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  1. Mhm, it's a blink and you miss it, but it's there. The museum was a ton of easter eggs. Several I REALLY enjoyed including a little Enterprise series moment we never got to see on screen. And of course a little reference to Voyage Home.
  2. I’d hope not, I still wanna get ramjet l’s g2 deco but keep holding off. I gotta make a move soon though so I don’t miss out. Deadend FINALLY showed up from entertainment earth. Not hard to transform to vehicle in the slightest either! I really only had 2 quirks which were his feet don’t line up correctly in vehicle mode. And I don’t like how far up he sits in combiner mode. Had a problem getting him to break in half, had to sorta wiggle him loose. While I was looking at my old fans project version I started thinking they’d work well as cybertronian variants, I gotta find instructions to take them all apart again, that’ll be hard. FP stuff always seems complex.
  3. It’s very disappointing that they’re going those routes with jazz and grimlock. Had they stuck to their g2 decos I would have gladly ordered them. If anything now it just fuels my need to buy an additional studio series jazz and get the Toyhax labels for him, call it good. I know g2 figures always had some of the strangest paint colors but come on….
  4. Mainly cause no one wants to pay 230-300 bucks for a garage kit. Gonna be surprised if someone buys them.
  5. I believe it was said that the computer systems and a few other things of Riker’s Titan was placed into the new Titan.
  6. Oh wow looking at the casting list, I see my old friends Melissa and Cristina will be playing Kazumi and Takami. They were Misa and Minmay in my old DYRL dub. Infact Melissa doesn't live very far from me. I'm gonna need to poke her at some point.
  7. I"m hearing reports that some of the newest wave of legacy figures that weren't due for a few more months are trickling thru the gates. I didn't think to much of it when I read an article the other day but then I got an email from BBTS saying Twincast was arriving and due to ship out in the next week or so. Truthfully the only real reason I wanted twincast was just so I could add Rewind into the party. I mean I don't have a problem with Twincast, I even got a G1 Twincast reissue along with a Blaster. I did go out a bit this morning after a buddy of mine had been spotting some new releases at his local walmart. I hit the local target first and all I came across was a handful of Legacy Ironhide's which I had no interest in and 1 core slug. There are still a ton of Earth Spark figures piled on the pegs. Then I hit the walmart in town and came into possession of Spike. Said to myself, screw it, and got him. Not exactly an impressive lil core toy but I feel like I need to have him next to Bumblebee to make it more...I dunno, fun I guess.
  8. Truly a sad, sad day in the fandom. His stories were always so well done...it was one of those things where being a young boy watching the scifi channel's anime events you always had a good likelihood of coming across 1 of the Galaxy Express 999 films and be taken away to a far off world.
  9. I'm gonna go and just say it, this season 3 opener was more Star Trek than the previous 2 seasons combined. The tempo was nice, the visuals were enjoyable, and the music, while Season 1 and 2 didn't have horrible music, it was just certainly forgettable. They seemed to of finally found something that works by not fixing what wasn't broken and going back to what made even the films so much fun orchestra wise. I'm not 100% sure if I'm right on this, but the uniforms this season seem to look better than season 2 and of course a hell of a lot better than season 1. I gotta tell you, if they can keep up this pace for the entire season then I'm gonna have a lot of fun watching it compared to season 1 or 2.
  10. Figured as much, it’ll probably be well sought after. I was excited getting Rodimus off the shelf before my bbts preorder popped up and he was a lone figure beyond the myriad of deluded on the shelf. speaking of deluded I’ve got my local stores and man they are just shoving the earth spark and cyberverse figures down people’s throats. No legacy, almost no studio series outside of old stuff from last fall. Even Walmarts velocitron stuff hasn’t popped back up. guess that’s a good thing, not like I got much cash anyways. I got in a couple of Toyhax labels last night, a set for wreckers Leadfoot and Legacy Jihaxus. Man the labels really helped both figures a ton. Leadfoot is more like his G2 self that I enjoyed as a kid, and Jihaxus though I’m not done, now has more broken up color apps that pop a ton.
  11. Either options aren't bad. There was a guy on thingiverse who had a pretty decent remedy with some printable parts, sadly something happened to this guy and all his stuff was removed. I think but I'm not 100% sure but I remember there being a rumor of a possible SS86 Ultra Magnus coming out....but I'm not really holding my breath as it'll probably be just a repackaged Kingdom.
  12. Quick Q, were there any mods to help earthrise/kingdom magnus? Like namely that truck mode being so bad.
  13. thanks for the information, man I haven't shopped at Entertainment in over a decade...forget they even exist. There use to be a place called ToysNJoys I would order from since High School and I found out they went out of business years and years ago, was shocked. I got an old I think year of the dragon or something Omega Supreme that I think was either a slight retool or just a repaint of the Energon Omega....wish I knew where I put him but I guess he'd make a decent substitute. I only came across Skylynx 1 time since his release last year and I almost got him but just didn't feel comfortable with the $75 price tag he was at when I found him at Target. I'll have to dig around the piggy bank and make sure I got enough to get Deadend online, probably will order 1 other item to get that free shipping cause man that's spendy on there.
