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  1. IDK who this dude is (Not a fan of DIS) but I guess I should not be surprised they hired him, because of his disability (and Star Trek's long history of mostly doing the right thing). The question on my lips remains this: DID HE Walk past St Christopher, manning the gates, or did he strut (finally relishing the beating his disease)? Condolences to the NOK
  2. *cracks knuckles* I am gonna propose Two (2) thoughts on this, one from a SI Point of View (someone living in the Macross universe) and from a Otaku POV. The SI POV: The TV shows are the universe. The video games are Video games depicting events that occur OFF Camera from the TV Shows (They happened. The amaze ball over the top visuals are dramatic artistic license). The Movies are ALL BIOPICs of events that happened in the TV show universe, On & Off Camera (They happened. Maybe not exactly as depicted in the TV shows; example: Kakazaki and Fokker die but differently in DYRL, MF's Sniper boi dies in TV but does not in his biopic [maybe the actor hired to play Michael Blanc protested to someone and they changed MF:TM-SnT's script], etc.). The Otaku POV: Macross, like other media IP (Star Trek, Star Wars, MSG, Battletech/Mechwarrior, Transformers, ULTRAMAN... Gojira) that has its existing baggage of history, will be argued to death long after humanity has faded from the stage. I am a proponent of the idea that everything besides TV exists to enhance and improve our individual mind's eye (aka Head cannon!!) of our various beloved IP. In the case of video games and OVA & Movies from the Macross universe, i think TPTB already established president: DYRL is already viewed as a BIO Pic of the events from the TV series, in the macross universe. Same circumstance with the video games (dramatic depictions of actual events IU, presented in the form of a game). As to Macross II: LA's place in all this? I site RL experience: The movie, Starship Troopers, was made by Paul Verhoenen. EVERY OTHER movie, in the so-called Heinlein universe, is NOT made by Mr. Verhoeven. Who is say that someone, in the Macross universe, purchased the rights to make M:LA (and the two video games that march in the M:LA side universe) as a sequel to DYRL (for the RL honest reason of simply making a Yen on the coat tails of DYRL?). It's already established as having had happened (Macross Zero the movie, seen being filmed in Macross Frontier's TV run)... Thoughts?
  3. https://youtu.be/3TDWyp9PjOU?t=484 Because the native speaker is Japanese, i can only hope the subtitles are correct. Still, lots of beauty pics taken. I am VERY curious about the migrant refit of the Class-D ships (seen at time stamp 8:04, literally at the end of the video). IS that ship gonna be seen in 3199?
  4. It's most telling when it is explained to Thrawn who was Ahsoka's master was: He stopped right when the name, Anakin Skywalker, is mentioned. Clear as a bell, he placed Ahsoka as class-1 MUST DIE BY NUCLEAR FIRE and Pins/Needles/Glass on the floor (and ceiling) in his mind. How much did Thrawn know about Ahsoka in Rebels?
  5. Facebook came across this (a F-14B, F/A-18E and of course.... all in VF/VFA-103 livery)
  6. I would like to see something like that is occurring now between Ukraine and the Neo-Soviets: Civil War between systems, systems near the edges of human-occupied space (far enough away that NUNS back on Terra has a very hard time dealing with the problem themselves). Throw in some Zentradi fleet action that stumbles across the melee but make the story reflect some of the 'distasteful' politics that have reared in Frontier and Delta's storylines...
  7. No, i just Copy/pasted from BT.com. BT and MW are really the only forums I frequent. Im just honestly curious why LtCG went inconeto (though i wonder if his status of being on the Spectrum is the reason why)...
  8. I apologize for an otherwise unnecessary question but apparently, nobody has every posted a Square Pants subject on Off Topic before... and yes, PM please if you know the answer? I'm honestly curious myself...
  9. 2202... visually was awesome. But you need to look at Cosmo DNA's reviews about specific episodes before you understand what's going on with Galatis Empire (and it was a concept that i didn't see at first viewing, which IS the fault of the production team behind 2202). I agreed with Dynaman and Mechanianc's assessments when it first came out but after reading some episode reviews, i changed my grade for the series to a C+. It could have been better (much better) but it's not super bad. The issue is editing and pacing, especially in the ship porn at 17 and after...
  10. Someone on BT's forums said the same announcement but he added a very snide way to say it So I told him, No we did NOT want it Cancel Cultured. We wanted something other than what we got. Then i send him a relatively civil PM (only told him to STFU about Cancel Culture, my Gen status and opinion on CC) then reported the post, with clear meaning that i wanted to tell that a-hole to go..... mate with a moose. So here's my question. Is hearing about the end of the series (and showing some degree of happiness/relief) the same thing as the term 'Cancel Culture'? Or am i being a very cranky Gonad?
  11. I tried to watch this. I was fine with the intro of Beverly: Gunsmoke... and I absolutely loved the Picard-Romulan chick interaction (out of context) but once they got on Titan, I rage quit. The Captain was NOT on the bridge of HIS SHIP during departure from Star Base 1? Sending 7 of 9 to see Picard and Riker at the 'quarter deck' I could understand, from a personal perspective of Shaw not wanting to deal with the two immediately but not being involved in basic seamanship operations as important as departure? Complete and utter retardation, on the part of the WRITERS. Shaw being a complete a-hole during the meet & greet dinner... could have been done much better. Maybe he has good reason to dislike (if not loath Picard because Shaw still holds Picard responsible for Shaw's losses at Wolf 357) but he could have been less... abrasive because Picard could easily make Shaw's command brief just by making a few calls. Speaking of calls... Why did Shaw NOT immediately contact Star Fleet Command and ask why Picard and Riker were onboard? utter shite writing on the part of production. I wanted to give this a chance but having watched enough of a sample size, to verify my opinions of others scathing reviews, I was my hands of the whole thing. Seriously, Marine Crayon Eating Quality stupidity is how I describe PICy...
  12. Leiji Matsumoto, manga creator of epic space sagas, dies aged 85 | Reuters 85 is very long time to have lived well... *salute!*
  13. CHIBI Valkyries are almost as cute as Valkyrie Girls...
  14. Seto, that sounds alot like why JJ jumped to SW7 after STID: The Merchandising alone... and this comes to mind, especially with JJ's open desires for $$$ above story: Are all the people involved in the current problems with the ST IP (and SW7~9 by extension) younger Boomers, Gen-Xers or Millennials?
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