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  1. I tried the Yamato Minmay, but she rattles around something awful... just like in the Yamato VF-1D, only worse. Really need a custom made figure for her... and an actual 1/48 Hikaru. Only problem with the DX-1D is that the back seat has basically no leg space at all. You might get a 1/48 pilot figure in there, but you'd have to cut them off at the knees.
  2. Heheh, all the scale debates! I'm only disappointed that it wasn't actually 1/48 because I wanted it to be bigger. Far as the scaling goes though, yes, they have a history of flubbing scales. According to Bandai, all three of these pilots are 1/72 scale. The only real reason it matters to me is that I need to know what scale to make the helmet-less Hikaru so it will fit.
  3. Just heard about this myself. Good retrospective on his career from someone who worked with him here. A true legend of naval aviation.
  4. Careful about putting oils over whatever you have down already, they might eat right through it. Looking gorgeous though! 👍
  5. I think we've got the same situation on our hands as the Bandai A-Wing kit. They scaled it to "1/72," using a published length that just happened to be nonsense. The 1/48 scale pilot told the actual story. In this case, they just did the reverse, basing the model on a "canon" value that wasn't big enough. So, let's test something. Here's the lineart, compared to a video game body I happen to have handy. I'm going to be practical here, and assume that no one is going to design an aircraft that is too small for a 6-foot pilot to fly. The figure is roughly 5'10". Here's a pair of pics with the Fan Racer scaled to Bandai's value, a 5 meter length. The grid spacing is 10 cm. Not a lot of room there. Going to be pretty noisy to fly with his head sticking through the cockpit glass. Here's a version based the idea that Bandai's Fan Racer is actually 1/60, working out to about 6.1 meters in length. Still very tight (especially if you consider he carried Minmay on his lap), but at this size, the body actually fits within the outer boundaries of the cockpit. Could probably lay back a little further for more clearance, and there's actually room ahead of his feet for the pedals and control console. Definitely not an exact science, since I didn't feel like modeling the whole plane. The Bandai Hikaru has no trouble fitting because he's not actually 1/48 scale. I did try a 1/48 model pilot in the cockpit, with pretty predictable results. I tried to use an F-16 pilot to get a better body position, but the arms wouldn't let him sit down into the seat, so I just went with the best fit I could find. On the one hand, I'm disappointed not to have one that actually works with 1/48 scale planes, but at the same time, I never got a chance to grab the 1/60 Yamato kit, so this will still display nicely with the 1/60 VF-1s. I seriously doubt Bandai will release a DX Angel Bird anyhow.
  6. I wouldn't expect retracting gear, no, but it's still sad that they didn't do the same as they do for the HMR releases, and give you plug-in landing gear. It wouldn't be hard to drill little holes and make your own for that I suppose. But yeah, the scale is a massive failure on Bandai's part. They just utterly flubbed it. It's still a nice 1/60 for display with the Yamatos though, so not a total loss, since the old Yamato kit is so hard to come by now.
  7. So would I, but I'd like it better if they were in the right scale. As it is, I stole the Hikaru from my Yamato 1D for the Fanracer. He's bigger than the Bandai figure.
  8. Not going to lie, this vid both blew my mind, and had me rolling on the floor laughing. That first theme is awesome.. but also incredibly memetic for the easily misheard lyrics. It's one of the final boss themes from Final Fantasy XIII.
  9. Actually the H is in the lineart, just not the animation. The animation can't make up its mind on how to paint the nose or tail though. But anywho, yeah, that basically confirms my suspicions. They sized the Fanracer to the pilot figures.. which are itsy-bitsy. On the positive side, it'll scale just fine with the old 1/60 Yamato Angel Birds. 😜
  10. Got my first one delivered this morning from DHL, looks to be pretty close to perfect. Compared the canopy length with a Roy 1S, and it is slightly longer.. I want to say maybe a quarter inch. It's not much, but it's no less effective than the Yamato. Proportionally, they look almost identical. I do wish they'd added at least a minimal console in the back seat (and a seated Minmay, for that matter), but I'm sure it'd be possible to make those sorts of upgrades. There is one thing I'm really curious about though, and that's the Fanracer's scale. It's four inches long, which would make it roughly 16 feet in real life. That doesn't look terrible.. but with the figure scales being as goofy as they are, I feel like it's very undersized. The 1/60 Hikaru from the Yamato VF-1D fits perfectly in the cockpit. Looking at photos of the old 1/60 Yamato Fanracer.. this one looks roughly the same size. Tried an actual 1/48 pilot figure in the cockpit, and there is no way it would ever fit. Anyone have one of the old models handy to compare? Also, tiny silly nitpick about the Fanracer... the props don't counter-rotate.
  11. They seem to not update the delivery date much until it's almost at your door. Mine's about two hours away, and telling me it'll be delivered on the 27th.
  12. Quick question, which nose art does that VB-6 have? I know they varied between Ranka and Sheryl, but I didn't remember if they made one with the eye decal in the classic line art.
