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  1. One thing I was wondering lately is where to order from since I live in the U.S. since this doesn’t appear to be a wwm item. There’s also the issue that Bandai doesn’t allow quite a few places to sell their kits to non Japanese customers. I know Hlj and Amiami do sales to here unlike hobby search and most of the rest. I’m guessing those two probably will allow sales, but just curious about options in case there’s a bigger than expected demand at hlj and amiami
  2. I really don’t think the directors or actors are to blame for any blunders after the prequels were made. Most of the problems seem to be either the writers, editors, or producers or a combo of those. I honestly can’t blame the actors since they’ve been good with the given material and the directors are pretty good at getting the actors to act and getting the scenes done. Even something like that boba Fett scene where the scooter guy does the stupid spin may have been something in a scene that was shot in different ways and some producer said they like the spin or even had it added later.
  3. I know it’s wishful thinking, but I’d love it if Bandai got adventurous and did a hg kit for this guy as well as the other plus Valkyries
  4. The Zeta and a few of the other standard kits are up for preorder at USA gundam store
  5. The front of the foot doesn’t look bad in battroid or gerwalk and surprisingly the hollow spots follow pretty close to the art for the bottoms of the feet. The heels do look a bit on the chonky side though. There’s not as many scenes of the battroid from the back though and not many art pics, but it still looks a bit big there
  6. I had a few back in the day. There was a pretty good treatment for the hg dragonar1, so I think this will be worth the p Bandai issue. If it’s like the previous Hg Sirbine and hg Dragonar-1, then unfortunately it probably won’t be available at the U.S.store unfortunately.
  7. Ok I see the ball joint at the bottom fits into a cylindrical hole that also allows it to slide in and out a little bit. It’s kinda hard to notice, but I see it now
  8. That’s a nice build. The scratches don’t look out of scale like a lot of gundam kits and I like that the modifications are at a minimum. The figure also helps with a sense of scale
  9. It looks more like it rocks back and forth. The slide joints appear to be only for the knees to be able to bend in gerwalk
  10. The seat transformation is pretty nifty, but I’m still looking at that amazing face. I don’t buy many mg kits due to space, and I don’t have the other mg zetas, so I’m actually thinking about getting this one because a few other things look a bit better here and the head is probably the best zeta head other than a few garage kits
  11. A 1/100 city just in time for the 1/100 YF-19 announcement and rereleases of 1/100 kits from wave
  12. I wasn’t sure if it was gonna be a set like the maganac sets
  13. Yeah, at the time I was looking at the parts lay out and the pictures looked like the legs were swapped out, but they’re definitely used in all modes. Definitely would need three kits to display them separately
  14. Sometimes it takes a while for a new kit to happen. I guess Vifam doesn’t get the love that other shows had.
  15. I couldn’t find another Vifam threadlooks like a web exclusive, but I’m excited either way. I used to love the old kits. Hope this isn’t gonna be the only one
  16. Well, stuff finally happens and more stuff happens and things just keep happening all the way to the end. It’s like they saved all the stuff happening for this episode and there’s still more episodes. The thing I’m most curious about is how Galadriel eats. It’s like her top teeth just can’t clear her bottom lip no matter what’s going on. Overall a pretty good episode this week. Even with all the action it still had time to touch on the plot a bit more. And there’s definitely some interesting developments to look forward to
  17. Rerelease or update?
  18. If I want all three modes displayed, then I gotta buy three kits and three sets of decals. And who knows how things will go with fast packs and decals with those and if those will be extras or full kits and if that will be web exclusive. Things are getting pricey for me. Maybe I’ll skip the fastpacks
  19. Damn I misread that earlier and got excited thinking it came with waterslide decals. Well, at least they’re already planning on releasing them just wish bandai would include them
  20. I guess they decided on a movie instead of a show. I’m ok with that
  21. I don’t think they necessarily would need metal parts. The newer plastics they’ve been using are pretty tough. The problem is the joints in places like the arms and torso would be too fiddly and would work against itself and end up a goofy mess. At that size the challenge no matter the substance is that if you bend the elbow something else would move in the transformation gimmick although would be less annoying than the vf-19 kits from a while back
  22. Those extra pictures really gave me a lot of info. I can see that the hip has a ball jointed peg that plugs into what looks like a hinge to get some interesting articulation. The only question I have now is where and when do I preorder
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