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  1. I recall seeing this similar type of set up for that particular detail. I just can’t remember where. Years ago I was going through as many details available to determine all the correct differences between TV and DYRL types. The vertical bar details seemed to be mostly on model kit art, but this one really stood out to me as it was from a line art drawing. Just can’ t place the location at moment. But then again I could have my wires crossed.
  2. I definitely do need to finish these 1/48 customs, they deserve it. Thanks for the compliment.
  3. Hey all, forgive my manners. Thank you all for the comments and acknowledgments. @Bolt @twich @MKT thanks again.
  4. It’s the knuckle joint for the shoulder.
  5. If only Bandai would take their building level up a couple of notches they could get these gimmicks accomplished.
  6. It is from a 1/48, but does not nor is it meant to transform. More along the lines of the VF-X TEST.
  7. If anything, I would like to see any manufacturer tackle this instead.
  8. Unfortunately, no. They both reside in this state. I have completed everything necessary for casting, but never got around to it. If you attend SDCon this year they will be present.
  9. Well, just not officially.
  10. That looks like a fun kit. I think the only large water vessel I ever built was the Titanic. And I found the kit on my way to school one morning. Picked up the mangled box and sprues and was surprised that most of the kit was there. It was a fun build. To this day I have no idea why anyone would throw away a model kit.
  11. Thank you. I have always wanted a really nice 1/55. Now is the time. FYI - The pilot is 1/48.
  12. This somehow crosses that bridge of model building and cosplay.
  13. ??? Your past the two drink limit. 😛
  14. KO YamArcadia V.2 renewed… as JETFIRE. Deluxe (with extras) or standard.
  15. This purchase could be something Very Fun and interestingly large, jumbo even.
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