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  1. I got no clue who this guy is to be number 14, and honestly, I just wish him all the luck cause it's an uphill battle to me. He's gonna get shat on just as much as Jodi was. I dunno if I even wanna bother watching anyways, I haven't since Capaldi left.
  2. After family and I had watched and tried to stomach Season 2 of Picard, we were a tad hesitant on Strange New Worlds, but bit the bullet and we gave the first episode a shot. Honestly, that was not bad at all. I liked that Pike kinda poked fun at the transporting thing, the Enterprise sets still while modernized had enough of the old school touch to not feeling alienating and distancing like Discovery. Uniforms I thought are kind of odd, while homaging TOS, there's still several different variations of the 3 main colors and that sorta makes me go "Eh? can't we just settle on one design pattern with the 3 colors?" Yeah I mean I remember kirk had a green tunic and all that, but he did eventually succumb to the standard command gold.
  3. The alternators were pretty fun back then, honesty regret selling the majority of them.
  4. fairly tempted on backing this. they've got more than enough pledged to do the project....but sametime that basic core set is still pretty spendy for what little you're getting.
  5. While a lot of it looks very subtle in a number of locations, I am pretty surprised on how much was different between the original and the directors cuts and what made its way into the standard 4K versus the Paramount+ variant. Kind of wowed, which doesn't happen to me a lot.
  6. I just scored Dragstrip and Kickback at my local target which was a surprise cause they hadn't had much of anything for several months....they and walmart have had nothing but last years studio series figures and kingdom. But I also mean this location had the entire 1st wave still which REALLY surprised me. I really only cared about Dragstrip and Kickback and for 25 bucks a pop....yeah. Kickback is really simplistic, can't hope for much since he's based on his G1 instecticon self so yeah....that was a tad disappointing but I get it. Dragstrip though is fun! His transformation is pretty simple but inventive, and both his robot mode and vehicle mode are pretty neat! The only issues I have is the empty back of head to look like a seat, and that my rear spoiler halves don't line up at all. His left foot sits lower than his right causing there to be s shift in appearance. BUT, overall, between the two I think I do like Dragstrip a heck of a lot more.
  7. I received my Terrorsaur on Wednesday with a somewhat loose right wing, keeps coming off the plug. But I gotta double check the box cause I didn't see the little side arm blades, that was odd. I also got my Ironhide/Prowl 2 pack, really happy with them...I'm still undecided what I want to do with those upgrades cause it's a significant wait from TFSafari products and I got no clue on Nonnef. Think maybe I'm gonna sit on it for a bit and wait it out I dunno.
  8. Recently got my hands on the Prowl/Ironhide 2 pack that's been so elusive from Amazon, still marked up from their original MSRP but I can live with it. What I'm curious over are upgrades for Ironhide and Prowl if available somewhere. Ironhide and Ratchets feet sticking out as the "back" of their respected vehicle modes was certainly a downer and Prowl missing his two cannons was a bit sad for me as well. So I'm wondering if there are any upgrades I can sink my teeth into?
  9. After working weekends for the last month and a half I was FINALLY to go to ToyDojo and check things out. Before that time I was actually debating on if I came across a certain 3rd party figure would I buy it and so forth. So like the last time I was looking around online, it was a toss between Sphinx Cell, Hellion, Toro and Locke. I looked at the website from the store and thought it was probably gonna be between Sphinx and Locke at that point, so I went there this morning and took a little look around. I came across both Locke and Sphinx Cell and just sorta hummed and hahed over things until I saw a box with Hellion stamped on it. Talked to the dude for a little bit and I went, "Yeah know, lets go with Hellion and Sphinx" and got them both for under 200. It was kind of a tough call honestly when I was looking at Hellion and Toro online, I liked Toro's look overall, and he seemed to have a nice design really, but there were two things that started to bug me a great deal. 1) His backpack felt very off compared to Hellion, and 2) the fake chest really turned me off. I mean he looked neat, but those things in the back of my head just got to me you know what I mean? Hellion isn't a bad toy or anything but he does feel awfully fragile with tiny limbs compared to his huge torso. But when I stood him next to my MP1.0 Bumblebee it just clicked. Sphinx was a bit of a pain at first. I had a difficult time trying to transform him from F1 to Robot for some reason, lots of things were just popping out of place for me, not to mention he's a bit floppy. I've got those areas fixed now so he's now fairly solid and I like the look of him and how he stands with the rest of my MP figures. I"m glad I got those two knocked out of the way and feel like my G1 cast is a little more closer to completion. I will admit I"m bummed out about not being able to pre-order that new Jazz figure coming out.
  10. Hasn’t that been going on for a couple of years now? You’d think it were time to move on. They actually just used a few old interview clips of her from 2019 to round it off. didn’t think this was really anything special for an event. And it sounds as though HBO made a boo-boo inserting an image of a very young Emma Roberts mistakenly as Watson. Fans were blowing up about it too. I can see the mistake they do look similar as kids.
  11. it sounds as though WB execs are saying after poor numbers and reviews along with the fact this movie was going against Spider-man, they're abandoning any indications they'll either do any future films of the Matrix series. Meaning no prequels, no new trilogy, it's not worth it. Doesn't surprise me if that's the truth, I felt this film was just not needed and was maybe Warner Bros. way of scraping the barrel cause their DC films are lacking.
  12. From what I've understood is the Locke 2.0 is decent from the review videos depending on who you watch, or at least he's better than the original version. And that was another thing with MMC's Sphenix Cel, it sounds like he was better overall in quality and style from their original version. I'm even looking at PS-09A Hellion from MMC and he looks fun and nicely designed versus the Takara sample that was shown. But then I see X Transbots has their own version of Cliffjumper and despite his fake torso and huge backpack, he does seem to fit better with the MP's and his proportions are nicer done than MMC's. I dunno guys, tough call, really really tough call.
  13. okay so quick question, X-Transbots, are they any good at all for a 3rd party MP setup? I was scrolling around Toydojo since they're "local" seeing if there was anything interesting out and saw they released a new version of Kup and have an Ultra Magnus which looks kind of nicer to me, and cheaper for order. It's a brand I haven't touched compared to things like Fansprojects, Maketoys and MMC, so I don't have a clue.
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