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  1. Here is my video of my Ingram Unit 2 piloted by Isao "hothead" Ohta.
  2. Happy anniversary!!! There are no big news for this year.
  3. Lo esencial es la serie de TV. El resto son OVAs más una película compilatoria. No es tanto como Macross o Gundam en cuanto a número de series, películas y OVAs.
  4. Muy difícil entre Macross TV y DYRl?, pero me quedo con la original.
  5. Aprovechando esta excelente iniciativa, quería abrir este espacio para este clásico de los Real Robots de los 80s. Aquí hay una introducción a VOTOMS que escribí hace un tiempo: http://www.rayout.cl/2011/06/20/armored-trooper-votoms/ Comenten y saludos.
  6. Happy 30th anniversary!!!! I watched the 2 episodes few minutes ago. It looks amazing after all these decades.
  7. On April 1st, 1983, the first episode was released. So, happy 27th anniversary! New OVAS for this year.
  8. Check this out http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2009-...for-next-spring. Best news ever. Probably, they will show the real truth about Chirico. The Pailsen Files were cool but there is no great explanations for Chirico´s past.
  9. 27 years and counting. And remember: The UN Spacy Mars base is gonna explode on monday 5th october.
  10. That´s huge. A real Space Dimension Fortress. This gonna be expensive. Probably I will have to pay insurance. Imagine this: you are transforming your $500 toy and you break one of the AMRDs. I will have nighmares about that.
  11. Thanks for joining. I insist, it´s a bilingual forum but I prefer in english because the majority of western VOTOMS fans are english spoken.
  12. This is the first Armored Trooper VOTOMS forum known by me. I don´t know if this is the first one, but I think it´s necessary. MS Gundam and Macross have a lot websites. So I created this forum. It´s BILINGUAL. Fell free to write in english. The idea is that people of the entire planet can participate. Please make questions or suggestions. The URL: www.redshoulders.tk
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