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  1. I am praying to the toy gods this actually gets a release. Its really the only toy that gets me a bit hot and bothered about getting.
  2. Got my set from Luna Park yesterday - they packed very well this time around, fully boxed and padded on the inside. Thumbs up here. For the toy itself, its pretty, its beefy! Just the grey goggles head makes a big difference. Great addition, glad I got it. However, I got a loose left shoulder. When the arm armor is on, it cant hold a post with the arm extended out like if twas trying to do a t-pose. Any ideas on how to tighten it?
  3. Thanks, its been picked up and showing movement now.
  4. My tracking still says "not given to DHL" I seriously doubt its getting here by thursday. (US)
  5. yeah I sent Luna Park a pretty stern email about the delays and stuff. Was my 4th email to them. Finally it started moving in the DHL system and should be here by weekend. This was the last reply i got from them. Thanks for your message. Please do not worry, most of VF-1D have been shipped out already, and we have received some comments about packaging issue (DHL didn't warp the item properly, as they didn't use bubble wrap for the brown premium bandai box). We called back some of those parcels which haven't been shipped out yet, your one is one of those parcels, we will wrap it with care, to make sure that you receive it in perfect condition. your parcel should be moving today or tomorrow, we are expecting you to receive it within this week. please kindly let us know once you received it, thanks again. I dunno what to think about them really. They did reply back to every email I am getting it, and I do think they fraked up but are trying to fix it. I also have the 2 other Macross preoders with them (GBP) kinda of pain the ass to cancel this PO's are over with at other places right?
  6. Got a reply just now from Luna Park: "Thanks for your email. we have confirmed with DHL, you will get your item within next week, you should see the movement on Tuesday. sorry about the inconvenience, our office is right next to the Olympic village, there is traffic control here, DHL's working hour has been limited, and they are not allow to pick up parcel on friday and weekend."
  7. I am in same boat with luna park. Got a msg earlier in the week that they will check into it, but after that radio silence... Also have two pre-orders with them on the armor parts.. ugg... not a great feeling here.
  8. Just got a shipping notice from Luna park. 😁
  9. Anyone gotten updates from Luna Park? My PO status has had no updates at all.
  10. Collecting and restoring Japanese "Candy" Arcade machines.
  11. Any word when the VF-1D's are suppose to be dropping/shipping?
  12. Dang it! Missed the pre-order, if anyone has an extra pre-order they would be willing to share I would be most appreciative!
  13. Can someone fill me in on the steps/process for someone being in the US to order "TWE" VF-1D? I have never used it before and dont wana miss the vf-1d. Thanks!
  14. Just got an in stock shipping notice for Roy from Anime Export. If you have it on PO, give your account a look.
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