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Found 11 results

  1. The Lego Movie is an upcoming 3D animated film directed by Phil Lord & Chris Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) and Chris McKay (Robot Chicken), and will be the first full-length movie based on the bestselling Lego toy line. The film features the voices of Chris Pratt (Peter Quill/Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, Andy in Parks and Recreation), Elizabeth Banks (Betty Brant in Spider-Man 1-3, Effie in The Hunger Games), Alison Brie (Trudy in Mad Men), Nick Offerman (Ron in Parks and Recreation), Charlie Day (Newt in Pacific Rim, Charlie in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Will Ferrell (like no one here knows him...), Liam Neeson (as if no one's heard of him...), Morgan Freeman (again, like no one's familiar with him), and Will Arnett (G.O.B. in Arrested Development, Devon in 30 Rock) as Batman. The Lego Movie hits theaters on February 7, 2014. Official Site
  2. From Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane comes Ted, his first-ever motion picture, premiering on June 29. Ted stars Mark Wahlberg (like no one here knows who he is...), Mila Kunis (Meg in Family Guy, Mona Sax in Max Payne), Giovanni Ribisi (Parker in Avatar, Wade in Saving Private Ryan) and Jessica Barth (various voices in Family Guy), with Ted voiced by MacFarlane and narration done by Patrick Stewart (like anyone here doesn't know his name...). In the film, John Bennett's wish for his teddy bear to come to life comes true. Unfortunately, they've been living together for over 27 years, which severely affects John's relationship with his girlfriend Lori. In order for him to move on with his life, he tries to distance himself from Ted. Early reviews have been positive so far, with a 72% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Official Site Official YouTube Channel And try out the video game Fists of Furry, where Ted dukes it out with other famous bears.
  3. It's common for Liam Neeson's action thriller films to be mistaken for Taken sequels, yet be better than the actual Taken sequels. Take Run All Night, for example. Also starring in this film are Joel Kinnaman (not-RoboCop), Ed Harris (Christof in The Truman Show, Carl Fogarty in A History of Violence), Boyd Holbrook (some male fashion model), Bruce McGill (Jack Dalton in MacGyver), Génesis Rodríguez (Honey Lemon in Big Hero 6, Agent Richards in The Last Stand), Vincent D'Onofrio (Edgar in Men in Black, Orson Welles in Ed Wood), Common (Barnes in Terminator Salvation, Agent Evans in Now You See Me), and Nick Nolte (Jack in 48 Hrs., Paddy in Warrior). The film is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra who also did Unknown and Non-Stop. Why didn't he direct the Taken sequels? Run All Night is now showing in theaters. Official Site Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 59% Metacritic Score: 59 out of 100
  4. The final installment of the Taken trilogy...tried the search function but no dice.
  5. First, there was Taken. Then there was Unknown. Next was Taken 2. And now, Liam Neeson takes to the skies with Non-Stop. In this film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown, Orphan), Neeson plays U.S. federal marshal Bill Marks, who is on a flight from New York to London when he receives text messages from an unknown sender who threatens to kill a passenger every 20 minutes unless US$150 million is transferred to a secret bank account. But the bank account is discovered to be under Marks' name and a bomb is found aboard the plane, Marks is branded as a hijacker. Non-Stop hits theaters on February 28, 2014.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6h7auwGiK4 Excalibur Orion Pictures/Warner Bros., 1981 Directed by John Boorman (Zardoz, Exorcist II: The Heretic) Screenplay by Rospo Pallenberg (Exorcist II: The Heretic, The Emerald Forest) and John Boorman Based on Le Morte d'Arthur by Sir Thomas Mallory Running Time: 140 minutes Rated R for graphic violence, nudity, sexual situations, suggestive incest and mild language. "Behold! The Sword of Power! Excalibur! Forged when the world was young, and bird and beast and flower were one with man, and death was but a dream!" - Merlin Cast - Nigel Terry (Archeptolemus in Troy) as King Arthur - Nicholas Clay (1946-2000) as Lancelot - Cherie Lunghi (Victor's mother in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein) as Guinevere - Nicol Williamson (Cogliostro in Spawn) as Merlin - Helen Mirren (Victoria in Red 1-2, Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen) as Morgana - Paul Geoffrey as Perceval - Robert Addie (1960-2003) as Mordred - Gabriel Byrne (Dean Keaton in The Usual Suspects) as Uther Pendragon - Keith Buckley as Uryens - Katryne Boorman as Igrayne - Liam Neeson* as Gawain - Corin Redgrave as Cornwall - Patrick Stewart* as Leondegrance - Charley Boorman as young Mordred - Barbara Bryne as young Morgana - Telsche Boorman (1957-1997) as the Lady of the Lake *If you don't know these guys, you must've been living under a rock for the past decade. "Any man who would be a knight and follow a king... follow me." - King Arthur Synopsis Forged by a God. Foretold by a wizard. Found