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  1. Hell yes, new Yami Q_ray and Walkure music is dope af, I can even dance into the fire with my Zero-sen in War Thunder somehow with it like an ace lol
  2. bruh, all of these pictures are all died
  3. I agree, because having a bunch of Battle-class mean they have to animate all the firing sequences of iconic “Macross Cannon” lol
  4. I assume that is too much cost to build. Instead they only have Battle-class Macross as their flagship and the ultimate weapon of a fleet. So they coming with a plan to make small Variable Space Battlecarrier like Macross Quarter-class which is cheap, powerful platform that can host up to 4-5 VF squadron and personnel issue is not a big deal anymore. This concept is so effective that they can have such a powerful firepower in massive number of a fleet but the cost is still not high as build a Battle-class, thus that Macross Quarter-class can be build onboard a fleet.
  5. Wow, a so detailed post as what I expected as you @Seto Kaiba. First Gen Macross class is big and bulky Battleship but as 206x era it would considered as obsolete since NUNS has newer Battle-class Macross which is more powerful and carrier capable than First Generation. So if I was the NUNS itself I wouldn't let a state of art Battleship design to any non-government corporations that easy.
  6. Well, my brain is kind overloaded from overthinking
  7. Back in those days, when covid still not a big deal, my country Vietname bought a lot of new anime movie licenses and published it. I remember there were Fate, Violet Evergardern, One Piece, etc. But never been Macross, kinda sad
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