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  1. I'll always have a soft spot for the original figure line...which is probably why I still buy these things compared to other franchises that produce their own lineup of action figures. I use to have a really broad collection ranging from G1-G2 but my father decided it was time to throw them away and I lost the majority of everything I had collected since I was 4. Still, some figures survived once I caught on what he was doing and saved them. And over the last decade I've just been collecting the old figures whenever I can. But I've been mostly buying reissues and very seldomly originals due to their high markups.
  2. Ron Pearlman was not in Kingdom. Primal was voiced by Justin Luther.
  3. I do agree on one thing the sound team were on the nose of providing the best experience during the battles. It really did help sell what little we got.
  4. Wow I'm surprised no ones posted since Hathaway is out now on Netflix. Took me about two sittings to finally finish it. Sort of felt anticlimactic but that's cause I didn't realize this was gonna be a multipart film. English cast was good, I could of sworn Cristina Vee is playing Gigi but maybe I'm wrong?
  5. I guess, while I'm impressed with the quality of the restoration of the footage, my issue is on 2 fronts. 1) Please do not use the "updated" audio, or at least present the option of the original. 2) Why are we going Blu-ray when the format I'd much rather have would be 4K?
  6. It and the final Kenshin movie apparently are available so I binged Godzilla and just started watching Kenshin...and honestly I'm enjoying Kenshin more than Godzilla. I dunno maybe I'm just not that big of a Godzilla fan...sure I've seen a lot of the movies on TV when Scifi channel was worth a damn, but this series just didn't do it for me. I think it's the monster designs, when you're basing all your monsters on an ancient kind of japanese art style using CGI cel-shading techniques, it just doesn't look good but tacky and doesn't fit the rest of the animation style. There's also the science in this series that I had so much trouble trying to understand....it was just to much for me.
  7. Okay I finished it a bit ago.....I realllllly don't like those monster designs at all.....and felt this really took some liberties from Shin Godzilla. Would I say this was better than the trilogy series Netflix did? No.....not really.
  8. Personally I'm gettin tired of them rehashing the same characters again and again and again. If you're going to continue a line from Classics to I guess...WFC/ER/KD then make more characters. Don't just release Optimus, Soundwave and Megatron 3 or 4 different ways. 1) it confuses parents who buy these for their kids. 2) It ups the scalping ratio for the versions that fans want. I just would like to see a number of classic characters make their rounds....we really haven't gotten a proper Blaster, Brawn, Gears, Insecticons, gosh who else hasn't really shown up or gotten a good figure yet?
  9. Well I'm looking forward to the havoc trooper for sure.
  10. It wasn't bad. Wasn't to thrilled they re-wrote a particular character's back story, but I'll survive that, not the first time this has happened in the SW Universe. I wonder if Baker is getting a bonus for all those voice overs lol
  11. I mean it's pretty off track from BGC but in terms of ripping off other peoples music and not giving proper credit Fire Bomber's Power to the Dream is pretty much a rip of Power to the people by John Lennon....but I'm sure a lot of people know that.
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