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  1. Hey guys, I still haven’t received word or a reply froM nippon yasan abour my order of the Dx strike parts. Im Getting a little worried now, they made me prepay and of course it’s way past my 6 month paypal Protection. Has anybody gotten theirs from ny?
  2. Anybody know what’s up with ssp from nippon yasan?? Mines been bought and paid for since day 1 and won’t even reply to my messages :(
  3. Where did you po the missiles I can’t seem to find it on NY
  4. Back up on hlj http://hlj.com/product/BANN08749
  5. http://hlj.com/product/BANN08749 go!
  6. now since in the old pics from last year the super parts were mounted on a v1 vf-27 anybody have a chance to see if the super parts will fit a v1 vf-27..
  7. Anybody try to fit a v1 fold booster on this bad boy yet?
  8. I must be in the minority I love the mint green
  9. Just double checked my account and definitely didnt get a payment request... That's really weird it's going in my private warehouse anyways so not in a rush but hope its not a mistake and I lose it somehow
  10. Best shot is hlj when their invoices get sent out, still didnt get my payment request so might go up late tonight or tomorrow
  11. Any chance the v1 fold booster fits the vf-27 with the v1 adapter since everybody thinks its pretty much the same body?
  12. Dang wasn't fast enough as soon as I checked out it didnt go through
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