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  1. wish there was a HD version of the video, that way, I can pin down the transformation sequence.
  2. I've actually been building Veritechs/Valkyries in Lego since I was a teen. And as of now, I actually have a Veritech Hovertank fully transformable into all three modes and poseable as a lego moc. But right now, I'm currently in the process of upgrading the design and color scheme to match an actual military design. These pics below show my current militart-style moc-up for the Hovertank MOC, and as of this writing, I've purchase all the parts I need to build it IRL, I'm just missing a few key parts which I'm currently waiting for arrival. Like my SV-303 Vivasats, I built the Hovertank moc in Bricklink Studio:
  3. First off, Merry Chritmas, Everyone! Anyways, I myself have attempted to build a full Lego MOC of the SV-303 Vivasvat over a year ago in Bricklink Studio when I first saw images and video of this craft. I made mine to migifigure scale, with Hayate Immelmann's azure blue colors, using affordable lego parts in actual Dark Azure Blue. Now, because there weren't any clear close-up detailed pics of the Vivasvat at the time, I had to make guesses on how the transformation would work into all four modes. For the body that makes up the head and torso, I made the transformation work with technic lifearms to wedge the cockpit and back-wings together, and hedges to fold the nose cone and under-plate underneath the cockpit module. Even though the big gun turrets are actually behind the head until, I made them part of the head's "hood" that folds up in Battloid Mode. You can see how the torso parts transform in the final photos. Everything else is the same, with the arms folding into the sides of the body, and the back-wings w/ boosters folded to the bottom with the lower arms, and the large legs and wing-thighs folding into the back part of the wing-span. I personally do love how the "X-wing" and Gerwalk modes came out. The only problem I have with the overall design is the wing-thighs being "too long/big" making the Battloid mode look awkward from a side-view. I plan to rework the design in my next re-build. The final photo is are five SV-303s all in available Delta Squad colors, Dark Blue, Dark Red, Dark Azure, Green, and Orange. If anyone who builds lego mocs in Bricklink studio wants a copy of the io file for the build, just reply. Merry Christmas!
  4. After seeing Bernard-Chan's "Macross S" concept art for his own Valkyrie designs, I would just love to see a Macross series/OVA that focuses on Man Vs. Machine, like Gundam does - maybe have "different factions" with different Valkyries representing those factions, like seen in Bernard-Chan's work on ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/uzuki
  5. "Gundamification" of VFs? I say bring it on. It can be the ultimate Crossover, with the both themes of Man Vs. Machine and the Love Triangle and Culture being merged. It be both interesting and new to me.
  6. Lovely design. Do you have an LFX file for Lego Digital Designer? I would love to try and built one. You have instructions?
  7. Yeah, seen progress on Them Fightin' Herds. Good character design, and good story setting, from what I read on their site. I'm just waiting to see when the game will officially be out.
  8. Yeah, during season 5, I think, Twilight & the Mane6 had a nemesis name Starlight Glimmer, and at the end of the last episode of S5, she became Twilight's "student" all the way through season 6. And at the end of Season 6, Starlight, along with Trixie & Discord, manage to turn the Changeling Hive into good. Except for Queen Chrysalis, she escaped. Oh! and during Season 5, the Cutie Mark Crusaders got their Cutie Marks. IDK what S7 going to do, other than Starlight graduating from being Twi's student, and William Shatner guest staring in an episode. Season starts up on Arp. 15th.
  9. Glad you approve. I recently update the hovertank MOC to make more show accurate, but I have yet to take any pictures. Once I do, I'll show you want I did.
  10. AND, since I could not find anyone doing up a ATAC-01-SCA Spartas/Veritech Hovertank, I had to do one up as well. Comes w/ extra parts for Yellow "Generic" Veriant, and space gear. Pilots are Dana Sterling, and Louis Nickles:
  11. My "deluxe" take on MaxVF1's valkyrie MOC of the VF-1J Hikaru, w/ extra parts for super pack, and VF-1D two-person varient:
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