by a man. That was the great sword Excalibur, which symbolized power over one nation to whoever wielded it. Excalibur was first handed to the ruthless knight Uther Pendragon, who abused his leadership privileges and Merlin's sorcery to betray his comrade Cornwall and steal his wife Igrayne for one night. Nine moons after Cornwall's "accidental" death, Igrayne gave birth to Uther's illegitimate son, who was then taken away by Merlin as part of Uther's deal with him. Before his untimely death at the hands of enemy forces, Uther impaled Excalibur through a stone, vowing that the one who succeeds in drawing out the sword will rule England. Many years later, a young man named Arthur surprises the whole of England by successfully drawing Excalibur out of the stone, immediately granting him the title of King. Using his newly-acquired leadership characteristics and his sword, Arthur establishes the great court of Camelot and assembles the land's greatest warriors to form the Knights of the Round Table. But with glory comes despair, as his wife Guinevere betrays him by having an affair with his best knight Lancelot. Arthur's half-sister Morgana plots her revenge on him and Merlin by seducing him and giving birth to the bastard child Mordred. And Arthur's quest to acquire the Holy Grail has proven to be disastrous with many of his knights perishing halfway through the perilous journey. Can King Arthur and Excalibur still reign throughout these ordeals? "Now, once more, I must ride with my knights to defend what was, and the dream of what could be." - King Arthur Lowdown So why did I bring up this classic film? Seeing that a new King Arthur movie is premiering next week, I once again ask, "What's the whole point of making another King Arthur movie when we already have Excalibur?" First Knight was a complete snooze-fest while the animated film The Quest for Camelot was no better. They all should've learned from director John Boorman and his 1981 masterpiece. Despite its rather adult atmosphere, Excalibur boasts the best acting and cinematography compared to the later adaptations. Solid performances by the predominantly Shakesperean cast (and some of Boorman's family members) give life to Sir Thomas Mallory's epic with a score of memorable lines and excellent character development. The special effects are also nothing short of breathtaking. Perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the movie is its soundtrack. Trevor Jones' (Time Bandits, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) original score is excellent on its own, along with excerpts from Richard Wagner's classical pieces. But what stands out and completely defines the film is "Oh Fortuna", from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. As a matter of fact, after the release of Excalibur, "Oh Fortuna" has been the most widely used classical piece on TV, radio and film. If you haven't seen Excalibur yet, you owe it to yourself to rent buy the DVD. It sure beats coughing out $8 to see another potentially lousy King Arthur adaptation. Other than that, pick up Monty Python and the Holy Grail as well. Rating: A Reference The Internet Movie Database
  7. Unknown Studio Babelsberg/Dark Castle Entertainment/Warner Bros. Pictures, 2011 Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (Orphan, House of Wax) Based on the novel Out of My Head by Didier Van Cauwelaert Running Time: 113 minutes Rated PG-13 for violence, suggestive sexual situations and strong language Cast Liam Neeson (Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia, tattoo artist in The Hangover: Part II) as Dr. Martin Harris Diane Kruger (Bridget in Inglorious Basterds, Abigail in National Treasure) as Gina January Jones (Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class, Betty in Mad Men) as Elizabeth Harris Frank Langella (Skeletor in Masters of the Universe, Perry White in Superman Returns) as Prof. Rodney Cole Aidan Quinn (President Grant in Jonah Hex, Benny in Benny & Joon) as Martin B Bruno Ganz (Hitler in Downfall and its countless parody videos online) as Ernst Jürgen Sebastian Koch as Prof. Bressler Mido Hamada as Prince Shada Synopsis Dr. Martin Harris and his wife Elizabeth arrive in Berlin, Germany, to attend a biotechnology summit. Then, when he realizes he forgot his briefcase at the airport, he takes a taxicab to go back and retrieve it - only to be involved in an accident that puts him in a coma for four days. When he wakes up, he discovers that he is not who he says he is, as somebody else has taken his name and identity while his wife does not know him. Lowdown It's Taken meets The Bourne Identity, as Liam Neeson proves he can deliver a powerful action/suspense performance in his late-50s. Unknown is a tale of mistaken identity, with Neeson as Martin Harris, a man struggling to prove to everyone who he is after surviving a horrific car crash. There are lots of unpredictable twists in the plot, right to the end. Despite being derivative of The Bourne Identity, the storyline is very well thought-of. Just like Taken, Neeson takes the Charles Bronson approach in no-nonsense action, despite some stunts that may seem implausible. Of course, January Jones is there mostly as eye candy. Diane