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  1. On a related note, correct me if I'm wrong on these: Macross Plus BD: OVA no subs, movie has subs? Macross Frontier BD: TV series no subs, movies have subs? I'm sensing a pattern here...
  2. While these days I know Macross like the back of my own hand, one of my primary motivations is to be able to share Macross with whatever spawn I create in the coming years... Maybe for the 50th anniversary they'll be able to shake off the shackles of HG and finally release the set with English subs.
  3. Hey guys, returning after a long hiatus. Quick question, I remember back in the day the Animeigo version of SDF Macross was THE version to get, however in my cash strapped student days that was a difficult pill to swallow. These days the Animeigo version is out of print. Is there anything comparable on the market now? I've heard the ADV version is... not as good.
  4. I haven't seen the movie yet, but for those that have: Why does he still have an arm? That short sequence of "Lose the arm!" in the original really hit home on how OCP viewed human life. It would be pretty sad if they kept the arm for the remake, which would be a pretty big contrast given how the original had a specific scene discussing on losing the arm...
  5. ACE2 and 3 were fluid. Regular attacks felt like they actually did something, and you didn't have to wait for a gimmicky "tension gauge" to fill up to fire your missile swarm. Pop into the game and you can immediately start off by firing salvos of missiles. In ACE:R, you had to plink away at a (very underpowered) BB shooter of a rifle to increase you tension gauge for five minutes before you could fire off your first missile. Dashing in ACE2/3 also felt like there was actually a sense of movement. In ACE:R, parts of the game also, for some reason, turned into rail shooters. The final stage of the Macross F is NOT a free for all where you fly your tricked out VF-25 and actively avoid Vajras to get to the queen. No. The game locks you into rails, pretty much flies for you, and you just sweep the targeting reticule over the screen... They called this the "Shift Chase System", and probably wanted to present something more cinematic. It fell pretty flat on its face. The ACE games don't really control like Battlecry or Macross 30. They're From Software games after all, so different thought goes into the games. I would say that the ACE games are built around the idea of fast, agile bipedal robots, i.e., battroid. In ACE3 I think at the Sharon Apple Concert stage I spent 80% of the time in battroid in ACE. For Macross 30, most of the game time, barring the indoor stages, I have spent in fighter or gerwalk mode. Overall, Battlecry and Macross 30 are good Macross games. ACE2/3 are good robot games.
  6. Looked back at my own impressions of ACE:R in the thread and wow... Yeah, don't get ACE:R, ever. It was one of the most un-fun action shooter games I have ever played. I eventually sold it at a huge loss being pretty sure I would never, ever want to touch it again. ACE2 and ACE3 were FUN. Those two I highly recommend.
  7. I walked out of the movie theater thinking the exact same thing, although I would have made the cut half a second earlier. But I can understand that this is a superhero movie, and the superhero does get to ride off into the sunset with the babe. Overall, great movie.
  8. This looks cheap, cheesy and over-the-top enough to make me want to see this, in the "Team American frakk yeah!" rather than the "Sucker Punch" kind of way.
  9. ACE:R and MAF are now SPF.
  10. I'm not convinced this is the "reboot" that the word implies and we've been conditioned to think of by Hollywood. A quick gander at the OP and at the website would say this is more of a "restart" of commercial and fan interest in the series. It's a compilation of material that was serialized in Newtype magazine over the past few decades, with earlier names updated to current standards. All past volumes will also be republished in a LARGER format, which can only be a GOOD thing.
  11. To be fair, it's not impossible. You'd need to pile on the lush detail affordable only in well funded OVAs. The studio will need to be able to cover comic, love, mech, AND samurai battles, not to mention all the political maneuvering. Will definitely have to be Japanese drawn, none of that "contract out to Korea" deal, due to the mech designs. Voice and music talent would need to be top notch and very flexible (Amatersu and Lachesis each have TWO voices). On top of all that, it would have to be OVA quality, but series length, probably running quite a few seasons with absolutely no filler, AND produced at a slow enough pace to not overtake the manga. I only know one other comparable series that made the successful transfer: Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and compared to FSS that's a pretty self-contained and well known piece of work. Improbable, yes, but not impossible. However we can always dream.
  12. Man, the "reboot" had me worried, thought Nagano or some other mangaka was literally rebooting the entire story. Looks like it's just a re-publication of existing material. Nice to see FSS started up again though, my 12 volumes are still waiting some sort of story continuation...
  13. Last price drop. $50 including UPS shipping within CONUS, and you get MAF as a bonus . Play-Asia sells ACE:R for $71.89 not including shipping.
  14. Price cut to $60, including UPS ground shipping.
  15. I'm looking to sell my copy of Another Century's Episode: R. Asking price is $70 shipped. Money orders only. As an added bonus, I'll throw in my copy of Macross Ace Frontier.
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