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  1. hey, those hats served a very important purpose in G-Unit. They need them for their Z'gok and Hygogg cosplays.
  2. I'd much prefer if they kept doing TR-6 variants instead of TR-1s. I want a Haze'n-thley II damn it. heck I'd buy a metal robot Inle if they were so crazy as to do that.
  3. you're right, it was just sort of there in a parked truck. which is weird because he goes right for it like he was expecting it to be there.
  4. Man, I would love to have a Metal Build Nightingale. it would be so horrendously expensive but it would be awesome to pair with the Hi-Nu.
  5. yeah, but JPY to USD in 2018 was ~110 yen/dollar vs the 140+ it's been lately. so at least there's that.
  6. ngl, Nightbird's alt mode isn't screen accurate with it's details, but it really captures the spirit of the movie car's hideousness. That Poor R33 looks like they found it on r/shittycarmods.
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