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  1. Not to derail things too much further.. I'm actually slightly considering a kitbash of the various 31s to see how it would look. I've already got my AX carrying a spare charger pod and gunpod.. I wonder how hard it would be to get the old 31 nose section to fit as well...
  2. At this point, I'm fairly well content to use a spare DYRL pilot, and just use the TV edition as the DYRL variant. The cockpit panels are easy to swap, and the benefit of using the TV version is that they actually printed the numbers the right direction.
  3. To be fair, I don't think this is anything remotely near the level of failure that the VF-171 was. That spontaneously exploded. This is just.. carelessness, and sloppiness in a design, not a material manufacturing failure. Oversized tabs are fixable, even if it's dumb that we have to do it. If I'm quite honest.. It's incredibly refreshing to receive a Bandai valk with a flaw that I can actually fix myself without destroying it in the process. That might be a first.
  4. I can't argue the looks aren't good, but it's just really weird how many things went wrong. I'm not sure I can call them QC issues even, since for the most part everything is beautiful. These feel more like design and engineering flaws, because certain things just don't work. Quality control should have absolutely caught them, but it's like they completely bypassed the prototype stage for such issues to exist in the final product. Maybe they got complacent because they expected such a minor update to work just as well as the old 31 series? I don't know. The sloppy molding issues I've seen make me suspect this design got contracted out to a different factory.
  5. Yeah, definitely not isolated issues. I haven't tried battroid at all yet, so I can't verify the clips failing, but have to agree that the 31 series as a whole has the worst gunpod design to date, both because the handle is a flimsy piece of junk, and because it requires those idiotic pointing hands. The 31AX makes the whole issue worse by making the gunpod friggen huge. I didn't notice the gunpod tab issue not pegging into the belly without extending, but I did notice it tends to pop out of the slot very easily. The two might be the same thing. The tolerances team was out to lunch on this release.
  6. I do wish I'd bothered to pick Gamlin's up when he was easy to find, but I wasn't that much of a completionist at the time, and had never seen the animation it was from. I was plenty happy having my M&M set with the original YF-21. Grats on completing the group!
  7. Yeah, I shudder at the thought of how Bandai's engineers would tackle that mess of panels. I will make one positive point for the new design of the arm though. Because of how they reworked the shoulder rotation hinge, it no longer has to pass over that lip from the backplate, so at least they removed one of the old sources of paint wear. Not that it fixed any of the other rubbing spots (or prevented my copy from coming out of the box with a bunch of worn spots on other parts of the arms), but it did fix that particular problem. I think the wing/leg tabs are just the most baffling thing though. You can see where they added some sort of lip on the inside of the holes on the legs, as if they're meant to grip the tabs with a snap, but coming out of the box, the tabs were just far too big to even enter those slots. Someone just made a massive tolerancing error on those tabs, and even removing the sloppy molding seams on them wasn't enough to fix them, I had to file them down pretty significantly on all sides before they would slot into place.
  8. Think I would need to see that gap highlighted in a photo to know exactly where it is, because there are a few levels of "gap" in the way the guns mount. I don't think it has much of an effect on anything besides the gun pivots, since those arm panels are right up against it when it folds down, and not having the arm slid all the way up will force the gun barrels down away from the arms.
  9. I'm going to guess that the bottleneck there is entirely LA. Everything just stops dead there and sits in limbo for weeks. FedEx and DHL have the benefit of taking alternate routes, from what I can tell. FedEx seems to come in through Alaska, and DHL always seems to go through a hub in Ohio.
  10. Don't blame you, it's not even illustrated in the instructions. This is why I am so confused as to why the parts even move to begin with. The two sides of the arm not attached to the folding arm shield are not directly attached to the arm itself, they're on sliders. There's really no good way to grip it, but if you push the outside of the arm toward the elbow, it helps the guns sit level in fighter. Photos will probably help. I might have missed something in the instructions, but couldn't read them anyhow. The part with the blue paint slides. It actually moves farther than I thought, making a weird quarter-cuff around the wrist in the full extension, and moving back behind it in the opposite direction. Here's a different angle, showing the blue section pushed back toward the elbow. The bit outlined in pink is part of the wrist that should be sticking out past the blue slightly to make sure the gun has enough clearance to lay flat against the arm. It's entirely possible I missed this as a step in the instructions, but I didn't see anything calling out sliding those panels in either direction. This is exactly what's happening in the pics above, but like I said, I didn't see it in the instructions at all, and those pieces are a royal pain in the arse to actually move, because there is nothing to grip them by (and I think mine may have even been glued down by a sloppy assembly). If those armor bits aren't slid as far toward the elbow as possible, they inhibit the gun from rotating enough to lay flat on the underside.
  11. Make sure to check for whether the arm's outer panels are slid all the way toward the elbow. There should be a bit of a flat gray panel in the wrist protruding out when the arm is in the right position.
