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  1. Hard to believe this is still out there intact and as beautiful as ever. I wonder I this same collector has the original wooden VF-1J from promo pics.
  2. Miss Lynn Minmay likes her some knees. Had to replace those old all white versions. They stick out like a sore thumb when posing.
  3. I’ll have to add this to the list. Have found a slew of other 1/55’s as well and need to make some time to add them as well. Thanks.
  4. Seeing your display only solidifies my thought that Yamato’s efforts will not be surpassed by Bandai. Still makes I heart flutter.
  5. Congratulations. Persistence has finally paid off. I am sincerely happy for you.
  6. Just stating my opinion as well.
  7. No matter what mode the Banpresto is in, you will need to have really thick beer goggles stand 5 miles away to make them look “good”. Toynami is definitely bad but not as bad as Banpresto. In no way defending Toynami and HG, but the truth is real.
  8. I hear you loud and clear. Ceppiratti, Litardi, and Bandai distributed region specific products in Italy. While Bandai produced their own Italian VF Super, Ceppiratti did have a package specific Strike Valkyrie with no armor, while Litardi had Takatoku/KO boxes very similar to the originals with Japanese stamped figures and relabeled boxes stating they were produced in ROC. The history of these items is diabolically complex and these grey areas are very difficult to confirm origins.
  9. Wow! Nice build! Can’t to see the rest of the Vermillion Team.
  10. Great set up Kicker. With some holographic sheets underneath a floating VF-1D on a clear stand this image would be perfect.
  11. Must bring back some amazing memories. I am just so fortunate that my kiddos have loved playing with these toys and continue to do so. This them about 5+ years ago.
  12. The Terrordrome is an amazing play set. I think I have about 10 TeleVipers just to man it. The best part of own it, is that my son still likes to play with it. Here he is having a crossover battle of Macross vs GI Joe. I swear my hobby desk really gets some serious use.
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