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  1. Tighter tolerances… Well, that’s it an enough for me.
  2. Price looking better, still waiting for USA retailers to pull up their skirts.
  3. Me too. Let’s hope it’s an exclusive and it sees massive world wide release. 2022 is going to kill many wallets.
  4. Guess I’ll be getting this one to pair up with Ivanov. Now I can customize one of my SV-51 Nora to an SV-52 Oryol without having to worry about having to worry about it.
  5. Weren’t a bunch of GI Joe classified figures on sale for like 7 bucks each during this past weekend? I saw mention of this on the latest Tyridium Hangar video. What a perfect time to army build for those who collect these.
  6. The size of that box looks larger than normal! Will add on packs or extra munitions be included beyond the stand and normal accessories?
  7. I wonder if more stateside retailers will open orders. Hopefully at a better price point.
  8. Would be amazing if it was released in 1/48, but that’s just a wish. More than likely it would be 1/72 to remain in line with majority of Macross releases under their belt.
  9. http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/hsite/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/31_0.jpg
  10. I totally support this and the completion of the Regult series as well. Go Bandai!!
  11. Fantastic builds!!! Have always wanted to hunt down one of those Kit Power repro to build for my own. I have only built the Scale Solutions version and love the details found throughout. The creator is very talented. Now you have reignited my fire to to build the rest of my fleet in 1/8000. Kudos!
  12. So I was watching the Macross DYRL Television Special and I have seen I quite a few times, but it never hit me just how you Kawamori was so you to have accomplished such a beautiful masterpiece of work. At 24 I was still in school…what about you???
  13. My mouth is watering over these announcements. Definitely grabbing the SDF-1. 2023 will be epic once all these are released.
  14. Nice! PM me with details on the 1/48 QRau. I would like to get me and paint it up. How are the details and price?
  15. Very serious. The speaker pod is rather interesting, and an add on one should have if you like transforming items.
  16. If you use the Yamacadia 1/60 hands you could pull it off.
  17. Roy has speaker pod envy. Seriously, the speaker pod is amazing! It has soooo many hinges and sliding mechanisms. It’s totally worth it!!!
  18. Anyone know who this could be? I haven’t seen the movie but based on the date posted it looks like an 11/29 pre-sale date. might be time to change the title of this thread.
  19. Big shoutout to Fearyaks and Kurt. These additions to my collection are spectacular!!
  20. These appear to be the same as the Bandai prototypes XsToys displayed year ago.
  21. This is the first time I have ever seen this combination. It’s very hard to say it didn’t happen as stranger things have been found. It just seems odd to find a 1990 box with 1984-85 figure inside. Have you ever pulled the item from the packaging? Might be good to document this.
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