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  1. I think it’s the third or fourth time for those jegan kits
  2. Maybe I should have used the term “slightly “ more realistic. I haven’t seen them all the way through, just bits and pieces and they aren’t as cartoonish, but from the sound of things they’re about as realistic as a fast and furious movie
  3. They must be selling fairly well if they’re doing repaints
  4. Bad choices of words are common on threads like these. Some people are bad at grammar and others are in a rush or just tired. I find it’s best not to take things too literally
  5. I like the classic bond movies for the cheese factor and fun. I really wasn’t excited about the more realistic take on the franchise. I’ll probably watch all the new ones one day though
  6. I think that’s the entire reason he disagrees. He got a good copy and the other guy got a bad sample. Although if there were more reviews one way or another, that would probably be something that would show a trend. With every release of a product, someone is likely to get a bad one. But if a lot of people get a bad one then that’s a bad product. Hopefully it was just the one bad one and everyone else has a good copy. I don’t know if these particular companies have good customer service regarding replacements or repairs
  7. There’s another show I used to watch with my dad when I was little.
  8. All this talk about news media and cool names for tv reminded me that there was a news anchor with the name Wolf Blitzer. That dude may be famous for what he does, but missed his calling to be an NFL quarterback or action movie star.
  9. I think Airwolf had a similar fate. I think it was repurposed at one point as an ambulance and may have actually saved some lives, but that may just be legend
  10. Airwolf was just a dressed up business use helicopter. They often show similar models in other films and I always look at them and think Airwolf. I had an old plastic kit that had the option to leave off the dress up parts and I always thought, “why?”
  11. Looks like it’s available as well on their U.S. web shop as well for $89 with the bonus kit and they’re offering 50% off shipping for becoming a member. I may actually pull the trigger on this one. The half off shipping would help with the cost for the size of the package with both of those kits and bonus parts
  12. I guess there’s a web exclusive that comes with the helldiver and it’s parachute pack as a bonus
  13. Blue thunder was cool, but didn’t have the soundtrack that was as memorable
  14. This just shows that you can grow up to be whatever you put your mind to. This box graduated and now it’s in flight training. Next step is outer space
  15. It’s up for preorder
  16. It is good that they’re still doing some of the obscure designs
  17. I guess you could just be that odd friend of someone else’s kids father and do that whole “when I was your age” speeches
  18. The bigger question to that silly episode is more like what happened after manager jabba died. Do they end up on a downer episode of where are they now. Rockin Jabba does on the toilet, the main singer accidentally killed himself singing into a lightsaber, the drummer died from a drug deal gone wrong when it turned out his other self was a snitch. The droid probably just ended up doing questionable things for Lando
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