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  1. The trailers are growing on me. I'd prefer they stick to the comic series, but this seems like it will be in the vein of the cartoons/playmates toys which is fine with me.
  2. I was on board for the first half, but I got worn down. They had a lot of decent ideas that they never resolved in a satisfying way . I liked the darker tone, but that was about it. I do like Prime's new look and that many of the robot modes weren't just piles of crap.
  3. I just beat this recently as well. Fun game, for sure!
  4. I just saw this movie & totally agree. I think that the creators had a checklist of big robot tropes & tried to do everything at once. The two-pilot setup kind of bugged me, too... but not that much. I liked it ok, but probably won't watch it again. Not on purpose, at least.
  5. /yawn I thought we were done with this franchise... damn.
  6. He lived a pretty good life, doing what he loved right to the end. 70 isn't a bad age to live to.
  7. Those spoiler tags are so tempting... must resist! I can't wait!
  8. I love EVA the series. I love the old movies. I love the new movies. I like each incarnation of Shinji for different reasons. I get something different from it each time I watch it. One of my favorite franchises of all time. I also love Unit-02... so needless to say, I'm anxiously awaiting this movie.
  9. I've been playing it every chance I get! I'm new to the series, but I love it!
  10. I agree with Cory. The more I see of it, the more I like it. I'd rather they made a RobertCop movie, though...
  11. Wow, so that means I've been skulking around here for about 10 years... and I'm a baby compared to several of you..
  12. I hope they make Murphy look a LOT creepier without his mask. I mean, part of what made the first movie so good to me was that he kinda looked tortured/pathetic without his visor. I am not down with the new designs. I'm withholding judgement, but I do agree that he looks more like Batman than Robocop.
  13. It showed up on netflix & I heard it was updated, so I watched it with my daughter. She absolutely loves it. I find it tolerable as well & there have been several points that it's actually made me laugh out loud. Definitely a fun show to watch if you've got a kid.
  14. I just hope it's a little shorter than Thor. I enjoyed the movie, but toward the end I was like "ok, let's wrap this up!"
  15. There's plenty of nameless prostitutes in the series. Roz also does things that didn't happen in the book, were they invisible? Off page?
  16. I started A Dance with Dragons last week. Books 1-3 are brilliant. Especially Storm of Swords. Feast for Crows annoyed me because the ending makes half the book filler. Plus it was about pretty much everyone I think is boring. Hope Dance is better. As for the show... season 1 was great, even though it was a bit "cheap" feeling. It was odd that they were missing battles & who the hell is Roz? Season 2 makes me worry if there was already too much material to cover clash in one season. I am worried because Storm of Swords is my favorite so far, looks like they're going 2 seasons though.
  17. It amazes me the amount of engineering that went into this & other projects. It's a segment of our society that I wouldn't even know how to begin to enter. The laboratories, the computers... awe inspiring. I can only imagine what is going on under our noses at this very moment.
  18. I hope this one has more weight than the original had. I do love the warp effect JJ used. I like the ships taking off like a shot!
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