scout pod...what am i missing? i'm starting to think i should just try and track down some old model kits of these (if available) to "complete the line".
  11. so no changeable sensor piece? whats with the artwork? haha. can't wait for mine. went with a us retailer this go around (i know i know, slow but cost was same). hopefully they will get it in soon.
  12. man that does look cool -especially the toy inspired head... but his legs "need" to be dark grey or black (and not look they they are part of a car exterior) and i wish this thing actually changed into a beetle. still very cool and i'm glad they are doing cool designs vs. giving us just non transforming premium siege figures for instance. maybe someone else will take inspiration from this and make it actually TF. hasbro/takara, you up for it?
  13. unreleased G2 sandstorm was supposed to be a ramjet redeco is why. agree would have been fine having him be a dirge reuse too but can see why for history's sake they went with ramjet. see https://tfwiki.net/wiki/Sandstorm_(G2)
  14. Target did something strange with Thrust. They made you reconfirm you still wanted it after the release date change. if you didn't reconfirm, your order was cancelled. BTW, totally agree re: the ER seeker mold. its not bad, but it could have been a lot better. I don't understand giving designers too short a time to complete a design especially when you know everyone wanted an updated seeker mold (aside from getting an optimus and a bumblebee you know every line will have seekers!!) and you could milk that mold many times over so budget shoudln't have compromised the design that much. its a shame really. i did complete the main 6 though anyway but wouldn't recommend others do the same unless they love seekers.
  15. As much as I want to support this movie, with delta still raging sadly i won't be risking the trip to a theater. it looks like it may be cheesy but good in that sort of way. rotten score of 90% isn't bad so far. hope the execs keep the current sentiment re: pandemic and theater going in mind when considering how well (or poorly) this is received in the box office. i want it to be good and if it is, i want it to do well.
  16. Man, i'm a little miffed I bought the ironhide and ratchet (and ratchet was a part of a set that i didn't care much for the other figure either) earthrise molds if they are doing them better for SS86. i bought them because i wanted the chracters represented in my WFC/newo CHUG/classics/whateverversemainline toys . granted they are 2 different lines but we ALL know everybody mixing and matching those...even hasbro themselves with earthrise starscream redeco plus extras being a SS86 coronation screamer. and lets face it, cyclonus was rodimus were not in WFC and their figures have somewhat less extra detialing some of the WFC designs so we know those were designed as SS86 guys. anyway annoyed they ddin't do the van bros right the first time around. Also... happy to hear blitzwing is coming but the astrotrain it pairs with is....tragic. also glad to see blaster is coming. also intersting to see some stunticon names....but not all of them. does that mean they will just be remolds of some of the autobots and not actually combine?
  17. XTB knocking it out of the park with renders of the omnibots (they updated some of the other 2 as well as i've seen them on social media etc). The last one (the toyota) is tehe best i think but no battle/3rd mode shown yet as far as i see. either way i'm cheering for XTB to deliver on the battle charger and omnibots becuase ever since mp sideswipe...i've wanted mp omnibots and battlechargers. the punch/counterpunch is icing on the cake for me as i feel less connected to the charactter but he looks pretty awesome and a fricken fiero is pretty nostalgic. everything coming up xtb for me recently. now if they'd actually release all these QC free i think i'm like 98% done with MP (i mean i've said that before i'm sure). maybe they'll do MP jumpstarters or MP dovrack TFs i can like really really say i'm done (meanwhile i keep replacing stuff lol, like the DS seekers probably will get a spot on my shelf despite the derpy alt mode thats barely better than takara's mp-52) soon.
  18. i really don't want to like that rodimus. i'm a rodimus hater afterall. lol. other thatn the headsculpt being off to my eye, aesthetically its a very good rodimus prime. i wish optimus or magnus had gotten his budget instead. earthrise optimus' trailer is an embarrassing in stock form and perhaps the main bot woulda got the right colors on the legs with the right budget. i may cave again (i PD'd then cancelled) on rodimus. i can't see it being more or better play value (for me) than siege jetfire though (maybe my favorite wfc release). i also just caved and order the sorta half assed kingdom magnus because its still "better" than the siege and even the BPF version because well, its got the right truck cab and inner bot.. again i wish they gave him the commander budget so he'd havea better trailer/armor more like his g1 self. as far as takara's mp cliffjumper....its using a base mold from bumblebee which i dislike to no small degree...i'll stick with the old mp-21 bumblebee and the 3P XTB offering from cliffjumper (he was always "done" in my mind at that point). as for distrubution....i think i've only bought a handful of TF stuff brick and mortar in the past couple years (partially pandemic avoidance of crowds, partially shittily stocked stores). i do need to make it to a target at some point for the buzzworthy origins bumblebee.
  19. blue "silverstreak" aka diaclone/g1 boxart bluestreak definitely a welcome site. wish his thighs were silver instead of white but i get it i guess. still blue eyes vs. yellow though - same mistake they made on the mp version too. needs yellow eyes.
  20. mospeada branded ones cost more? wonder if there are any extras or better sculpts or something? deinitely seems to be more stuff in the photos but until they list out everything that comes with each version its just sorta guessing. *EDIT* so here are some listing details. who knows if they are exhaustive though. from hlj... Mospeada Ray Helmet Interchangeable facial expression Interchangeable hands (x4) Replacement chest armor 60mm beam cannon Missile launcher (x2) Forearm armor (x2) Laser Hound (normal x1, long-range shooting x1) Injection nozzle modeling parts (x2) Bike stand Armor cycle connection parts Rear pack Side pack (2) Base for display with connection parts from bbts... Box Contents VR-052T Battler Cyclone Rand figure Helmet Base
  21. To be brutally honest here. the robot arm looks no better, actually a touch worse BUT the truck is MUCH better with no cat ears. HOWEVER a 3D printed part on this toy won't match very well. also given the photos and the visuals here , somebody will easily figure out how to incorporate this into an MPM KO/improved version and release as a full toy matched plastics./paints etc....and it will likely be cheaper than the mpm. knowing the KO market though, they might unnecessariy upscale the crap out of it. *sigh*.
  22. guess we know why arcee had a long ass neck/collar now. it was a pretool for mightbird, who btw should not even transform to begin with. also they should rerelease arcee with this umm...perkier chest molding. if it goes on clearance i'll think about it ...maybe. glad to see crosscut coming. i was so close to getting xtb's herald a month back (already had skids and police deco) but guess i'll get takara's if price is inline with other mp-53 releases. hoping quality is good though. origins buzworthy bee is istant buy if i see it online or instore. now where is cytronian wheeljack that can fit him inside? haha. love the energon conductors are included. you know i wish it were designs like this that were given the MP treatment vs. nightbird who never needed to transform. and yeah sideswipe, is a favorite or mine too. my childhood one still mostly works and is at the rent's house and still works. my siege one is kitted with th nonnef stuff too and also got the roof sticker on there from toyhax. not gonna pay for the more countachy kingdom version even though the hood is far more lambo than the seige figure. its overall doesn't loook as cohesive in alt mode and the chest is more oversized in bot mode.
  23. my wallet would like to pretend it never saw this and is reminding me that the bandai one is pretty nice already. lol. looks like THE definitive lion force voltron. the SOC didn't last long on top of the mountain.
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