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  1. I do NOT see auralnauts being a Disney thing. ALL of the stuff auralnauts has done is very College-themed (and rightfully, hilarious so)
  2. There was a Legacy Hornet Driver, during either the 08 or '10 Ike Cruise, that I seen on one of the birds: callsign 'Blitch'. Because of what I did in the Navy, although I will enjoy the planes (very much so), I'll be the one looking for SE. Literally everything that I would look for, has been replaced in the past 12 years (A-31Bs Tugs-> A-49s; A-3 (CYLOP'd NC-2A GPUs) -> Don't know its MIL Spec #; P-25 Fire truck -> P-25A (You can't tell the difference outside of its TEC, the 25A has a different motor and Front End)... But I'm a nerd. NASWOGS!!!
  3. I've watched two eps so far... and they work for me. Now, on Pike knowing his fate. They have only shown him in the chair (so he at least knows that much) but does he know about the Talosian aspect of his fate? If yes, will we see him making a pack with Spock to ensure things go as planned? or does the Taloians only come into play after their planet is discovered? that begs another question: Will they recreate, as a episode, the events that occurred in the TOS pilot episode in 1965?
  4. It's been discussed that UN Spacy (and NUNS) policy when it comes to any unaligned Zentradi Fleet is to either flee or utterly destroy it. I have another idea... Why cannot an Emigrant fleet Claim to be The Protoculture and give the encountered fleet new orders (or more specifically, orders that either amend their existing orders or add to them)?
  5. I've been following this channel for a fat minute, utterly intrigued in his interest in 70's Super Mecha Kaiju... and then he drops this nuclear device of LOVE... I've asked him to do the Shogun Gun warriors (the Marvel Comics property from the 1970-80's) as well as Red Ronin (which was also featured in the Marvel comics version of Godzilla in the 1970s and 80s). Now he already did each Shogun unit (as their original Japanese versions) but now he did this.... and from the moment it started, i weeped the tears of an Otaku... Tis Beautiful, is it not?
  6. Use spoiler tags, please but someone explain to me, what is depicted in this scene?
  7. I did not recognize any of those 'Journalism links' but i only watched the trailer , looking for TrekMovie (whom i know is very much a shill site on ST's teet...)
  8. I'm more interested in how the fleets themselves start to become competitors (aka moar Civil Wars please)
  9. It's there already a dude who does Pitch Meetings (with the HUGE eyes in his thumbnails)?
  10. Nemesis was in 2002. There was a sh*t ton of books dealing with post Nemesis events prior to JJT 2009. Did the books (the ones still going the main Post-Nem timeline) fill in the blanks after 2009's split of the timelines? Now PICy and STDs entries... pretty much trumps the books (and ignores them) and that's why the stories suck? Ultimately, was the reason the show runners of STDs and PICy did not plan their stories based on existing Book materials (or even STO) because in doing so, they might have to pay royalties to the books?
  11. It has been EONS since i watched this with my Brother. Wasn't A-Ko supposedly Superman and Wonder Women's first (or second born)? That's why she's so HYPER in that series... again, from what i vaguely recall...
  12. When my wife taught me how to use the Roku in our room, i started watching, first, the Mando, then Lower Decks, then Book and now, Prodigy. I actually liked both anime Treks (I vaguely recall, my dismissiveness of the concepts but i blame my opinions of STD and Piccy), actually being shocked that i did enjoy those shows... I'm still loath on the idea of even watching STD, however. maybe, eventually i will but not now...
  13. I listened to this earlier today on YT but I'm not stock smart... but i also listened to the John Wayne as HAL-9000 impression. Snort-worthy viewing...
  14. This. At a glance, this appears to be a fan version of SBY 2199 Episode One (an actually good re-telling of it) but there are parts that are clearly added to the story (side expressions from other crew members especially). What exactly does that add to the story telling? If someone could cliff notes a translation, i would love to know, as i was very intrigued by the whole effort...
  15. Questions... 1) What next? 2) on the subject of DVDs resulting from a completed series 2a): Are DVDs still a thing? 2b): Would TBoBF be considered an OVA in Japan (presuming that DVDs or OVAs still exist in concept of merchandizing)?
  16. *Grins* G.S.E. All those nice planes (both the transformers and not) need Aircraft Jacks (both tripod and Axle), Hydraulic Power Supplies (probably two different models that use two different types of hydraulic fluid for both those Transformer and not), Engine removing trailers (maybe we're lucky and its a common model used on a variety, like the 4000 Trailers used on anything that isn't a F/A-18 or a F-35. Unlucky? The Macross version of a ETU-110 for each different model supported), Nitrogen and Oxygen Service carts, Ground Power carts, Air Start Carts, Air Conditioner Carts, Tow bars and Pushbacks/Tugs, slings for those planes, specialty GSE exclusive to certain models (or even S/Ns) of embarked Aircraft... Did i mention Forklifts and Man Lifts? B-4 Maintenance Stands? and that's just AIMD assets. Weapons Department has their own small trailers for weapons (AIMD GSE would provide any lifting equipment, like hoists). and maybe Cargo, stacked at one end of the bay (like spare engine cans)... Noooooo, no i don't miss the boat. It's just fun thought experiments that i'll talk about with a therapist at the VA... 😅
  17. (Yes, i understand that clevit that That info is highly suspect and now disproven) I literally snorted hard at the notion of 22,000 People on the Prometheus. Then my mind started working on this... Ok, let's play a game. Let's assume that the Ship's Company is 1/2 of that number (11,000) Departments on the Prometheus: Deck Department Air Department Engineering Department Reactor Department Supply Department AIMD Weapons Department Combat Systems Department Navigation Department Maybe i'm missing something but that's the generics that i can think of. I cannot think of the exact composition of each department, in terms of how BM's in Deck, How many ABH's, ABE's or ABF's in Air, etc but by merely dividing 11k by 9 departments, you have get a command with over 1200 sailors per Department. I'll even make this thought process even worse AIMD: Divisions Maintenance Admin Quality Assurance & Main Production Control N/A Power Plants Airframes Avionics Weapons (repairs of weapon systems, not ordinance storage) Paraloft (aka PR Shop) GSE Now each department has 1200 sailors. In this thought process, each Division in AIMD has 135 sailors. That's 45 sailors on Days, Nights and Mid shift ashore, 67 sailors on Day or Night shift underway. IN RL, a typical AIMD might have 1/2 of those numbers in total employment. I totally was giggles trying to imagine what morning muster would be like on the Prometheus with that many sailors (and that's not even mentioning The Airwing population. Clearly the 22,000 was a slight miscalculation of the numbers because all i could think of was how many folks would have to hot bunk in order to be able to sleep in their racks....? Bonus giggles: Assuming 4 section Duty, each deployed combined Duty Section musters 5500 sailors. that's literally the norm # of sailors on a typical Nimitz-class...
  18. (6) Facebook this is a beautiful VF-4... with it's gun (does the VF-4 also use a GU-11?)
  19. derpy. Someone explain the moon's... shape? an Andy BB parked in a junk pile of Galantis vessel debris? So this clip is mostly the greenhorns during work-ups before their maiden deployment to Icandar...?
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