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  1. Yeah I mean there's tons and tons of films I remember watching him in, damn, but a bummer. It was bound to happen sooner or later, I just would had prefered it being later.
  2. My ex didn't care about anything space or alien related in any form. It took a trip to Dark Horse headquarters where they got the Xenomorph on display to get her to change her tune. Then We sat down and watched the original quadrilogy and Prometheus before we broke up. And a couple years after she asked me to go with her for a special halloween screening of ALIEN. So I can safely say she became a fan.
  3. Maybe it's just me but does anyone kind of feel like the sets are tight.....There's something about these streaming shows on their virtual backgrounds that just starts to feel off or something. To me, the movies had a lot of wide shots that showed off so much of the background and designs, but these shows are tight shot and you see so very little of everything. As for this show, I'm not feeling much of anything about the story or even in wonder of the high republic era. It's rather blah.
  4. Interesting, 9 films. Hoping they really don't suffer in quality like the originals did....conquest and battle were just absolutely terrible....well battle was really the worst.
  5. I remember in the days of way back, I think it was The Terminator: Hunters and Killers, Russia had their own AI much like skynet but not as smart. I wonder since this supposed "Terminator Zero" is set in Japan if it'll be something similar to that.
  6. Wow steeljaw and springer are already sold out on BBTS. Missinglink Bumblebee and Cliffjumper at 40 bucks a pop is honestly a bit to mucuh for me considering how small those toys are. So I guess I'm gonna pass on them. 86 Bumblebee will be a pass as well...I'm quite happy with the netflix variant and I don't feel like this one is really all that great.
  7. Hm I'd maybe buy the missing link bb and cliffy. I still got a pretenders bee and goldbug that've served me faithfully for so many decades. I think I had a G2 Cliffjumper but god he was lost to time....probably by late 90's he and so many figures were gone.
  8. Guess it'd been to soon for a zip disk huh?
  9. I'm curious where he's gonna be taking this.....I assumed he was dead after his merging with CLU in Legacy wiping out his variant of the grid. I'm also wondering how he's been doing health wise having to battle cancer and covid at the exact same time and how he's recovered.
  10. I mean it's cool 15 episodes.....but it's lame that we get it broken into 3 release dates. It's like, "Hey here's the first 5 episodes." that are probably 30 minutes or whatever, then 4 months later "Hey here's the next 5 episodes." 25 minutes each. And finally summer of 2025, "Oh yeah, last 5 episodes here you go." that are either 20-25 minutes each or going the stranger things route of hour and a half freaking each causing viewing fatigue again.
  11. God the havoc I'd cause with that sucker. Sadly I didn't get to go see ALIEN last night or the romulus stuff that came with it. I got ditched by friends who wanted to see it last minute so I just went home.
  12. I watched part 2, it was absolutely boring mostly just back story stuff between super girl and dr. spectro.
  13. yeah obviously this is a kid friendly movie.....I'll be surprised if I don't see some kind of wokeness undertones when it's out like Earthspark had been doing. Even the toys I'm not really all that into. It looks like they're rehashing Bayverse and I dunno, Earthspark toys that don't sell thinking now kids will want them?
  14. I might go see this at the local theater for alien day....last time I saw it in theaters was almost a decade ago during a Halloween event with a date. It was fun, we had a good time watching it at a really old movie theater.
  15. I just finished the series. Truthfully I'm not a big fallout player or anything, I got bored of it pretty quickly so I had to watch some youtube stuff to get a general idea of the lore and I gotta say, showrunners from Halo should take notes.
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