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  1. I really enjoying it, great sound design, smooth combat and the storytelling is good, not heavy and boring like other Gundam I started with
  2. Actually one more game: The PS2: Super Dimension Fortress Macross game. You can unlocked it once you finished the game And this is another pic when I unlocked the VE-1 after the patrol mission
  3. Imo, "Mugendai Drive" is a pretty good song but I have no idea why they didnt add it in the movie. Its pretty darn suitable for pumping up combat scenes and the song "ALIVE - Inori no Uta" feel emotional to me and actually made me cry even listened to it alone
  4. Different from you guys I am really enjoying this movie but I felt like its kinda rush in storytelling and short in running time.
  5. What da hell ? Man, It didnt even come out in DVD or Bluray how the heck can it floating on the web ?
  6. I don't really know how could I forgot my password so easily a few days ago, and I realized that I somehow got hacked or something and tried so much to reset my password but the site keeps on sending me errors so I have to email the mods. Glad that @Shawn and other mods solved this and I just got my new password to post this, thank you
  7. hey @Blitzcat I wonder if you can give me the zip file of the mod compatible with the newest version of Stellaris ? My steam workshop is somehow broken and still havent fixed yet
  8. So two days ago I've watched the Macross Galactic Launch Ceremony stream on Youtube and Onishi Kaya-san from Bigwest announced that following the Macross Plus Movie Editon nationwide release in the US so does the music of all Macross series on worldwide via streaming on Spotify and Youtube, etc. ITS TRUE but "almost" all, not all. SDF Macross and Macross II still regional locked, Frontier and Delta have full albums released
  9. Hell yes, new Yami Q_ray and Walkure music is dope af, I can even dance into the fire with my Zero-sen in War Thunder somehow with it like an ace lol
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