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  1. Really... interesting, does that mean they're managing their stock separately for the different sites?
  2. I think the idea of the case has merit, but I think this is just going to wind up as one of the big legal footnotes in post-pandemic Hollywood: "Don't pull a Black Widow. Negotiate for streaming from the start." Whatever the cause, whether it be people not going to theaters because of the pandemic, or because they decided to stream from home, the pandemic created a worst-case scenario for anyone who didn't negotiate for enough of a cut of streaming revenue. Hindsight is 20/20, and no one could have guessed what would happen, but here we are. All of these sorts of contracts probably should have been immediately re-negotiated once streaming became the more attractive option for a large chunk of the population, but I wonder if that even would have been possible.
  3. Had plenty of time to add one to my cart at HLJ, and it got to the login step, before the site borked out on me. Good luck to everyone, still looks like Hobby Search and AmiAmi haven't even opened yet.
  4. Yeah, I tried putting one in, and it just froze up as it went to cart. Got an order paid confirmation at Anime Export (just prefer to pay ahead), we'll see if that order gets confirmed.
  5. Well let's see how Luna Park's reliability is. I might still try and grab one from another vendor to see what happens, but this release is a good one to test the waters on, since I'm not going to be horribly disappointed if I can't get one.
  6. That... is not a good look for a high performance fighter. Actually the primary problem I see here is that the wing is now clearly a reverse airfoil. The 31s always have been slightly bowed-out underneath, but that view really shows how chonky that wing suddenly has become. Maybe all of the active airflow control tech they use now has just negated the need for actual aerodynamics? It doesn't exactly look bad.. at least not from most angles. But it certainly is awkward looking.
  7. If you don't get a bite here, might be worth checking the dedicated thread, I think there are still some folks looking for one.
  8. They're desperately clinging to the hope that the overlap of those two fanbases will be enough to let them keep chugging out repops of molds they already have, and still turn a profit.
  9. Yeah, I looked up the size of the first one, and these are tiny ships. Nice detail, and lots of features, but they're only a few inches long.
  10. The F-5F I'm not sure about, since I'm not overly familiar with the combat capabilities. A lot of two seat aircraft will have backup controls in the rear, but some like the F-14 just have a completely dedicated back seat station with no controls to fly the aircraft. The VT-1 being a dedicated trainer would mean it has at least the majority of the front cockpit duplicated in the back, and the rear seat is elevated so the instructor can see out if he has to take over. It also had very little in the way of provision for carrying weapons.
  11. Believe it is supposed to have a console, and I think there actually is enough room for a small one against the back of the pilots seat, but neither Yamato or Bandai included one. From my understanding, the VF-1D was a two-seat combat ready plane, compared to the VT-1 being a pure trainer, similar to how the F-5F would compare to a T-38.
  12. I really need to make a set of orange super packs.
  13. The initial VF-25 Alto release was actually really easy to get I thought. I remember just casually logging in one day and finding them on HLJ, and I don't remember any of the crazy F5 mashing circus, even for Ozma's release. I think people were skeptical about the quality after they were burned with the v1, and hesitated to pre-order. Ozma's pre-order started before Alto's released, and I think while demand was higher for his, it still had multiple order windows pop up. The first one I remember being a nightmare was Michael's, which came out after the world had seen how much better the renewal was.
  14. .... You are talking about Bandai here, right? I know we're talking about their repeated reissues of certain products.. but they certainly have the exact opposite behavior with a ton of things they have produced. stares at the VF-25 armor and super packs, VF-31A, and literally every other exclusive they have straight-up ignored overwhelming demand for, in some cases for close to a decade now I can't speak to whether there are licensing limits involved in these, but the repeated re-issues of Ozma's VF-25S without offering a bundle or reissue of his armor was probably one of the biggest middle fingers I've ever seen any company give their target demographic. "Here.. please buy more of this cool plane that you never actually see in the show because it's covered in armor. What's that? Sell you the armor he always wore? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA No." People here have been lined up ready to throw copious amounts of cash directly in Bandai's face for years, and I can't really imagine the demand is any lower in Japan. Ozma's armored 25S was THE iconic valk of Frontier. I don't understand any of how they operate, and it's probably not worth trying. I'm sure they're running insane conspiracy theory string and push-pin schemes to determine the best production amounts to maximize their profit ten ways from next tuesday, but none of that makes it any easier to explain why they do things like this. And Macross is only a microcosm of this environment they've created, where there is a very clear demand for a product that they just refuse produce more of, all while selling complimentary items that increase the demand for the thing they refuse to make. It's adding insult to injury, as if they get some sort of buzz from sitting back and watching the auction prices of their exclusive items climb.
  15. I'm pretty sure businesses get a bulk rate from DHL that puts it far under that (insane) price. At that cost, it almost sounds better to just fly to Japan and pick it up yourself. Not that it would actually be cheaper.. just a better investment.
  16. I really really do hope they make this, because I love the design, and I feel like it gets even more screentime in DYRL than the VF-1D did in SDFM.
  17. If you intend to stow her under the seat, that might work, otherwise I think she'll be a pinball.
  18. I tried the Yamato Minmay, but she rattles around something awful... just like in the Yamato VF-1D, only worse. Really need a custom made figure for her... and an actual 1/48 Hikaru. Only problem with the DX-1D is that the back seat has basically no leg space at all. You might get a 1/48 pilot figure in there, but you'd have to cut them off at the knees.
  19. Heheh, all the scale debates! I'm only disappointed that it wasn't actually 1/48 because I wanted it to be bigger. Far as the scaling goes though, yes, they have a history of flubbing scales. According to Bandai, all three of these pilots are 1/72 scale. The only real reason it matters to me is that I need to know what scale to make the helmet-less Hikaru so it will fit.
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