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  1. Yeah, that theme really hit home. I didn’t realize how much I missed it. I was absolutely dying of laughter with that post apocalyptic dj, stuck playing Brand New Key over and over with that absolutely horrific look of boredom and a mix of fear. That stupid song got stuck in my head all day afterwards
  2. I tried out the pentaverate and it’s very almost good at times. It tries and really is kinda dull. also been watching Kids in the Hall. Definitely still funny and has that weird creepy humor at times that made the old episodes great. They do play off the getting older thing well and now that they don’t have to worry about censorship the jokes are more pervy. Be warned, lots of dong. Although if you’re into that then I guess it’s a bonus
  3. It doesn’t make that much of a difference if you think about display value. Here’s an affordable kit in all three modes possibly for a great looking display versus the previous parts formers where you had to buy four of the kits to make three models. And a transforming vf-1 would probably be more like perfect grade price in a larger scale and then multiply that times three if you want separate displays
  4. The deciding factor for me is gonna be if they do the other modes. I do think it’s a nice looking fighter and the simple build is definitely tempting, but I’m waiting to see if they do a great battroid and gerwalk. If they do those and do them well, I’ll definitely pick them up
  5. That gold has a weird mixed look. Almost like they plated some and other parts are just a cheap looking swirly gold plastic. Maybe it’ll look ok panel lined and weathered. The movement gimmicks are neat looking
  6. Every time I see that scene, I hope he did a really thorough job cleaning that watch before giving it to that kid. Can’t wait to hear him in dune
  7. Maybe smoother hair and slightly shorter arms. Looking good so far though
  8. As far as Netflix, they definitely still are the biggest of the streaming services even after the amount of recent cancelled subscriptions. The thing they need are better written shows and some recent films for the price. The films are theatre rejects and the majority of the shows are trash. They still have stranger things and a few other shows that haven’t ended, but even the existing ones like the Witcher kinda feel like they had just had a visit to the vet and are currently wearing the cone of shame. They really need some good quality ideas to justify that price hike. HBO max on the other hand has some really high quality stuff and real movies being added regularly and D + has the geeks and kids covered. Netflix needs some real winners and I don’t have my hopes too high for resident evil, but if everyone says it’s actually good, I’ll check it out
  9. I kinda wish that that heavy gear thing ended up a bit bigger. The game wasn’t bad and the show wasn’t bad, just wish it got more of a chance and kinda liked the designs as well
  10. Maybe it will come up as a moderoid. There’s been some interesting surprises lately. Everything from Patlabor to Robocop, madox to brain powered, Escaflowne to Aliens and a lot of other cool stuff. It may be a stretch, but someone over there is picking some interesting franchises from the 80’s and 90’s, so it’s definitely possible that they could take what they already designed and rework it for the kits
  11. It ain’t gundam without a slap to the face. Maybe Chris Rock should have been a mobile suit pilot. I know that joke is over used, but then again so are gundam slaps
  12. I get the feeling some one that works high up at good smile loves great robots and mecha and really doesn’t care if the design or show was super popular and just wants a model kit one way or the other.
  13. All these gundam releases seem really dull compared to the upcoming stuff from MaxFactory and Goodsmile
  14. They do the best they can. The 1/60 toys usually look better in fighter and the Bandai ones in hmr and dx look a bit better in battroid, but they still don’t get quite there, the dx toys look a bit boxy to me. It always seems like there’s a compromise in the looks between either having a great fighter mode or a great battroid mode and the transformation gimmick never gets both right due mostly to old style hand drawn anime. That’s the main reason I would prefer the idea of separate kits for all 3 modes. The hasegawa 1/72 did a good job, but they were trying to be more realistic and consistent between the modes and I think the battroid could have been better. Max factory seems to love anime robots and I think if they do a battroid it will at least look cool, as far as articulation, who knows.
  15. It’s up for preorder for those interested. I’m gonna wait and see on this one. The description mentions stickers and that’s a big downside for me. But I’ll see how the reviews go
  16. I honestly don’t think the vf1 is the best subject for a transforming kit. There’s too many compromises that have to be made. I’d be far happier with really great kits of all 3 modes sold separately or as a pack. although if someone could prove me wrong and make a perfect transformation kit with perfect looks, I’d be interested
  17. I’m very curious about a potential battroid mode. If they can do a more pose able Ann’s better looking one than hasegawa, then I’m all in. A gerwalk would also be highly appreciated. not saying hasegawa is bad, just a bit outdated and the battroid could use some work. They really did a great job of looking very consistent between fighter and battroid, but the realism sacrificed articulation and ease of build. The anime lacks realism and the way Bandai did the hmr wings on the later vf1 was more anime accurate and added to the articulation around the hip in a much more natural way. I really can’t wait to see how their line turns out or if this is just a one off.
  18. Brain powered is nice especially since it’s more than just the main unit, and they also already did Escaflowne. Maybe new gasaraki kits sometime soon
  19. That skull 0 looks a bit low tech compared to the other Valkyries that Roy used
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