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  1. I think I asked for way too much. 😅 No more Christmas. 😪
  2. Sure, they did fine with Kairos but even after the Strike incidents there were more rampant issues occurring with NY. I for one got severely burned by them. So yeah, Fuk ‘Em. And I am sure a few not only here, feel the same.
  3. Someone should sent the Nippon Yassan thread if comments are allowed on that survey. Oh yeah, and along the Blacklist.😁
  4. Sorry for your loss. Do you have any pictures you could share?
  5. Check and direct questions to this thread. Hope this helps. https://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/forum/13-where-to-buy-macross-auctions-amp-dealers-specials/
  6. Looks cool. I had to reference anymoon.com for scale. Great job!
  7. I’m in. I really like the look of the mecha and tiny figures.
  8. Only transformed it twice. From F to B then G. After displaying it at the convention last weekend I noticed the legs were giving out. So I just transformed it back to fighter and off the the cardboard coffin. Total bummer.
  9. Just hope the hips don’t get loosey goosey like the MWW release. The joints started out great, nice and tight. Now the just flail in the wind. Bandai QC, where are you?
  10. Amazing find Shawn! Congratulations on you rare gems!
  11. It’s out. Can’t wait for mine to get here. Colors look great!
  12. 😁 Standard Shmandards. Paying through the nose is the only unfortunate truth to collecting.😅 But sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’lll find one for a very reasonable price. Good luck.
  13. Well there are cheaper alternatives. Macross collecting is definitely not cheap.
  14. Patience, space and time as well. I believe this is second time I have seen a project of this magnitude that involved a group of six students from a Central American country. It was a 1A with fastpacks. The builder started this project late last year and continues to do a spectacular job.
  15. Fantastic work! What happened to the resin version?
  16. Came up on my feed on FB. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.
  17. This should help. http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=12016#more-12016
  18. Best KO ever… but, that’s just me.
  19. Chibi Milia should come with Chibi Max and the baby pod.
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