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  1. I had Needlenose when I was a kid, gotta tell ya for it to be almost identical to his G1 figure just with way more articulation is sorta disappointing but yet familiar. This scraphook junkion, easy pass. Don't like the idea of making an original junkion character like him , just doesn't feel right. Breakdown.....wondering why they pushed away from him being a Lambo? It looks almost nothing like one now. And the amount of back kibble is just sad to me on him and WIldrider. I think the only things I'm remotely interested in getting would be the Hero Born 2 pack and Lio Convoy.
  2. After watching it, I felt pretty let down truthfully. You get this big tease to solve a mystery only to let it fizzle out.
  3. Agreed, there’s no real need for a reboot. Surprised anyone would touch it after The author got busted for kiddy porn.
  4. Alright so I finished my VF-25F,I'm gonna be totally honest with you guys, it's neat in concept and if you can airbrush it'll look pretty cool. But these stickers totally ruined it for me in a lot of ways. They maybe will hold better on bare plastic but so far being an entirely painted kit, they continue to bubble and pull away no matter what I try to do to get them to stay on, and it's super annoying. They're also so damn large and kept to a basic shape so they eat up a lot of space and don't fit very well where they should. It's not a 50 dollar kit though, I probably wouldn't pay more than 35 for this thing at all. It still lacks a ton of detail that could of been nice, there should of been more parts separation and color breakdowns so you wouldn't have to use stickers. I also would of loved it more if it came with a pilot.
  5. That's not bad. I mean I kind of like these my only complaint is the lack of parts separation in the cockpit for easier painting. I've got the cockpit systems sort of set for painting and I did a dry fit of the majority it looked really nice. So while the primer sets on the cockpit frame I've got a little bit of cement glue on the nose cone seamline and been sanding away at that to make it look better.
  6. Parts minus clear pieces are done on mine, only got filler on a few pieces prepped. But the temps are still in the triple digits so I'm not going to really be touching this hard core for maybe another month or month and a half. I also got other projects I'm working on like the 1/20 VF-25.
  7. "retirement". Truthfully I dunno how solid his retirement is, and if he's under contract with Paramount he might have to still do it though his appearance in the film could be diminished to some capacity as well.
  8. From what I had understood was that unless it was denied, Batgirl didn't test positive with a test group on the rough cut whereas I hear The Flash film did. This could also put DC in another hard choice. Truthfully, I'd say scrap the project, people were not liking where the DCEU had been heading after Whedon's butchering of Justice League after Synder stepped down. And then there's Ben Affleck not knowing if he's coming or going AGAIN, there's also Cavill's commitment as he's got a multitude of projects on his plate.
  9. I got my release of SS86 Sludge, yeah those toes really sit to low which is a bummer, all because the gun sits in his belly. So maybe I'll get those foot upgrades at some point. Also not a fan of how his back wings just pop up so dang easily....sort of drives me nuts. I did come across those Velicitron figures from Walmart this morning and I just couldn't get the urge to pick up any of them, I really just want Cosmos and Goldbug, that's namely it.
  10. Sure, I mean think of it like the golden days of model building, find other kits, cut up the pieces, add your greeblies and all that goodness to really impact the model. Or yeah you could take the existing model and you can add more details. Like I said, the bridge section of the model is far to blocky. It works for smaller scale, but what I'm doing it's not good at all. The base of the bridge that arches down should be much thinner almost meeting flush with the two detailed sections at the forward position. There should be more details like raised and recessed portions, but that should be all over the model in general. More so I think the wing section around the body is wrong. If I'm looking at the lineart correctly you can see in the forward facing view that the city I think expands out to the wing section so that should be hollow and needing window panels as well, probably sticking further out as well. Not sure by what you mean saying scale logically.
  11. Cleaning these parts have been a nightmare for me. I've received a few good sized booboo's from my tools cause it's so hot and I get frustrated and next thing I know I'm needing a bandaid lol. Got a little scale thing for you guys of the 1/3000 upscale I did with a 1/72 Kitz Concept VF-1J, so yeah this thing is massive. I still need to print the bridge and the city scape which is happening right now....things have been really tough for me the last 2 weeks just lots going on so I haven't been able to finish the prints on this as fast as I had initially thought. But in truth I wish this model was broken down a bit more for easier printing as I've gotten a lot of lost details because they need supports to work. That's resulted in some areas not being as flush or nice looking as I"d want, and some areas like along the forward section of the ship have broken and I'll need to clean up and glue back together. That stuff I'm not going to do though until I have the majority of the ship ready. Truthfully I think in a small scale like 1/8000 and the likes, it's gonna be super cool. But for 1/3000 like what I'm doing, there's not enough details like recessed panels, antenna's, the bridge is to blocky and plain to look at etc etc. But hey, I'm not a quitter so I'm gonna keep working away at this and make it work.
  12. Well mine came in, and the left hand was so tight that when I tried to wiggle the thumb just a hair to get better clearance to tuck the wrist inside the forearm, the thumb snapped right off. Got some gaping between the fuselage and main body when in fighter mode cause it won't sit anymore flush than where it sits, and everything on it in general is just SUPER SUPER SUUUPPPPPPEEEERRRR TIGHT right down to the wings. Sheesh....I'm worried I'm gonna break this thing even worse than just the thumb.
  13. Wait there was a Comache dub? I was just thinking, "Damn if you want some authenticity with this kind of movie, you need to have all these native american's speak in whatever language their people represent!" I didn't expect that to happen, so that's pretty cool! I liked it, I REALLY REALLY liked it and I didn't expect that. I was even cheering in that final battle and I normally don't do that unless something really stinking different happens and I don't wanna spoil that, but what I didn't expect to happen, happened.
  14. Really surprised that the RT score on this thing thus far is at 91-92% which is shocking as the original sits at 80%, and I still like that film, Predator 2 the worst of the franchise apparently at 30% which doesn't surprise me at all, it's not a good film at all and was from a time in the 90's where doing a scifi monster film were to be cheap and fast, Predators 65%, it never really interested me, I felt it was a boring film truthfully. and finally The Predator at 33% which for me was the worst film that made absolutely zero sense and felt like it was just done so it could be done. So I'm really curious on watching this movie now and how for me it stacks up.
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