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  1. "How is parenthood, Norm?" "Still NO abductions..." I'm totally that to my oldest kid... Indeed, you cannot replicate that degree.... of epic assclown... 🤥
  2. So, maybe there is a head honcho, on Earth. But does he/she have any authority over existing colonies or deployed Emigration Fleets? This is like Star Wars or Battle Tech: The Big Cheese's influence only reaches so far... (or in Battle Tech's case, Terra's authority doesn't quite reach the Periphery nations)
  3. I would imagine that permissions, when properly requested, can be allowed or authorized under very specific terminology (all happening off screen in the ether of speculation). Perhaps with back-ups and self-destruct means outside the control of the AI object in question?
  4. Either everyone stopped reading Manga or something more important was happening the past two years... I don't know if web comics meets the criteria *as manga* but *shrug* Necrothread, Full speed ahead! Quantum Vibe by Scott Bieser, published by Big Head Press Gaia | The fantasy webcomic (sandraandwoo.com) Questionable Content Pixie Trix Comix - These four comics have been my go-to for 'a while' now. In fact, Gaia just recently completed it's run (to much sniffles). What are these long running serials to you, i ask? 😅
  5. and being able to fire ballistics saved them (since firing energy-based weapons disperse in the warp ether). My question is: Did the 2202 Cosmos Navy have any ability to fire ballistics or did they embrace the rapid-fire beam gig entirely?
  6. In my headcannon, when listening to Metallica's To Live is to Die & Dyer's Eve, I always slip into a Story where a massed fleet of from Star Wars, Star Trek (TNG era) Macross II (LA) and 1970's Yamato II muster to retender honors to a destroyed SDF before the entire fleet making a Star Wars RotJ attack against a Gol Boddole Zer-class Mobile Fortress, with a pair of VF-2SS's making the final blows. Looking at those pics of the Yamato-classes next to a NX-01? OMG, the feels! back to the latest 2205 clips, I am SO stoaked! Now i know very little of the original Dark Nebula 3rd season (It wasn't aired in my local area when i was growing up) but I get very familiar vibs... Oh to be a fly on the wall, watching Starsha reacting to the apparent invasion of Gamalas...
  7. I'm just post this (AND watch the chaos from a safe distance...)
  8. weee bit of Necrothreadmancy.... Lordy, Doomcock is quite... annoyed. But how could Kurtsman even get a second serving at the table (when he clearly took a dump on the table settings the first time)?
  9. possible the same as before (but 12 more seconds). We see new ships (and get wrecked) but who's ownership?
  10. I'm obviously NOT gonna see this but i have two initial thoughts on the direction this movie apparently goes. 1) They couldn't use the original Marvel Comics OG (in the same reason why the previous decade The Micronauts comic reboot couldn't use any storyline aspects from the 80's Marvel storyline: No legal access because of contract limits, etc.) 2) They chose the direction they did because of not wanting to annoy any countries that might be possible venues for this movie because of elements of the Viet Nam war used in the Marvel GI Joe storyline. Generally speaking, they went the path of least resistance to $$$
  11. That was Fing Epic. I'd be going out to TB tonight if i didn't just visit the dentist. I'm eating yogurt the next couple days 😕
  12. This came across my feed yesterday and i watched (the clip art!) and while reading the subtitles, it occurred to me. Quazam states that one of his gunner's is due to RETIRE (an otherwise significant plot hole in the perceived society of the Zentradi). Retirement? Obviously, at the time, the whole concept of the Zentradi wasn't at the Mass Produced Disposable Soldier wasn't a thing yet (probably) so what was Retirement to a Zentradi? As is? Honorable suicide? Solent Green? or something else entirely, themed from 1981 Japanese society itself?
  13. VSTORAGE(ビー・ストレージ) on Twitter: "新クルー&新キャスト情報など作品情報一挙公開!本作のカギを握る新キャラクター・土門竜介を演じる #畠中祐 よりコメントも到着!https://t.co/aVFr9atTYd #宇宙戦艦ヤマト #岡本信彦 #村中知 #羽多野渉 #伊東健人 https://t.co/HinX9vinWT" / Twitter So the oranged-capped BC and a slightly different BC.... One being a drone, persumably and the other the C3 Master node (blatant Battletech reference)? So seeing a pic of Starsha means there is a firm reason why at least some of the post 2202 ships that survived their trials with the Galantis Empire will have Butt Plugs on their WMG's. I had imagined she would be rather cross with the Terrans...
  14. this is what Cosmos DNA is talking about this... (2) Our Star Blazers.com/Cosmo DNA Community | Facebook
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