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  1. That.. is actually rather bizarre. I guess I'll have to experiment with shipping combinations to see what makes sense. I usually try and base boxes on the biggest item, and see what else fits in the box without upping the charge majorly, but I don't know if that will work anymore.
  2. Didn't get quite that low, since no coupon, but yep, glad I went with HLJ on this one. Now the question becomes whether to ship, and see if anything gets here before July 4th...
  3. "Yesterday's Enterprise" is probably near the top of my favorite episodes in the entire franchise. It's just such a fun time-twisty story. If I remember correctly, that episode is also based loosely on one of my favorite classic "Twilight Zone" episodes, where a pilot in WWI flies into the future, and realizes he has to return in order for history to proceed correctly. The universe didn't warp around him leaving though, leaving it as a stable time loop where he always did what he had to, which is what convinces him he has to go back. TNG season 2 also had the first Sherlock/Moriarty holodeck episode, which I always found fun, even if it was a silly concept.
  4. For an item released that far out, I think a higher shipping charge is almost a guarantee. No one can predict what costs will be that far in the future. Spoke with a contractor about some roofing work recently, and they are refusing to make any estimate good for more than a week, because material prices are climbing so fast. I'd expect shipping estimates to have a similar lifespan right now.
  5. To be entirely fair, ST mostly kitbashes from their own ships, so it's less about pulling in spare parts from outside sources, and more about rearranging the parts you already have from other established designs. I think there are only a handful that pull blatantly obvious chunks of real-world aircraft and other models. Star Wars has far more hilarious and obvious chunks of real world stuff slapped all over their ships. To bring it back to the actual topic though, how many designs from Southern Cross were actually at a scale to be bashed with anything else in the Robotech universe? I'm not overly familiar with those designs, but the only ones that come to mind are the hover tank and helicopter (and ok, yes, the Logan ). Were the bioroids in similar scale to something like Zentraedi armor, or anything from Mospeada?
  6. Did they? I can't see enough of the joint to tell how those are even mounted yet. They still mount on top of the wings like the old VF-31 packs, so maybe they only adjusted the boosters to allow for the different wing shape? You can see they moved that lower thruster farther forward so it wouldn't collide with the longer wingroot spike thing.
  7. They just use that as the indicator that you've met your max order limit. I just logged in, and it showed in stock, ordered one and paid, and it flipped to out of stock for me. Will say, I think that's the cheapest 20k yen I've seen in a while, came to just over $150 (which I still find hilarious for an armor pack). That exchange rate is wild lately.
  8. I honestly do like how some of the individual parts look. The big gatling guns, the dual cannon pod, the boosters... Just not all at once. I really prefer mixing and matching bits of this armor set with the regular super parts. The giant legs and shoulder packs on this one just make it too chonky to deal with.
  9. Nah, Buzz always had all the gizmos of a mid-90s toy, which was fitting for when the first movie came out. That was the age of lights and sounds in everything I had. Those were the days. The movie itself though.. I mean, it could still be happy, but we're talking about a smaller-scale Buck Rogers situation. It's not going to be a very happy setup, and unless they find some way to reverse it, it's not going to get fixed completely.
  10. Just threw out an order for two of the Galaxy Explorers, that's going to be a really fun build. The DeLorean will have to wait a bit longer. I do wish LEGO could straighten out whatever seems to be screwing with their website in this corner of the country though. I'm getting that stupid error again where it refuses to load the English-US regional site at all. I had to load the Spanish version, and let Chrome auto-translate it for me to place an order.
  11. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the odd cut-out design for the 31AX shoulder canards is specifically so they can still mount the armor. I haven't tried those. I did test the booster packs however, and the 31AX is not compatible with the original VF-31 booster design, so the boosters will have some other way of attaching, probably closer to the 31AX packs.
  12. Ugh.. I'll be curious to see what changes they have to make to the boosters to mount on the AX.. and whether they made the ratchets on those missile packs better. I'll probably grab one, but just to be a completionist. I think Arad's was almost as much as the valk itself.
  13. I'm actually wondering if this is a mistransformation of some sort, because the sagging while on the gear doesn't look like it's caused by anything related to weight. The legs and nose are still pointed upwards, even when supported on the stand. It's like they just misaligned the legs and body. This one definitely looks droopy: But the profile here looks aligned differently. Hope it is fixable somehow, even if it's just adjusting the leg ratchets or something.
