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  1. (6) Facebook this is a beautiful VF-4... with it's gun (does the VF-4 also use a GU-11?)
  2. derpy. Someone explain the moon's... shape? an Andy BB parked in a junk pile of Galantis vessel debris? So this clip is mostly the greenhorns during work-ups before their maiden deployment to Icandar...?
  3. You could always fault the trainers for that. I suspect alot of changes have occurred on Yamato (enough to make even seasoned flops feel challenged)... but
  4. I suspect my brother's ashes are dusty ATM. UY, I'm uncertain if it was his most favorite (i guess Sailor Moon was that) but I'm certain he would be curious about this...
  5. First, is that Smiling Captain sitting behind the new Cheng (Chief Engineer) at 0:22? Second, did they change the arrangement of the classic 2199 stations? That clip generates nothing but excitement!
  6. Betty White, 'Golden Girls' actor and comedian whose career spanned eight decades, dies at 99 (nbcnews.com) Betty White is dead at age 99 : NPR 😕
  7. I, for one, was surprised he was still alive until now. What's funny, kids will play the game and likely only vaguely understand who he was... let alone comprehend his impact on the sport...
  8. Those troops didn't quit the NUNS, they were either kicked-out outright as BCD 'winners' or simply denied the opportunity to reenlist (Nah, dawg. We can keep your billet empty. Even IF your presence was needed, it isn't wanted). That's for the enlisted side. The officers, either they were cashiered out or forced to resign (because they would NOT promote them).
  9. There is one thing we're forgetting: What time is it, depends on where you are in the Galaxy. I'll explain, in Real World terms... What IF, in every colonized system humanity spreads to, you put a Overtech Web & Hubble Satellite in space and start mapping space, from the perspective of 'What Time is it?' at any particular W&B Sat placed. Can we agree that eventually, someone is gonna start noticing massive Zent (or presumed) fleets out there that was busy taking a pitstop somewhere and somewhen (since everything else outside of fold navigation is speed of light limited).
  10. Thank you, this pic is epic. I'm extremely curious for this season (can we call it that?) as i know so little of the original (although 3 seasons were aired in some parts of the US in the late 70's, only Iscandar and The Comet Empire seasons were aired on local TV in Cleveland in 1979 +/-).
  11. Ok, I'll ask: Is Invid99 another account of Brofessor? This autistic obsession with an IP that we celebrate when we get to piss on, is quite... odious. I'll admit its good popcorn discussion but in the end, i'd rather discuss things like.... anything BUT Robotech. and Merry Xmas, everyone.
  12. Needless to say, this video SPOILS things.... and also explains why things are really, really bad for our heroes and 'heroes'...
  13. *Intentionally tosses a beer keg in the soup* Can you describe how similar (or dissimilar) Gestam Jump Navigation from SBY 2199 is to Dimensional Fold travel?
  14. So who thought the TV run was successful enough to merit a Movie?
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