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  1. I just never touch them on any kit I have, regardless of subject. At least in this case many people have a large inventory of Hasegawa markings to make use of.
  2. Yeah, I don't think they actually have any idea what their target market for these kits is. Trying to mimic the easy builds of Bandai kits with stickers and color-molded parts, but then they require cement.
  3. Think they've been out for a while now, I got my stock notice from AE on the 25th.
  4. Sure thing, once I get my set I plan on mixing and matching back and forth to compare, but it might be a while. I'm not planning on shipping out my packs until next year, so I can bundle them and my HMR VF-0S with my Angelbirds VF-1.
  5. I actually remember him most from Matlock, he played Conrad, one of the private investigators. Always enjoyed the characters he played, it's sad to lose him.
  6. I tried this as well, and the thicker wing and different hinge meant the old armored boosters wouldn't attach to my 31AXs. The clip to go around the tail would need to be enlarged. I am curious if they made it adjustable so it will still attach to the regular 31s though.
  7. Honestly.. I kind of wonder if we're at a point where someone with a very broken understanding of English is browsing these forums, and thinking all of these "DON'T DO THIS" statements are actually the opposite, and forwarding them to Bandai as feedback on what they should be doing. It would explain a few things..
  8. That is a good trick, my stacks don't generally go that high though. One thing I do tend to do is rotate the box directions depending on what's in them, and I'll often use Bandai's styrofoam-filled packing as a support between rows of cardboard and plastic trays.
  9. At this point, I've 3D-Tetris'd the heck out of all my boxes. It's fun finding the size ratios between the Bandai and Yamarcadias to see how many of each it takes to make an even stack.
  10. Do you pack them away by flattening them, or just stacking them in bins? I think at one point I used the VF-1 super pack bundle boxes to store several layers of plastic trays combined, and then folded the empty boxes flat to save space.
  11. Yeah, there's a reason I've never touched any of the sticker sheets on any Yamato or Arcadia release... with one very specific exception. When I was looking for a Max VF-1S, I found a cheap copy of Max's VF-1A, and a broken Roy, and kitbashed them into a Max 1S. I used the sticker for the head arrows to make Roy's arrows blue. I'm still really looking forward to the PF Arcadia YF-19, though also internally cringing at having to disassemble the wings to replace the wingsweep arms with my redesigned bracket (I still have a metal set from before Sculpteo stopped offering them). I would really love to see them do a PF YF-21 to match it.. whenever it happens.
  12. I've given up on Bandai ever completing anything at this point. I picked up some used 31 packs for cheap a while back so I had something to repaint in Chuck's and Arad's colors.
  13. I actually don't believe this model has anything in common with the fire valk on display at the recent show. If you look closely at that one, it's much more similar to the YF-19 release, both in shape, and in markings, since it has tampo plastered all over it, including intake markings. I don't think either is a finished product, but that previous prototype actually looked more finished than the current one, which makes me think it was just a quick and dirty concept model built from a heavily modified YF-19. Also.. random thing to note.. that new Bandai display model still has the fat intake lip.
  14. I mean, at least Bandai is using a stand mount location that makes a lick of sense.
  15. I was thinking that rear slot couldn't possibly be for the gunpods since that would put them all the way back under the exhausts, then I remembered the panels have an extension under the back half of the plane. It's kind of hilarious to think that at that position, they might actually be de-stabilizers.
  16. This right here is the part that baffles me. It's like Bandai is saying "To avoid possibly looking like we're stealing ideas from someone else, we're going to do our best to not imitate any of the things they got right about the design." There are some decent points there I can see, but the whole thing screams "We have no concept of what actually looks good."
  17. Do they show anywhere that it mounts the gunpods to the belly, or did they just skip that? I'm kind of wishing that the whole mention of them still working on the licensing means Kawamori saw it and went "NOPE." Even with all of the other issues set aside, how do you put the tails that far forward and conclude it looks good?
  18. Those two look pretty good, though I think I'd prefer buying instructions and making them with actual LEGO bricks. I don't want to mix and match my collection with official and unofficial bricks when they look that similar, but often don't fit together well.
  19. It took a lot of superglue and careful sanding, but I was able to piece back together one of the sets of crumbled triangles and shoulders on one 171CF. I think what I had to do was remove the metal spring pins, and replace them with segments of insulated wire, and they work good as new. The one whose knee shattered became a stock of spare parts for all the others, so I'm pretty close to having three decent ones out of the four wrecks I picked up.
  20. They could improve everything a ton by just stopping with the stupid "Some people don't like hardpoints" baloney. On the HMR, ok, they're pretty chunky, but the removable wing garbage was one of the stupidest features of the 171. I'd honestly just be happy if they re-released the existing mold with the wings permanently screwed on, missiles included in the box, and all of the crappy explodium plastic replaced with something sturdy. It's always that metallic garbage with the mold swirls in it.. If they could fix the janky hip swingbars while they're at it, I'd be thrilled, but I'm not counting on a re-design.
  21. No, I think they took the cheap way out and only felt like modeling four, and instead of making the others, they included a launch tube.
  22. And nine if you want to display all the modes! I... didn't get quite that many.. but the VF-19 is by far the largest portion of my collection behind the VF-1.
  23. I do remember thinking when the VF-19S/F came out that Yamato should have re-released the YF-21 in that same shade.
  24. It is a good point, but I also think that particular screenshot looks unnaturally dark, and I have to wonder whether the perception of the YF-21 being darker could be based on how dim the Manga DVD release was. I do think it looks better darker, though, and the color on the original 1/72 pretty much nailed it.
  25. Does it come with a pack of buns for the hotdogs it's carrying under the wings?
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