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  1. I don’t know why but the scenario that I hadn’t thought about was the person finding a new love. Imagine thinking everything is great, then you’re snapped back into reality and you’re in the room with the love of your life not exactly cheating on you. I did however wonder about people on death row all of a sudden being brought back into a prison that had been shut down due to low population. Hopefully the doors would be locked, but maybe not.
  2. Someone was bound to do that with those effects at some point.
  3. I’ve got both the plamax version and the Bandai hg on preorder. It’s gonna be an interesting comparison.
  4. The coed thing seems to be a real trend in Verhoeven films and it’s hard to say if he was being sexist by just needing an excuse to show some boobs or if he truly felt that people in the future just wouldn’t care anymore. Although I’m pretty sure he just needed the excuse to have an actress topless on set.
  5. The co Ed shower was in Starship Troopers, so it did go beyond the 80’s. Anyway it was more of a cheesy joke than a serious question.
  6. That was a pretty wild season finale. That building collapse scene has got to be the stuff of nightmares for any Superman type of hero, then it get a thousand times worse. This kid would definitely need some hardcore counseling after all he went through
  7. I think that Mog is right about the d+ releases for most of this years movies as well as theater release. They may even keep that model from here on out. Not only that, but there are definitely tie ins like the captain marvel 2 being renamed marvels with the way they wrote the s just like Kamala’s costume. There’s all kinds of other things as well that will blend the shows and films together
  8. I think the odd issue would be coed locker room and shower scenes. Is it sexist, or woke?
  9. I was definitely curious about the release date since I hadn’t heard anything for a bit. I miss those spring and summer conventions where they would tease these kind of products a bit more. Hopefully some news pops up sooner than later
  10. When are the b2fives finally coming out
  11. I thought the same thing since I heard a story that they were trying to do something live action with that old classic car shooter.
  12. It’s definitely a tough watch and you really have to love the characters to want to invest that much time watching a movie that’s still just not that good. I think A movie about making this cut would actually be far more entertaining with all the human drama to the great disappointment to the almost dr Frankenstein madness to try and get a version that turns out a bit better than the original and kind of ends up an oversized monster of a movie that somehow the fans really loved.
  13. There’s so much in this regarding the similarities between pop songs and soundtracks, it almost deserves a thread of it’s own. From generous homage to blatant rip-off and awkward licensing issues. Or from Big-O to Bubblegum Crisis and Daikon 4
  14. I didn’t meet her until last year and she had already seen most of the Marvel movies, but hadn’t seen the Spider-Man ones. I kinda recently found that out when we were taking a look at the available movies on d+. Iron man 3 was the only other one she had missed. She also hadn’t seen any of the Netflix shows so we just finished off Daredevil season one and are starting Jessica Jones
  15. I just thought it was some kind of test type mobile armor
  16. Yeah, sorry my wording was a bit off. That’s basically what I was trying to say. I was just curious since my lady friend hasn’t seen either homecoming or far from home. I only own homecoming and had been thinking about renting the second one, but it seems a bit pricey right now. I figured it would save some cash if they come out on d+. She wants to watch them together and we were just hoping they would pop up before no way home comes out.
  17. I’m glad they were kind enough to at least offer free shipping on that $30,000 dollar purchase
  18. Honestly from the teaser pictures the hg version looks better to me. Usually it’s not so much scale, but which kit is newer usually looks better. Like a lot of the mg gm kits from 0080 look better than the hg or how the hguc sazabi looked better than the first mg Sazabi. as far as the teasers go the hg nightingale looks proportioned a bit better and may be more pose able. The weight of the smaller kit may help in some regards, but it’s interesting that the price is very close to the re/100
  19. I wasn’t as excited for the hi nu or the nightingale, but they ended up a bonus for the items I was really excited about and those were the rg decals for the Sazabi and nu gundam. I knew they would do them eventually, but I didn’t think it would take so long. I also ordered the Hathaway set. Soon I’ll finally get around to building those two rg kits. Honestly I didn’t even know those were coming out last night
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