Kruger delivers a remarkable performance as Gina, a Bosnian cabbie who tries to help Martin while avoiding possible risks of deportation. Also landing a solid role is Downfall Hitler himself, Bruno Ganz, as a private investigator who unravels the secrets behind Martin's stolen identity. If there are any flaws in this movie, one would be the pacing. Some parts of the middle of the film can seem bogged down by too much dialogue. Another general fault is the blatant product placement by Mercedes-Benz - from the older E-Class taxicabs to Prince Shada's SLS AMG. But that's just for nitpicking purposes, so don't mind it at all. In short, If you enjoyed Neeson's performance in Taken, you won't be disappointed with Unknown. Even though it gives you the feeling that you've seen this movie before, it's still an enjoyable thriller. Rating: B Links Official Unknown Homepage References The Internet Movie Database Wikipedia
  8. Coming to theaters on July 11, 2010 is 20th Century Fox's big-screen adaptation of The A-Team. Directed by Joe Carnahan (Smokin' Aces) and produced by brothers Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Alien) and Tony Scott (Top Gun, True Romance), the new film will star the following: Liam Neeson (as if nobody knows him already...) as Col. John "Hannibal" Smith Bradley Cooper (Phil in The Hangover) as Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (ex-UFC Light Heavyweight Champion) as Sgt. B.A. Baracus Sharlto Copley (Wikus van de Merwe in District 9) as Capt. H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock Jessica Biel (like no one here knows her...) as Carissa Sosa Patrick Wilson (Nite Owl II in Watchmen) as a Agent Lynch Brian Bloom as Brock Pike Dirk Benedict (the original Face) Dwight Schultz (the original Murdock) Stephen J. Cannell, who created the series, will also be producing the film. The storyline will supposedly have the A-Team as either Gulf War or Iraq War veterans instead of the Vietnam War in the original. You know what I think? No Mr. T = Not a good A-Team movie. I pity the fool that makes this movie! The A-Team @ IMDB
  9. Darkman Universal Pictures, 1990 Created and Directed by Sam Raimi (Evil Dead trilogy, Drag Me to Hell) Running Time: 96 minutes Rated R for graphic violence, profanity and mature situations. Cast Liam Neeson (Gawain in Excalibur, Kegan in Krull) as Dr. Peyton Westlake/Darkman Frances McDormand (Marge in Fargo, Handler in Aeon Flux) as Julie Hastings Colin Friels as Louis Strack, Jr. Larry Drake (Stulwicz in L.A. Law) as Robert G. Durant Bruce Campbell (because a Sam Raimi movie wouldn't be one without him) "What is it about the dark? What secret does it hold?" Synopsis Dr. Peyton Westlake is a scientist working on artificial skin technology to aid burn victims. Unfortunately, his creation is marred by the skin's molecular instability, which causes it to disintegrate within 99 minutes of direct light. His girlfriend, attorney Julie Hastings, stumbles upon a bribery scandal between construction tycoon Louis Strack, Jr. and mob boss Robert G. Durant. Searching for the bribery evidence, Durant and his men storm into Westlake's laboratory, killing Westlake's assistant and blowing up the lab. The explosion does not kill Westlake, but renders him physically disfigured. After being recovered by a local hospital, he is subjected to a treatment where his neural system is altered. Feeling no physical pain at all, the rage in his body results in an irregular flow of adrenalin and increases his physical abilities; yet adversely affects his mental state. After escaping from the hospital, Westlake salvages his laboratory equipment and moves into an abandoned factory to continue his experiments on artificial skin. Seeking revenge on those who scarred him for life, he becomes a master of disguise, using his artificial skin technology to masquerade as his enemies and destroy them. "Take the f*cking elephant!" Lowdown When Sam Raimi was unable to secure the rights to make film adaptations of The Shadow and Batman, he decided to make a superhero film of his own. Drawing inspiration from The Phantom of the Opera and The Elephant Man, as well as the classic Universal Pictures horror films of the '30s and '40s, Raimi came up with what would become nothing short of a masterpiece. Darkman combines superhero elements with Film Noir and Hitchcock-style suspense, combined with an excellent cast and outstanding makeup effects. Liam Neeson delivers a breakthrough performance as the tragic hero who has to deal with the horrors of his past to avenge himself and make his enemies feel his wrath. It's fundamentally twisted and uniquely provocative. Adding to the grim atmosphere is a haunting orchestral score by Danny Elfman (Dick Tracy, Beetlejuice). Not as epic as Batman, but still effective at keeping the viewers hooked. Overall, Darkman is one of the best superhero films ever made. Hell, to a certain extent, it's even better than Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. Just make sure to ignore the direct-to-video sequels, though. Rating: A "I'm everyone - and no one. Everywhere - nowhere. Call me...Darkman." References The Internet Movie Database
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