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  1. Lovely design. Do you have an LFX file for Lego Digital Designer? I would love to try and built one. You have instructions?
  2. Yeah, seen progress on Them Fightin' Herds. Good character design, and good story setting, from what I read on their site. I'm just waiting to see when the game will officially be out.
  3. Yeah, during season 5, I think, Twilight & the Mane6 had a nemesis name Starlight Glimmer, and at the end of the last episode of S5, she became Twilight's "student" all the way through season 6. And at the end of Season 6, Starlight, along with Trixie & Discord, manage to turn the Changeling Hive into good. Except for Queen Chrysalis, she escaped. Oh! and during Season 5, the Cutie Mark Crusaders got their Cutie Marks. IDK what S7 going to do, other than Starlight graduating from being Twi's student, and William Shatner guest staring in an episode. Season starts up on Arp. 15th.
  4. Glad you approve. I recently update the hovertank MOC to make more show accurate, but I have yet to take any pictures. Once I do, I'll show you want I did.
  5. AND, since I could not find anyone doing up a ATAC-01-SCA Spartas/Veritech Hovertank, I had to do one up as well. Comes w/ extra parts for Yellow "Generic" Veriant, and space gear. Pilots are Dana Sterling, and Louis Nickles:
  6. My "deluxe" take on MaxVF1's valkyrie MOC of the VF-1J Hikaru, w/ extra parts for super pack, and VF-1D two-person varient:
  7. Wow! my topic is still here? Well, at least that counts for something. I found a good Robotech/MLP crossover on FIMFiction: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/62299/robotech-a-new-world Now if only they can do a Macross crossover.
  8. Favorite character? Max Jenius/Max Sterling. Enough said.
  9. My first impression of Star Wars rebels - not bad, but not actually worth my time. When the light saber came out, I was surprised they had Kyle Kataarn doing the old-school style of fighting. It kinda makes it feel like the original trilogy of sorts. But at the same time, I was hoping he would off some killer moves like the Jedi in the prequels. Well either way, the show is just not worth my time. Maybe only when there's nothing else on, I guess. Sorry.
  10. I'm building up a revamp of VF-1Max's moc-ups, utilizing the full 3-jointed legs for the Gerwalk-Mode. I'm just waiting on a few pieces from a store on Bricklink to complete it.
  11. Guys, I look these up on eBay, and they go for lile $400-$700. @__@;
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