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  1. I need to see a reenactment picture of a middle aged man holding the Hikaru DX VF-1S with the Chunky monkey left at the back.
  2. NY is preparing my order, 7045xx.
  3. With these transforming macross toys that we've seen over the years, the key is always finding the balance between fighter and battroid modes with the good engineering that each manufacturer has at its time.
  4. The angle of the Bandai one in the picture is way too off, so I'll wait until we can see the actual side profile.
  5. The YF-21 is still a painted prototype probably over resin cast parts, so it's definitely not final.
  6. The good thing about MW is we have all the best animators, producers, designers, commenters, followed, artists, engineers, manufacturers and many more.
  7. Are you sure this is the case? There is a huge difference between a rejected good and counterfeit copy.
  8. Guess I paid around that price when the M&M were first released by Yamato.
  9. You'd never know, this is MW after all.
  10. Yes, too good to be true. I remember people were complaining the shade of blue when it first came out years ago, now it's looks perfect.
  11. Am I reading the NY shopping experience thread now?
  12. I just placed an order too, and now it says payment is in process. Gosh I hope I got one.
  13. You can't have it the correct way in all 3 modes. Hasegawa makes a compromise by having one side for each mode.
  14. The strike pack does look larger than the lineart, but I have no complaint.
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