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  1. I would say yes, that seems high, but I think shipping across the boards has gone batsh!t insane. I really don't know what a "good" price for anything is at this point. I'm not going to say NY isn't gouging you, but 8000Y doesn't seem all that out of the ordinary right now. I checked back in my history, and after paying an estimated 5540Y for EMS shipping on the initial order, I got an additional charge of 3430Y when it came in stock.. so yeah, 7881Y for shipping is actually a fair bit less than the 8970Y I wound up paying for EMS.
  2. Also would be really difficult to do that as a DIY mod, considering the feet are solid metal. Could maybe paint the exhausts with fluorescent paint, but I don't think Bandai's construction is in any way conducive to adding internal lighting. They just love filling every nook and cranny with plastic inserts.
  3. Think we could get together a crowdfunded effort to have the original English voice cast do a fan-dub of it as well?
  4. The YF-21 is top of my list as well, just so long as they can fix the wonky proportions their display prototype had. I'm honestly not sure if I ever want anyone to attempt a VF-2SS though. Bandai did decently well with their HMR version, but that is by far the most fiddly and un-fun fighter mode of any valk, hands down. It may as well be an action figure with an incidental "folds up to look like it's flying" mode.. kind of like a lot of Gundams actually. I would love to see someone engineer one that's somehow solid in any mode, but I'm not even sure the design itself is capable of such a feat, because there just isn't any structure to it. You know, it didn't exactly occur to me.. but I think I would be perfectly accepting of some more Macross 30 schemes on existing toys. The game didn't go so far as to give us any actual VF-17s, but it did give us Gamlin and Milia schemes on some VF-171s. I'd buy those easily if they were released, not mention the single most wanted VF-17 variant I have, and never expect anyone to produce:
  5. Boy oh boy do I ever wish they would re-engineer those and discard the stupid "wing panels are spring loaded" gimmick.. or at the very least re-design it so it doesn't leave the wings drooping, and prone to unintentional ejection while on display.
  6. I thought PayPal wasn't even an option with them anymore? Maybe they got reinstated, but I believe PayPal actually blacklisted them for how many claims they were getting.
  7. Eh.. maybe we'll get lucky and they'll overstock on that one like they did with the WalMart-exclusive Tie Fighter. Think it retailed for $80, and I wound up getting one at Dorkside for $30 months later.
  8. Man does that ever bring back memories. My first Star Wars kit from the early 90s, and I remember all the fuss involved in making that cockpit something more recognizable. I did finally find out the reason for the ugly cockpit a few years back though. As bad as it was for what we saw in the movie, MPC designed that kit completely based on the filming miniatures. After seeing some photos of those once, the stock cockpit really isn't bad for what the filming models had, which was mostly kitbashed from ~1/24 scale car models. If you think about it, the wide-armed pose and full-head helmet really do have a pretty good resemblance to a NASCAR driver. Really though, considering the kit came out in 1978, it still holds up really well. Think it was one of my first kits with engraved panel lines.
  9. Youch.. The only one I ever saw close to that price was the first release electronic one for $75 (which I bought on clearance at $25). All of the non-electronic ones past that were in the $30-$50 range, I thought. That's a huge jump.
  10. To be fair to the animators, they're usually in the shadow of the plane. I think the only time we've ever seen any clearly non-white gear in Macross was the VF-19P hangar scene, where they're clearly a medium gray, with minty-green bays. Going to spoiler this part to avoid looking too ranty, because honestly, the metal gear itself bothers me less than Bandai's general attitude about things like this. Anywho, long story short, I wish Bandai would stop clinging to nostalgia (or any other misguided preference for oddball inaccuracies) as an argument against making something correctly. Remember how long they still put the incorrect 1/55-style chest stripes on all of their VF-1Js? Like, seriously, even Toynami got that right before they did. During the whole backwards number thing, I kept wishing someone would go and spray paint Bandai's corporate logo backwards on the back-facing side of their headquarters, just to exemplify how stupid their "symmetry" argument was.
  11. I will happily pick up as many VF-31As in any format as I can afford.
  12. I guess I get it, but nostalgia is a very confusing drug that way. Having bare metal landing gear on a high quality scale model feels like someone refusing to upscale a blocky 8-bit texture from an old video game when it gets an HD re-master. For the moment, I just want them to get around to a VT-1.
  13. Not a bad little survey, I was tempted to beg them to start painting landing gear white, but I don't really want them to start now and have to rebuy everything to match I did say I really wanted them to get the YF-21 done, and do a VT-1 though, and put a final note that they need to release a weapons/fold pod pack for the VF-31s, since none of them have anything to use, and asking people to buy another copy of Hayate's plane just to get the pod is silly.
  14. I'm usually just content to slice the seals to open the boxes, and leave them on. Too easy to tear the packaging trying to remove them.
