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  1. I remember a few years back when there was the TFvsMarsAttacks crossover came out Cosmos finished off all the martians with Prowl going, "Well, now the Alt mode makes sense."
  2. They don't like to admit this, at least Hasbro and Takara, But Brad Venable a voice actor who passed away back in the beginning of the year, at one point was the voice of Star Saber for the fan production version of Victory done by TFCog (I use to do stuff with them as well and even worked with Brad on a few other related TFer projects) and I know he and Chris Sabat have crossed paths several times working on the same shows. Maybe, though there is some relation to eachother. I dunno, that's the only thing that makes sense to me. The list of figures is sort of a hit and miss for me, no mention of an 86SS Ironhide, but if they're doing a Ratchet then it would make sense it'll come. The Hot Rod variant? It could be G1 figure colors or a Nemesis Hot Rod or maybe even a Shattered Glass version seeing how those have been popping around more and more. Truthfully I didn't see much that got me excited....I'm sort of confused as to why we're getting Stunticon figures though. In other things, I was at a local walmart, came across 86SS Wreckgar. His robot mode is fantastically done, but dear god I hate his alt mode and how he's practically a voyager class and it's so stinking simplistic.
  3. Mine is now set to arrive on Tuesday so it probably won’t ship till Sunday now.
  4. I'm hearing rumors that the BW Grimlock and Mirage 2 pack are releasing this weekend...So I checked my amazon account and sure enough I'm seeing a notification saying that this is due to release tomorrow. Now, I'm hoping they won't screw the pooch on me like they did with the original run on Ratchet & Medic which forced me to cancel (giving me a 4 months backorder before I just ended up canceling it.).
  5. Rodimus arrived an hour ago, huge box, big bag of blast effects and weapons, trainer comes disassembled for the most part with Rodi himself in vehicle mode so there were several things I needed to snip off in order to free him from his box. I did encounter the issue with the seamline on the trailer and is very finicky to get closed. I was hoping that the majority of blast effects and gear could be stored in his trailer but alas, that did not seem to be the case as the pieces that take up the most space are the ones you'd probably end up using on the matrix. I was able to get the cab module into his trailer by pushing it in a lot further by angling the cab downward making his rear stick a little further up, and hearing the spoiler snap into place. This did help quite a bit in getting him to look not only more secured in place, but tucking him further in helped complete the look. Although I still feel his cab is still to far out and could be better if it were to go inside by another 2 inches at the most. Vehicle mode to robot was tricky, the spoiler/backpack did not want to lineup with his windshield at all and took a lot of effort to get in compared to other pieces. I'd also recommend caution when you're taking his rear wheel and tucking them thru his wheel well/quarter panel when becoming the legs. I feel like that's gonna stress plastic quite a bit over time. While watching PrimevsPrime reviews of him, I feel like his chest piece sat a lot better of an angle than mine did resulting in a more level head posture so I might transform him again and see if I just screwed it up. I will say the level of engineering on this has been by far one of the more complex of the lineup, and still somewhat retains the overall style between SS86 Hot Rod and Rodimus, if that makes sense. I guess you can say, their transformations are similar but done different, but still looks the same really. The colors are great, I love the quality, I didn't have anything weird poking at me. And I would really like to see what Toyhax could come up with to really make the figure pop.
  6. I admit the biggest turn off on the Ratchet/Ironhide ER molds are the feet sticking out in vehicle mode....not sure how that didn't get picked at more by the design approvers. Sideswipe/Skywarp came just an hour ago and while I'm not big on skywarp I'm happy to have him in the BW collection, but I honestly got this set so I could have a proper sideswipe. I still have my old Generations Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, but they're so off scale with the newer stuff that it would of driven me nuts having one and not both. The only nitpick I got is that damn cylinder peg on Sideswipe's shoulder rocket. It gets in the way of his head.....I'd really like to take that damn thing off one day. Also received another notice yesterday that Rodimus has shipped out and will arrive tomorrow. Now this one does worry me just a tad bit, early reports are stating that his trailer doesn't lock up correctly in vehicle mode and has a tendency to leave a nasty open gap going down the seam line. I'm hopeful though that if it happens I can fix it. Firetox who's a 3D designer also came out with some upgrade pieces for ER Ultra Magnus, makes him a little better in vehicle mode by adding a fuel tank cover to his arms in cab mode, and larger smoke stacks. It almost makes me want to get the figure but I'm not sure just yet. And come to think of it, I'm getting tempted on picking up some Toyhax sticker sets for Jazz, Sunstreaker, possibly more. They've got some really good looking upgrade stickers to help make those characters pop more than they do now.
  7. I just got the notice early this morning that my 2 Pack Sideswipe and Skywarp figures on amazon will arrive sometime tomorrow. Personally I think that's good, although I really just wanted Sideswipe. It sort of bums me out that I'll probably never get Ratchet, Ironhide and Prowl for the kingdom sets since eI really like where this line has gone in terms of designs, hell I Haven't come across any of the Walgreen Red Alerts, chances are I probably never will.
  8. Am I the only one wondering why we have a descendent of Khan as a member of the crew?
  9. Booooo. When I see time travel stuff it makes me think, lower budget.
  10. anyone picked up a copy of Fireteam Elite? I got mine with a whopping 40+ gig installation and update which gave me 15 minutes worth of time to play before I needed to get off and get ready for bed. I have not played Left 4 Dead or any of the games this ones mechanics are based around....the character creation is super limited, but the graphics overall are good. The NPCs thus far are rather lacking in animation...I mean I'm watching a mission briefing and they're not moving their mouths just talking with their minds I guess. The audio is great, lots of authentic based sounds which is more than I can say for the ol' audio dramas by Dirk Maggs. But...I'm encountering really dumb Xenos, like along the level of intelligence we saw with Colonial Marines. They're somewhat glitching into cover spaces and objects a number of times resulting in being damaged by them if I get just a little to close. By the time I got maybe a third of the way done with the first missions campaign I said, "Nah I'm done for now."
  11. I started re-watching the films and while I was watching 3.33 I noticed the Nadia easter-egg which was the Vunder's launch being the exact same theme used for the New Nautilus....I didn't start watching Nadia until back in April or May out of sheer bordem and then found out that Evangelion was originally intended as a spin-off of the series. So hearing that theme and seeing Misato and the crew acting like the various characters of the Nautilus was sort of a nice call back.
  12. It was odd. I mean I don't wanna say much and give anything away but I feel like after seeing the original series and movies way way back and then this 4 part film series...it's like Wayne's World to me. If anyone gets that.
  13. I'll always have a soft spot for the original figure line...which is probably why I still buy these things compared to other franchises that produce their own lineup of action figures. I use to have a really broad collection ranging from G1-G2 but my father decided it was time to throw them away and I lost the majority of everything I had collected since I was 4. Still, some figures survived once I caught on what he was doing and saved them. And over the last decade I've just been collecting the old figures whenever I can. But I've been mostly buying reissues and very seldomly originals due to their high markups.
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