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  1. Hey guys, I still haven’t received word or a reply froM nippon yasan abour my order of the Dx strike parts. Im Getting a little worried now, they made me prepay and of course it’s way past my 6 month paypal Protection. Has anybody gotten theirs from ny?
  2. Anybody know what’s up with ssp from nippon yasan?? Mines been bought and paid for since day 1 and won’t even reply to my messages :(
  3. sil80jdm

    DX YF-19

    Regret getting rid of mine when it came out, anybody got a spare they can hook a brotha up with
  4. Just as the title says, have lots to trade or will buy for a good price thanks!
  5. Where did you po the missiles I can’t seem to find it on NY
  6. @nathans82 great seller and fellow macross addict
  7. Hey guys gonna sell my Dx vf-1j still wrapped and boxed from hlj I’ll have pics up soon.. $360 shipped in conus or picked up in SoCal!
  8. Can anybody help me out with a vf-1 missile set?
  9. Hey guys I’m selling this max Factory big o cheap.. comes with dogma roger and Dorothy.figure is mint except 1 issue ( rubber has deteriorated.$300 plus exact shipping in the US
  10. Hey guys I have a sealed case of 2 Toynami robotech cyclone Scott Bernard version.. asking $350 each located in so cal or plus shipping.. thanks guys!
  11. I have this sitting in my warehouse at hlj, I’m just trying to get my money back for it so it’ll be $230 plus shipping from hlj! Thanks guys!
  12. Hey guys got the messer dx valk I want to sell.. if anybody interested lmk Sold!!
  13. Back up on hlj http://hlj.com/product/BANN08749
  14. http://hlj.com/product/BANN08749 go!
  15. Added a lot more stuff and more to come!
  16. thread edited and cleaned for sold items... Thank you guys for your support!
  17. Max gokin big o (includes figma roger and Dorothy) $450 Soc spec dragonar custom and gillgazamune set $300 (sealed) Gx-06 $150 ThreeZero Mazinger z exclusive $350 GD-03 Reideen $50 opened but brand new GMMF unicorn gundam final battle ver $180 (sealed) ES gokin Gaiking the great combo $150 Great mazinger $60
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