  15. Definitely an impressive beast! DHL just dropped my combo pack at the door, and I gave it a once-over. Not going to open it up and fiddle just yet, but I have to say, that's probably the nicest packaging presentation Bandai has put together for any of their DX line so far. Really like the windows, and the black plastic tray layer to hide the rear trays is a nice touch. Only two minor downsides: 1. I hate the thought of wrecking the bending side of the box to peek inside the windows. 2. It probably shouldn't surprise me so much, but goofy Engrish for well-known words gets me. While I appreciate the effort in the window box, the labels weren't really necessary, and listing the armaments of the VF-1J as a "GUTTLING GUNPOD" and "RASER GUN" gave me a hard facepalm.
  16. They did this with the HMR release, so I think it's entirely possible, and hope they do it, but I would definitely rather skip the stickers personally. I think the only ones they would need would be ship names (Prometheus vs SDF-1/ARMD nameplates). Maybe a selection of pilot names, if they want to let people be creative. I know the escape system markings on the chest plate are different on the TV releases, but I'd just as soon stick with the simpler DYRL version since it looks less busy. The ejection seat markings should never be missing. Parts-wise, a TV/DYRL version would need two pilots, two heads, two sets of hands, and two cockpit console pieces, all of which are readily swappable on all of my DX VF-1s. The cockpit console sometimes gets held in by glue, but for the most part I've been able to wiggle them all loose with very little effort. A nice bonus would be including a couple sets of tampo-printed strike pack inserts with DYRL squadron markings to use on strike packs, since I know one or two were shown in the movie.
  17. Speaking of the shop website.. Anyone notice this one? https://shop.eaglemoss.com/us/hero-collector/bc-304-daedalus-model Sadly the only couple I think I'd be after aren't on sale (or in stock at the moment, so I'll hold off for now. I might eventually pick up the Mk VII Viper and modern Raider, but the quality lottery on their Trek releases doesn't feel worth playing to me.
  18. No joke, that Merrick figure is beautiful. Tempting to get this just for him (if I can even get one), but I think I have a box of at least four or five of these X-Wings I haven't opened in years, all begging for me to go to town with my 3D printer. As much as I appreciate the modularity of the nose section in the updated fuselage mold, I do wish they had stuck with the original shape for it. The first release of that had a dead-on nose cone sculpt, and I think the front gear was a little further back, with no barn door cover over it. I can appreciate a functional door as a feature.. but personally I think that looks worse than none at all. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the new nose mold did-away with the rubber nose cone entirely, so it's not something you can just swap out anymore. I've picked up two or three partial or completely wrecked copies of this one, just to salvage the nose cones, and stick them on the other versions like the Wedge and Red Leader releases, which got theirs replaced with a blunted stubby cone. Boy I miss the days of toys with pointy corners.
  19. I'm also seeing a lot of this plane as an influence, especially in the tails. Really looks like someone mashed up that, the Mave, and the X-02 from Ace Combat.
  20. You know what, I don't want to ruin that cover art for anyone, so I'm going to spoiler this, but I just cannot not see this.
  21. My armor-only set from BigInJapan is out for delivery today, but I caved and grabbed a combo set from Okini after I saw the packaging.
  22. I honestly wouldn't mind if we had a wider selection of worm-drive enclosures. It's not ideal for easy posing, but I was able to get the arms of a 1/18th scale VF-1 to work almost flawlessly with four each (shoulder forward/back, lift, bicep twist, and elbow). You just needed a crank to pose the arms one joint at a time. I agree though, I would love some compact ratcheted turntables for shoulder and hip joints. Really, the weak link once you get to larger models is that you get past the point where a standard axle is sufficient to support a limb, and you need dedicated turntables to distribute the load.
  23. I've always found it a pretty awesome design, but I think the biggest detractor is the tail design. They just.. kind of sit there, looking primed to snap off in a stiff breeze. Depending on the manufacturing, they may or may not spin like pinwheels. I've had had a rough idea for a new set of tails to just snap over the original mounts and integrate the tails into the wings more like the VF-31 did, but never got around to making them.
  24. So, this is a slightly oddball subject, but I decided to pull out one of my VF-171s last night, and discovered that while it was mostly holding together, there were cracks forming on a few of the parts. Decided, "What the heck, let's fix this." I don't have pictures because my camera has recently died, but I discovered something interesting. The tiny little lower triangle pieces that fold under the chest have always been a fragile mess, because of the metal spring-pins forced into them. I was able to push out the pins gently, and salvage all of the original pieces, soaking them in CA glue to reinforce them and seal the cracks that had formed, and sanding them gently to fit back together. When I went to put them back together, I decided to look for alternatives to the spring pins. As it turns out, the spring-pins are roughly the same diameter as your run-of-the-mill plastic-coated wire-tie. I jammed a segment into each folding panel, trimmed off the excess, and they're almost as good as new, with just a little scuffing from where I sanded them. I also reinforced the upper triangles the same way, and fortunately neither of the upper halves or side flaps were cracked. I just doused the lower segments in CA, sanded them to make sure everything was still toleranced right, and put everything back together. So yeah.. plastic coated wire makes a nice easy substitute for spring-pins. The plastic gives a nice bit of friction, without the destructive grinding of the metal teeth.
  25. Looks like it's back up at Okini, just checked it a moment ago... though don't know if they're updating at any particular rate.
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