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  1. Sure:) thank you for replying! This forum rocks:)
  2. Looking for a copy of vintage Ohsato Macross sticker albums and stickers. Mainly looking for book 2 and stickers. Don't mind an extra book 1 though. I'm based in Singapore and can deal with paypal:)
  3. Sorry for digging up an old thread. Any collectors here managed to complete the 2 Ohsato's stickers album of 124 stickers and able to share the full images of all the stickers here? I personally have the book 1 but still lacking lots of stickers. Hopefully I can see the full glory of the completed albums here:)
  4. There used to be a large group of Macross fans here in Singapore 10 years back. We lurked in Sgcollect and Katoots forums then. We used to meet up and do POs/trading, phototaking etc. Most of us had already moved on due to family commitments. Nice to meet a local fan:)
  5. sure, i will take the white ones:) when and where to deal?
  6. @barurutor. I'm looking for the shoulder hinges. Saw the your sales on 1/60 hands in carousell. Not looking for hands now, thanks for the heads up. Great deal there:)
  7. It will be cool if it's transformable, even it means part swapping:)
  8. Looking for a pair of Shapeways 1/60 VF-1 shoulder hinges. Sign, Shapeways charges expensive shipping rates. Hopefully I can find a pair here able to ship to Singapore.
  9. So far I do not encounter any problems when i install it on my iphone 6 plus and Samsung note 8:)
  10. For those whose trying to play the Macross arcade games on android, try this emulator: http://www.xiaoji001.com/en.html After installing it, u can searh for all the Macross games in this emulator and it will automatically download the roms for you. Just configure the controls and you are good to go:)
  11. U can go to Hobby Art Gallery, M Workshop in Singapore. Both shops are located in Sunshine Plaza in Singapore. Google for their address:) Alternatively, Hobby Kulture in Penisular Paza is a great place too.
  12. @ Cesar Enrique: point u to the correct link:) http://old.samueldecal.com/
  13. I wonder if we can hunt them down on ebay or taobao? Not to promote knock-off kits, but Bandai not re-issue them for eons
  14. @chyll2: My guess will be the Koreans knock-off the kits from the Bandai vintage SD macross kits:) Anyone own the vintage kits can verify it?
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