  14. This actually makes sense, because the inside of the gear well is on the opposite side of the intake ramp. I imagine gear collapsing into the well could possibly break through and throw debris into the engine, turning a hard landing into something much worse.
  15. Nice, yep, I got behind on these threads. XD
  16. Maybe a silly question, but is anyone else noticing that the pilots in the 31AX seem to be struggling to see over the console? Did a quick mod and made Mirage a booster seat.. I just cut two number tabs from a kit sprue and glued them together, then trimmed to fit into the cockpit floor. Really not sure who they got to design the cockpits in the entire 31 series, but they don't really seem to have much of a concept of how people are shaped. Earlier 31s had the goofy console jammed into the pilots' chests, now the consoles are the right distance, but they're sitting on the floor.
  17. Totally sold on that Monster. Honestly, it looks like an almost complete Monster kit, that just has some adjustments to give the figure somewhere to sit. You might be able to mod it into just a plain transforming VB-6.
  18. BBTS has never been fast at getting anything, in my experience. The last thing I ordered from them before this new Macross merchandise wave was that 3rd party Kalavinka transforming jet.. I'm still waiting on that one.. while I've been playing with the one I bought from HLJ on sale after release. I don't mind having a spare to customize, but when they don't get their stock until after Japanese retailers are putting the items up at clearance prices, someone is not staying on the ball with stocking.
  19. I'll give Bandai credit for this one, they actually did manage to make a solid, non-ratcheted rotation joint on those boosters. They stay in place nicely. Ratchets probably would have still been better, but I can appreciate the range of motion. What shocked me was how tightly they actually fit on the wing hardpoints. Those mounts actually kind of scared me, and they don't actually snap in at all, they just have to be wiggled into place gradually.
  20. I'm still holding out on a few things from HLJ before I ship. They keep sending me messages urging me to ship, and I can't help but laugh.
  21. Hah.. well, I should say more random than usual. This isn't a lottery on whether you get flaws.. this is a lottery of what grab bag of screwups you happen to get. The fact that one wing tab fit, and the other didn't baffles me. How does that even happen? If it was a mold flaw, then it should be consistent, right? Why would they fix one, but not the other? It's feeling less like these are design and engineering flaws, and more just completely slapdash production problems. Nothing's actually similar between any two of the three 31AXs I have.
  22. Got my first Mirage (of two, though who knows if the Luna Park one will ever ship), and it's... confusing. Feels like the only thing consistent about this release is the inconsistency. On the positive side, this one actually fixed all of the alignment issues I had with the arms on both of my Hayate copies. Forearms slide without issue, elbows all align well, doors sit nice and flush under the wings, and the cannons naturally sit level, and flush against the undersides without any droop at all. On the other end of things, this one worsened a small issue I had with Hayate's, where the arm shield on the right arm was difficult to disengage from the underside of the wing. This one would not budge, and I had to bend and flex the wing all over the place before that snap would pop free. Also, one of the leg tabs was still far too big to slot into the ankle.. but the other worked fine? I wound up trimming out the recess around that arm shield tab to let it pop free easier, and did the usual filing of the wing tab to fit in place. From the "meh" perspective, this one came sloppily mis-transformed, and completely floppy out of the box, because nothing could snap together. I pulled it out, and the whole thing flopped apart at the chest pivot. Whoever packed it had twisted part of the neck plate assembly around the wrong way, and it prevented the intakes from snapping in. One ankle and one knee also seemed stuck before completely collapsing, but those were fixed by some extra pressure and massaging. Also got Hayate's super packs shipped with this, so I might just slap them on this one to give them a test fit, rather than dig out his valk. Overall.. better fit and finish on this one than either Hayate release I have, but I can't say they're actually getting better. It just feels completely random what sorts of flaws these get.
  23. That is just straight-up bonkers, how do you even display a toy to get that specific distribution of yellowing? That thing must have been sitting on a windowsill for a couple years. And I thought Bandai actually had plastic tinting techniques to specifically avoid this sort of thing.
  24. Have to agree, this worked out pretty darn well with Maverick, turned out as one of the best "official" jet transformers they ever made.
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