  12. So, filed the tabs down to actually fit into the legs, and those are secure now. Pain in the backside to have to fix Bandai's shoddy work, but the tolerances on this thing are just all over the place. Speaking of which, I decided to test the hardpoints using one of the Sv-262 drones. Yes, they fit fine under the wings... but no they do not fit on the new hardpoints hidden in the wing fold hinges. The central peg looks to be the right size, but the space between the tabs is too wide for them to lock in place. I don't trust any of the measurements on this thing, so who knows if they're actually supposed to be a different size for the packs or not. Also, I eventually managed to fix the droopy cannons. I'm utterly baffled as to why, but two of the outer panels on the forearms slide. No clue why they would even bother with this (maybe they just desperately wanted to give that elbow armor panel more clearance?), and it's a royal pain in the butt to get them to move, so I'm guessing someone slopped glue on them. They seriously must only move one sixteenth of an inch, so I cannot begin to understand why they thought it was necessary. Either way, if you don't shove the moving part of the arm as far toward the elbow as it will go, the cannons don't sit flush correctly, and they'll droop. As an addendum to that.. don't snap the cannon mounts down at the back edge of the underside of the wing, or it'll make them droop. Those tabs just do not line up correctly. On a lighter side note.. yeah, the old VF-31 pods look much better than the thermometer sticking out the back end. Gray paint isn't quite as dark, but I had a spare from my sound booster 31 anyhow, and much prefer being able to stand it on the feet in fighter mode.
  13. Ugh. Yeah, can confirm, this thing is just all sorts of sloppy compared with the earlier 31 releases. Don't know how they could quite do so much to mess up a good thing. Wing tabs are far too large to lock into the legs, some of the arm locking tabs are actually at odds with each other and only serve to pull things out of alignment when properly seated, and the overall additional complexity is worrisome. The little folding arm panels to accommodate the bulkier arms are all looking like they're asking to be broken off, to the point that I wish they'd left well enough alone. I was particularly startled to see how tight the arm cannons' rotation point is, combined with how microscopically tiny the plastic pivot joint holding them to the arm is. Don't move those cannons without holding the base, or you're liable to snap them clean off. Like the overall shape and design (minus some quibbles about how the new canopy shape leaves the nose section with a kind of janky-looking profile), but I'm not impressed with the engineering at all. Don't think I can call anything they did an improvement. I would call the cockpit an improvement, except now there's enough room to put two people in the front seat, and all that extra space only highlights how blank the control panel is. Edit: Taking a closer look at the leg/wing tabs.. looks like they are completely surrounded by a ridge from molding. I actually don't think I've ever seen that sloppy a molding from anything I've ever owned from Bandai before. There are actually little molding giblets all over this thing. I just trimmed a few blobs of plastic off of the arm joints hoping it would help things lay flat better, but no luck there. One arm cannon just hangs down about 5 degrees, no matter what I do with it, and that's when I leave the rear-most tab unlocked. Snapping that in place doubles the droop.
  14. I believe the theory is that styrofoam will gradually let out gases over time that will contribute to yellowing. Always depends on many factors, but this is why I've kept my styrofoam-packed valks wrapped in plastic as well. Who knows if that'll help any, but it can't hurt.
  15. Yeah, think I'll remove the thermometer pod, and just slap on one of the spare charger packs from my armored 31s. The long probe also ruins my usual display method of the 31s, since I like letting them stand on the feet in fighter mode.
  16. Ugh.. that just looks like a ton of tiny complicated parts to achieve what used to be a pretty simple arm joint. I hope it's not anything fragile.
  17. May be, but that was always a problematic thing for the original VF-31 as well. Those guns always were a bit sloppy, and it looks like they had to add more moving parts to this version to get it working.
  18. Honestly, both is good here. I stopped entrusting all of my orders to a single site after the Kairos situation. I'd already been using multiples for most things due to order limits anyhow, but this just spread that practice to web exclusives as well.
  19. Anyone have pics with the regular 31 pod? Thinking it would look a lot better without the thermometer.
  20. Yeah, I might shoot for a black scheme (whoever it is), but I'm already considering selling some of the extra 31s I have. I'm not feeling the need to collect the whole set at this point, but a Mirage/Hayate pair isn't a bad way to go. Course, this is all off the table if more 31As show up.
  21. Just got an email from Anime Export that my Hayate 31AX is in stock, and ready to ship. Guess they came out a couple days early. Time to see how Luna Park performs under pressure.
  22. I think being technically at least partially canon as a costume from the show helps it, I decided to pick one up. The Klan 25G is an awesome kit, but the weird micro/macro Klan mish-mash is a little weird. This one at least looks like a straight-up copy of Ranka. Now come on, and give us an Armored Cathy 25S!
  23. Yeah, sad to say it's probably just never happening. I bit the bullet and bought some lower-priced second-hand Hayate and Messer supers to use on those two. If I'd been thinking more clearly, I would have looked for Mirage's so I got extra reaction missiles with them, but Messer's and Hayate's would probably be less work to cover if I decide to repaint them.
  24. First thing that came to mind: Could be entertaining though, will wait to see more.
  25. I haven't seen the GITS movie, but it wasn't for a dislike of the adaptation so much as I just prefer the characters in SAC as opposed to the movies. Alita I'd never watched or read, so the movie was my introduction to the series, and loved it. Going back to watch the anime afterwards startled me with how insanely spot-on the casting was for a few of the characters. I think my attachment from Bebop is entirely the music and design work. I've seen a few of the episodes, but never sat down to watch the entire thing, so that may work in the Netflix version's favor if I ever decide to watch it.
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