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  1. Can anyone tell me the difference between the 20 disk complete by Lionsgate and the 17 disk set by AnE? are the visuals better in one or the other, audio, etc?
  2. Yeah i heard they lost the rights to Megazone 23 back in the day so the film makes no sense. Im willing to pick up the missing films from as long as the collection is valid. I dont want to double dip and want to get the most comprehensive collectors edition. I honestly dont mind the new sound effects. yeah they arnt what i grew up with but its not to bad. I really want good picture and the edited scenes included. I like the way that lasers sound in the new sound edits but the transformations are a bit lacking. the hovering sound is a bit off but none of it really bugs me that much. just looking for the best buy so that in the future my kids will have known what this all really was. p.s. i own the Macross Anime ego set. great quality video. But as much a Macross fan as I am the ending fell a bit flat and thats why i liked Robotech. it was more of that but in a remixed kinda way. Hell I was a kid and to be honest still am.
  3. I am currently in the market for a Robotech box set. There are so many floating around and I cant make a decision. The ones I have glanced over are The Protoculture Collection, The 20 disk Complete Set, The Legacy collection, The A&E collection out of which seems the best but cant be sure. Can anyone make a solid recommendation?
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