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  1. so they didn't at all address the worst part of the siege mirage figure. the arms as an engine is still there. they gave it an open cockpit, different spoilers and a slightly different treatment of teh shoulder side panels and called it a day. i think i like the siege one better at the moment and i don't want that beast wars style grimlock at all so skipping at the moment. glad i don't feel the need to get it again i guess but i wish they'd done a ground up redesign like the datsun bros got. the siege is a good mold but could have definitely been improved upon.
  2. the netflix shows were bad but at least the character models look decent, which means the toys look decent enough (well some of them!) also jetfire finally gets to be not a big useless doofus who is just there to give people rides. that being said a character is a character. IDW prowl is nothing like G1 prowl i hear but i bought that g creation rebel because it looks cool and its like g1 prowl in a new body. :-P
  3. any chance its an MP blaster (or MP enough stand in that will fit that lion tape they released)? KFC's is just not good enough for me anymore.
  4. those look really nice together but i'm glad i'm not an idw comics guy because then i would "NEED" all these and most of other mmc stuff too. as is i can pick and choose. haha. i don't know how many times i've almost bought the mmc drift (or derivatives), but i keep hoping someone will pick up the old g creation design they shared forever ago.
  5. color me impressed with the invid shocktrooper (tbh i've never regarded MEP's products as highly). the OVERSIZED one looks way better to me...i know they aren' t supposed to be that big but the 1/48 is not a good sparring partner with the legioss sets out there and are even WAY WAY WAY too small to do battle with the mospeada (cyclones) they actually fight on the show. as tekering pointed out the OS might be look ok (too small to be in scale but looks wise) with the new smaller mospeada coming out (at some point hopefully) from B2five too.
  6. thanks for the tip on the desseus drone. finally got a couple of those. (only ever had the earthrise version of that mold which is an unconvincing earth van). if they had gone with the ER barricade mold i might have got a rusty sparkless bot too but not a huge fan of the siege datsunbros mold
  7. yup i used them once before. apparently , i'm going to be using them again since the armored parts set without the VF-1J valk itself is a TWE. honestly, if it goes without drama like last time i'll be happy.
  8. well not only that but its early. they said 4/23 16:00 japan time. thats still hours away! maybe some other retailers will follow the actual timeline given.
  9. the nora looks even more matte than the yamato one. as far as lighter...maybe. could be the lighting in those photos. i stopped following the sv-51 thread after a while. aside from the feet/ankles were there any issues with that ivanov release? are the wings likely to get floppy like the old yamatos? (they really need a hard lock but doubt they did that).
  10. yeah definitely the TV version. round fingers and bubbly hands. red tipped missiles and the 1982. bring it on. hopefully it won't be too much of a PITA to get one. after the gbp and the 1d i am hoping to be done with the DX valks. i don't need to repeat what i did from the yamarcadia 1/60s. lol.
  11. the slag is better than i initially thought. the proportions are odd but not as bad as i thought. that said, do i REALLY want to get $200 worth of chug scale G1ish dinobots when I have a great MP set? i mean i couldn't resist grimlock (his proportions are great and better then the mp or 3p mp options imo), but the rest of the guys....dunno. they'll take a lot of space too. haha
  12. an in scale invid shock trooper is what...half the height of a legioss? maybe a bit more i think? that samples is a nice size (out of scale but i like that size better).
  13. that soundwave is nice. i just didn't want to spend that much on it. i might still pick up an mpm jazz though (if i can find it for a good discount off retail) and if i do that i'd me more likely to be tempted to add another bayverse car like this guy. really though, i will get around to the dx9 hot rod figure at some point though. prices are not great now and i heard teh ko is just so so. oh well...maybe i won't go down further down bayverse car path
  14. really hope its a stand alone with a new visor included or a new head. i don't want to get another 1J thrown into the price! would love for the seat thing to be included.
  15. its a little sad that if you were to upscale either newage or MS and make the necessary changes - they'd both look better than quakewave or quakeblast in a lot of areas. lol. not that i don't still love those pieces but i would love for a properly sized MP shockwave that actually looks the part. takara's is too small for me...and feels not great in hand (yes i have that one too).
  16. odd i can't find the sold by amazon japan listing for skids...only for reboost. the skids i found are 3rd party sellers. did amazon jp sell out?
  17. that last point.....YES! its not like they were designing to a premade robot mode form. just take the Fricking iconic looking arc and transform it into a workable looking massive robot. its almost as if they didn't care the ark ship mode doesn't look right. someone will make partsforming filler pieces. i hope they're molded professionally though and not a 3d printed garage shop job because those pieces will be huge. that being said it still looks pretty good overall as giant ship turning into a massive autobot...the price is OK for something like that...actually pretty damn good (3P wou
  18. checking in after years of forgetting this awesomeness existed... can all the parts needed to make these be sourced here? https://www.shapeways.com/shops/xigfrid3dshop?section=VF-9&s=0
  19. the overall shape is kinda wrong too. its missing its iconic curved rear "quarter panels". i mean everybody knows what the ark looks like form the back and back 3/4 view.
  20. woah so the ship mode of the ark is looking kinda hollow on the sides...the robot is ok. it inlcudes a teletran one that converts into that smaller robot i guess?
  21. Mechapilot77

    Hi-Metal R

    so are we never ever ever getting more destroids? tbh i bought into this line to have in scale valks and destroids and zentrans mecha. seems like its been forever since macross HMR non valk.
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