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  1. I wouldn't say that, meta upped the pricing on their Meta 3 headset because the Quest 2 was very popular. I wouldn't say it's millions, but probably a couple hundred thousand at the lowest. I've ran off a Quest 2 for almost 2 years now, there are some things I REALLY enjoy about it.....course somethings I don't. But I think this could be a fun experiment and it's not just the only thing Bandai is trying out but other Gundam related stuff on Meta. So I'm looking forward to it.
  2. Oof that lil bit of silver pressed behind his back there look like the front bumper making me think he's got a false front end cab again and that's gonna disappoint me terribly. It's stuff like that I just never understood even as a little kid. Like when I got my PM Optimus Prime, who at the time was my ONLY Optimus Prime, why he looked the way he did....his front cab was his back, but he had windows on his chest. Also why I didn't wanna bother with the G2 figure when I was also a kid.....and didn't buy a RID Optimus Prime until my 20's. It's an incredibly chunky soup backpack right there.
  3. Rather funny considering that every teenager in a number of teen related movies are in their late 20's. I mean Ralph Macchio was I think 20 or 21 when he did the first film and was shy of 28 in Part 3. Cobra Kai is 6 years old now, and. Mary Mouser who plays Daniel's daughter Sam is now 28. I think the only one who actually looked the right age was the scrawny little nerdy kid with glasses.
  4. I mean I'm not a hellboy fan....barely got thru the first film and didn't even bother with the 2nd. So I obviously passed on the reboot and I'll certainly pass on this fan-film looking POS. Man, seems hollywood is just like "Eh" on these kind of properties now.
  5. Think I still got that IDW Bumblebee somewhere. From all the reviews I've been seeing for the SS86 Bumblebee, I still think he's an absolute pass. I'm not really enjoying how Hasbro has been getting cheap on quality and esthetics by painting windows pale blue or completely blacked out. Nor does he even look VW anymore! I feel pretty damn lucky I was able to find a Netflix walmart version when I did, that's my favorite G1 iteration bee right now.
  6. Hmmmmm I don't have any of these in my collection and usually I'm a ship collector, love star wars and star trek ships. But this 15 piece set, I count 14....10 figures, 2 y wings, 1 phantom and 1 ghost. So what was number 15, what did I miss?
  7. I've worked with Todaro in some Transformer projects and he's been a comparable Starscream next to Daniel Ross for some time and I liked how well he and Welker played off each other. I did kind of enjoy the table read, not as much as I thought I would had but still it was fun to watch. There were some odd times where the original voice tracks creep in for some odd reason, like it was forgotten by whoever was supposed to deliver that line. Pace tended to be off as well once in a while. Still though, I think the cast did well.
  8. the fractured friendship set I'll pass on. I love my MMC variant, I think it's one of the best 3rd party Optimus's out there for pre-earth. Also just, very very tired of the Megatron mold. He's gotten milked so hard over the last few years.
  9. The sabers that I have are meant to be played with for saber choreography. They're Polycarbonate blades are very sturdy and can take a pretty good pounding, along with being fairly inexpensive at roughly 35 bucks to replace and with different lengths to choose from. I can't speak about the official branded products like Hasbro/Disney/Galaxy's Edge stuff, I haven't bought an officially licensed saber since the early 2000's when FX was the place to go for any collection. But when you go back to the old Legacy lore light saber technology took a very long time to be perfected, somewhere around 20,000+ years before the films was the force saber which utilized dark side of the force to create the blade but it caused an imbalance in Jedi making them give into the Dark side of the force due to the frequent use, during that time and were discarded. It wasn't even something that was created by the Jedi, but another alien race that enslaved force users. The next generation of sabers were like 80's cell phones using a battery back attached to the hip and I think had a tendency to overheat and explode after prolonged use. I think it might of been a couple thousand years before the film at that point when the Sith perfected saber technology and then the Jedi copied that. So yeah again, Jedi didn't invent the light saber either way.
  10. I guess fans were in an uproar on how chunky the sabers looked since the first episode. Someone supposedly from the developement team tweeted back saying they had to do it for the LED's. I don't exactly buy that statement considering many of us have replica light sabers in our possession and they're not anywhere near chunky like that.The only thing I can think of is cause technology I guess changes over time and components get smaller like cell phones, I dunno.
  11. Yeah I mean there's tons and tons of films I remember watching him in, damn, but a bummer. It was bound to happen sooner or later, I just would had prefered it being later.
  12. My ex didn't care about anything space or alien related in any form. It took a trip to Dark Horse headquarters where they got the Xenomorph on display to get her to change her tune. Then We sat down and watched the original quadrilogy and Prometheus before we broke up. And a couple years after she asked me to go with her for a special halloween screening of ALIEN. So I can safely say she became a fan.
  13. Maybe it's just me but does anyone kind of feel like the sets are tight.....There's something about these streaming shows on their virtual backgrounds that just starts to feel off or something. To me, the movies had a lot of wide shots that showed off so much of the background and designs, but these shows are tight shot and you see so very little of everything. As for this show, I'm not feeling much of anything about the story or even in wonder of the high republic era. It's rather blah.
  14. Interesting, 9 films. Hoping they really don't suffer in quality like the originals did....conquest and battle were just absolutely terrible....well battle was really the worst.
  15. I remember in the days of way back, I think it was The Terminator: Hunters and Killers, Russia had their own AI much like skynet but not as smart. I wonder since this supposed "Terminator Zero" is set in Japan if it'll be something similar to that.
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