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  1. I've been on the fence about just getting the Iron Trans version instead. I've never been that in to victory leo and $400~$500 is just a lot to swallow for something from hasbro, even if it does look good.
  2. I'm gonna come right out and say it, I kinda hope they don't do a MB Sazabi and Nu. I hated how the MB Hi-Nu looked, and I'm sure I'm gonna hate how Sazabi and Nu would look. I'd rather have GFFMCs.
  3. I wonder how much work it would take to make that fit the Metal Composite snow white...
  4. It's the chrome button headlights. the cartoon just had the white squares. it's definitely the most toon accurate. It kind of makes mp-44 look even worse with how it's so slavishly toon in some ways but then disregards it completely in other ways.
  5. I too think that MS-01 is the most aesthetically pleasing of the MP primes. I like the rounder head sculpt with the more shield-shaped face plate, and the shins that are detailed as actual vent louvers instead of just sculpted rectangles. that said, I think it's a better take on the cartoon look than the TE version and a really good clean-up of MP-44.
  6. Finally, Deathscythe Hell! I look forward to even more wing suits. I have no idea what is different about the wing zero paint job from the first version. more matte/less metallic?
  7. man, the head sculpt is HORRIBLE and reviews I've seen of their unit 1 kit are not particularly great. that said I'm debating getting it just to steal the thunder spear and EM crossbow to use with my dynaction Nigoki.
  8. I would rather have an angry blue blob with bunny ears and a bow tie tbh.
  9. I really hate the idea of paying this much for revoltech, but Euro-II is such a cool design and I doubt anyone else will ever do a better figure.
  10. I've never liked skyfire's redesign but this display is really speaking to me.
  11. 6,400yen increase in msrp and no discount this time.
  12. is that the $1500 unpainted resin kit?\ double checked; it the $400~600 unpainted resin kit that they'll charge an extra 2 grand to paint and assemble for you. 🥴
  13. I can't decide if it's a cool and unique take on the design or one of the ugliest things I've seen in my life.
  14. Watched it tonight, was expecting to hate it but really enjoyed it. Best cameos where skeletor and Optimus Prime's left leg.
  15. The reboot was really good, would make a very interesting film/mini-series. This however is yet another predator movie.
  16. I guess this is a good sign that we'll get heavyarms and sandrock too. I skipped the zero and epyon release, but DSH and HA kai were my favs from the tv show.
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