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  1. Does anyone know where I can find details regarding a VF's escape capsule?
  2. The -F and -S were geared more for space operations rather than atmospheric, hence the stubby wings, lack of canards, and more vernier thrusters.
  3. Although it does get a little convoluted with the VF-19/YF-30/VF-31.
  4. If he was Elon Musk, he probably would've bought out and liquidated HG by now.
  5. I read the story behind Fire Bomber American before, but I never noticed the RT references until you pointed them out.
  6. The F-35 isn't slow, and it's not ugly, especially in comparison to the X-32.
  7. Flatpack is already taken by the MiG-1.44.
  8. That reminds of when The Vaults of Terra, a YouTube channel dedicated to 40K lore, did a video on the Adeptus Custodes. The comments was flooded with Text-to-Speech references. Bruva Alfabusa himself posted an apology on the video.
  9. The VF-19 Master File I ordered finally arrived in the mail today. I'd say it's worth every penny.
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