  13. Those parts are the lower halves of the noses, with the gear wells cut out. I guess it's kind of cool to have cockpits like this, but I can't help thinking this is just.. dumb? If I wanted a cockpit display, I'd want something the size of the cockpit, and with a seated figure. If I wanted that much of the nose, I'd just rather have the whole aircraft at that point. I dunno, it just feels like a really bizarre display base that completely overpowers the figure you're displaying with it, while being simultaneously disappointing because if you're making something this size, why not just go all the way and make the whole plane?
  14. I might skip the Hayate and just shoot for a Mirage later. Agreed about the clunky pod though. I'm actually thinking I would just swap parts around and replace it with one of the stock VF-31 pods from the other releases (will give me something to do with the one removed from Arad's to install the armor pack). Doesn't look like the design has changed enough to prevent that.
  15. What if I want to just stick with Nether Gundam? Give it a chance, it'll blow everything else away.
  16. Same here, my second is with them, and they seem to have beat Big in Japan to the punch on the shipping. Mine arrived in Cincinnati earlier this morning. Estimate says by the 27th, but if past DHL is any indicator, I'm guessing I might see it by Friday, if not sooner. EMS for my first copy hasn't left Japan yet, that I can see.
  17. Something just occurred to me, and I wonder if anyone would be bold enough to try it. Setting aside the chest intake issue (which MP-3 had solved and I think everyone should go back to that method), the biggest streamlining issue seems to be that Starscream's legs taper in the opposite direction of the F-15's fuselage. They tried to compromise on MP-3, and the legs just wound up very narrow on the bottom. MP-11 reversed this, and made the legs fatter, and no one has tried to streamline them that way again. Wacky idea. What if the entire lower leg opened up, and the shin flipped around? It would probably play havoc with the leg and foot joints, but doing this would put the widest point of the leg where most Starscreams put the knees, and potentially let you hide the feet in the mid-body, instead of dangling under the engines. I'm thinking it would mess a little with the robot details in alt mode, but I don't actually know if anyone would care if the leg details were backwards on the underside of the jet. So long as they wind up in the right place on the bot, it probably would get a pass. Might have to see if I can't make a quick CAD model of this later as a test, see how the proportions work out, and whether there would be room for all the necessary parts.
  18. Honestly, that alien thing looks much more like some future variant of the VF-14.. like almost exactly. Not sure if that 262 is supposed to be red though, it just looks like it's lit by a sunset. Might pick up a red one.. but where's the freakin' Ba already? I don't even care if it has the pope head or not, since I like the anubis more, but I want the actual delta wings already.
  19. Heads up for anyone waiting on an order at Okini Land, I found their shipping payment request in my junk folder. Not too bad, $45 for DHL. That really is pretty dumb for the fanracer though. Will definitely need to come up with a custom figure for it, and maybe cut out the doors and make some plug in landing gear inserts for it. Glad I ordered a spare, so I'll have one to experiment with.
  20. It's an improvement all around, but wow that's a ton of joints in the tails. I guess that's just the go-to method now. As silly as the sandwich wing design on MP-52 looks, I actually think they fairly well nailed the tail section transformation. Reminds me a bit of the Iron Factory (I think) transformation, that twisted and folded the tails and stabilizers around so they laid flat against the backs of the wings. The more I see of the complex mechanisms these are using, the more I wonder how accurate they could get both modes if they just went all out, and made the whole jet turn completely inside-out to transform, hiding and collapsing the entire robot inside the fuselage, and then expanding the boxy structures to bulk out the robot.
  21. I don't think anyone's actually going to be able to ship you one for much less than $50 at this point, shipping is still a pile of nonsense. I had a $15 upcharge on my original EMS order, which I don't honestly think is that bad.
  22. Still sad we don't get a seated Minmay, but I'm looking forward to this anyhow. Just got a request for a slight upcharge for EMS shipping from Big in Japan, so looks like they're either getting their stock shortly, or have it in hand. Woo! Edit: They don't waste any time shipping, they must have been at the post office when they forwarded the shipping upcharge. I've already got a tracking number.
  23. I'd honestly be entirely down for them just reissuing the classic 90s molds again. Their ships may not have been exceedingly accurate, but holy cow are they fantastic toys. I picked up a pile of them at garage sale prices last year, and have them proudly displayed alongside my Diamond Select ones. Oh for the long lost days of toys with more than one sound effect button. Seriously.. being able to just play a specific sound when you want it is just a wonderful thing. I wouldn't mind seeing Diamond Select pick their production back up though.. still want a proper D7/K'tinga to display, and they never did release their Enterprise-C mold.
  24. Curse of the 4-stud diameter strikes again.. those launchers look like toothpicks. Maybe not too far off, but why can't they just develop a few more sizes of round elements to use? They keep making these big sets, and never bothering to make the parts necessary to really nail the shapes.
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