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  1. I watched it last night as well....I just don't understand why we waited nearly 2 years for this special for the 58 minutes it was. But at the sametime I'm getting really tired of all this forced wokeness going on....like when Bill was around during the end of the Capaldi era it didn't feel bad, like okay no problem she's into the same sex, it didn't feel forced. But to actually STOP the story to take a minutes to talk about pronouns of a bleeping alien furby? Come on.....
  2. Still looking, I cleaned the housing the best I could but it's still got tons of scrapes and gouging.....and I have problems getting it to switch on cause it doesn't recognize the button being pressed, think something on it is broken. But when I press it by hand it works fine. I guess it all just depends on the pricing since I'm doing so many projects right now money is a bit tight. I think my biggest problem, which is the same problem I'm having on my dreamcast is why I'm getting such dark picture quality. I can't even play Rogue Squadron cause I can't see a damn thing. Dunno if it's the HDMI converter or what but having two converters doing the same thing....what are the odds?
  3. If you don't have any of the many Megatron variants out there, I'd say go for it. Shockwave was a pretty solid figure to start the lineup, and I absolutely loved the earth mode soundwave figure over his cybertronian variant.
  4. Hasbro Pulse unveiled the Deathsaurus Unboxing the end of the video they very briefly and vaguely revealed that he's officially in production and there are hopes to have him out before christmas. I'm sure seeing how mine is coming from TFsource I won't be seeing him until the start of 2024.
  5. So what the heck happened to Build Meta? 3 episodes, left it at a cliff hanger and nothing else and almost a month has gone by. That's pretty crappy to be honest.
  6. I feel like Kathleen Kennedy got her hands on this one....
  7. It was not, Salvation while taking place in the future war was not based on either T1 or T2 judgement days. It was another altered timeline caused by the effects of T1-3 giving a 5th timeline. The biggest reason it was a dumpster fire was people finding out via a leaked script online what the movie was going to be about, and the backlash caused McG and the studios to go back and make changes to keep it to a more "traditional" style versus his far out vision of what the "new trilogy" was going to be.
  8. Oh crap, I think I ordered mine via TFSource....I need to change the payment on there to a different card, no way I can afford it on my standard stuff. Optimus doesn't look bad at all....heck I don't even see much for plastic mold gaping except in the biceps. Right now I'm sort of naw though for Bumblebee and Starscream, mainly Starscream....I'm not digging his look, it's to.....I dunno, Cyberverse looking maybe? I don't know yet, I really don't want to be buying a wholenother set of TFer toys for a different lineup...I've got enough figures as it is and I'm still trying to finish collecting all the G1 revamp stuff.
  9. They sure have been taking their sweet time on this since it's informal announcement I think 2 years ago...? Or was it a little longer....I wanna say it was right around the time Dark Fate came out maybe? I'll be honest, I'm really tired of the going back thru time BS...I want the Judgement Day war, no more of this sending a Terminator back thru time to alter the future....I think you can get some awesome drama and great storytelling that leads up to the final battle in Colorado. This is kind of why I really liked Terminator: Resistance....it gave me a really good taste of that war but it was still so basic and simple that it didn't do enough.
  10. I'm somewhat invested in the beast wars stuff after doing a few episodes of the japanese series in english as Tasmanian Kid back in the day. Seeing that I think they're releasing that character as a core figure, I'm gonna have to try and get it. With that I did order Magmatron, and at some point I'm gonna finally pickup Lio Convoy....really would like to see other characters as well. Something that kind of surprises me right now, I hadn't seen much of squat of the Gamer figures, I'm guessing they're either not really being released in the same manner as other SS figures, or people are snagging them fast. I've really only come across cliffjumper, that's been about it.
  11. I agree for the most part, if there were parts I could, I'd print. I've got 4 printers at home constantly doing stuff, and once in a blue moon I'll take a peak online to see what's out there gunpla wise though it's not much.
  12. 3 episodes into Meta Build.......I'll be honest this show is just messy. No flow, no direction, just fanservice in the worst possible way that makes zero sense. More importantly, how is it after all the "years" that've passed between shows, that the majority of the original 2 season characters EXCEPT for Fumina haven't aged?!
  13. My SS86 Magnus just arrived this afternoon, and boy do I like it. I'm very much happy that I entirely passed on either the Seige or Earthrise versions as this guy is just fantastic. I do agree with what a lot of people think about the width of the arms being so far out from the upper body, but I can forgive it since there's a lot of panel compression going on as well....you gotta have some kind of a compromise I suppose. I didn't get to play to much with my MP variant I bought a couple of months ago, but to me, the SS86 release feels more solid, not the least bit flimsy or loose in any way. I'm going to be really looking forward to the Toyhax labels that I'm sure will really enhance the overall look of the figure 10 fold, namely around the cab, it's very drab and plain.
  14. ya know it's funny, I just received my Blu-ray copy of the series, personally I'm sorta hesitant on the quality when I get a 3 part anime on 1 Blu-ray disc....However it does seem to be crammed with a lot of stuff cause not only does it carry the 3 ADV dubs, but it also has the original Streamlines Pictures dub which I did enjoy and was the first anime I owned on DVD back in the ......oh gosh late 90's? But it also has the Part 2 international release. Since it's AnimEgo I know it's gonna be at least a decent set to own, just need more time to explore my copy.
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