  14. I went to two walmarts and the single target we got here in town and they've mostly reset with the earthspark toys which are not appealing to me at all. The Legacy and SS stuff were almost non existent as well, which surprised me. 1 walmart though did have an 86 G1 Starscream repaint which surprised me, I almost picked it up but said nah in the end. I actually went on their website and was checking things out a little while back after coming home from a quick deal at work. I managed to snag Red Alert but the listings for Minerva were online orders only but RA was available for pickup at every walgreens location around town....Think there's 4 or 5 here. So I went to pickup Red Alert but stopped by their toy aisle first to get an idea of what was there, all their Red Alerts in stock were up at the top and they must of had close to a dozen of him! I look a bit to my right and at the end of the stack of Red's was a singular Minerva so I snagged her. So in the end, I still got Skyfire, Omega Supreme, Skylynx, and Deadend to go for the list.
  15. I got to work a little with the Japanese headmasters and master force cartoons as Rodimus and then as Cab so there IS a little connection with these kind of figures coming out for me. I’d like to see more of the Japanese characters coming but I won’t be heart broken if that doesn’t happen due to weak sales either. im still trying to find that blasted Deadend and fearing I’ll probably have to give into the price jacked temptation online to get him. i have NOT gotten earthmode RedAlert, he’s been fairly elusive in my area of Texas. As for Minerva, it’s tempting but it’s one of those things where she’s not a headmaster which I felt was a wasted opportunity to me. I’ve seen someone post a 3D printed mod to make her more accurate but still no headmaster.
  16. Kinda just skimmed over the broadcast but I already added twincast, metal hawk and shrapnel to my preorders. They were really the only 3 I had any interest in to be honest.
  17. Alright so a review is out for the what seemed to be a much anticipated Upgrade kit from DNA Design for Menasor. After watching it I'm gonna be straight up honest, disappointed puts it mildly. There's a little bit of parts forming, some awkward decisions on transformation, and the torso being a swap out between modes is a deal breaker for me. When I want an upgrade I want functionality and purpose. So those of us who've got Motormaster know that the chest piece rotates and swings from robot to trailer and the design of it isn't horrible, it's just not "Geewun" in appearance. DNA went and gave us a new chest where the gray collar bits set just a little to high and don't tab into anything to secure in place. You also have to swap it out and return to the Legacy chest piece for transformation from combiner to cab piece. There's also complaints that the trailer hitch and a few little pieces don't plug in very well or at all. I mean it seems like I would be paying 70 bucks for thigh extensions and articulated hands to be honest...and I feel like I could probably just wait until a nice 3D printable set show up. There's certainly been some options but nothing that feel right to me yet. With this though, I'm sorta glad I canceled the order....I don't wanna pay 70 bucks just to use a few pieces.
  18. That’s funny breakdown for me came from Amazon. I guess he was technically the last of the set originally scheduled for March I think. I don’t get to go out much and the closest target here is awful at releases, or they get snagged super fast I’m it sure which. Even the two Walmarts in town are terrible. But I also had caught Covid right at the end of the year, so I’m not well enough yet to venture outwards. mid toydojo had dead end I’d probably order it for pickup, alas he’s not even listed on their site.
  19. I just got in my Legacy Breakdown. Little surprised he only came with a singular blaster, WHICH btw a little disappointed that it stores under the chassis where as you can't do that with the other figures. I mean I get it, he's got the rear spoiler so the port doesn't exist like Wildrider. You can keep it stowed away while in combiner mode, so I guess I'll just take the win on that. So all that's missing is Deadend which he's pretty elusive right now being the final part of the combiner set. BBTS and TFSource have him sold out, Toydojo isn't even listing him, Amazon is jacked up to 60 dollars and Ebay isn't really any different. I'm still waiting for the DNA Design to release their upgrade kit for Menasore but kinda tempted to just cancel it. I'm finding some 3D Printable options to help in certain areas like the sword most of all.
  20. Christina Vee and I had worked on a cover together back in the old days. We did 3 different releases of which all seem to of gone poof...she had 2 of them and I had the other. But Youtube forced them out despite the fact they were covers. The 1st version we used the Flashback 2012 music video of DYRL with my english audio to make it perfect. The 2nd version was using the same song during the final battle of the film with all the english audio we had worked on. The final version was the Frontier Ranka edition sung in the original pilot special. Sadly as her career took off she had to remove all that content and I got nailed as well despite them being covers. Go figure on that. Wish I could bring them back.
  21. 2 episodes out, much darker toned than Season 7 of CW or the 1st season of Bad Batch. Maybe it's just me as well but I've been noticing every season in particular getting better in terms of quality and style since the early days of the CW. I'm hoping for a really good dramatic and thrilling Season 2.
  22. My Haslab Victory Saber arrived after getting pushed back from UPS. I was a bit worried cause it had updated yesterday with a Monday arrival when it was originally slated for Friday. Luckily it changed again to Saturday delivery but needed a signature....so I had to stay home all day to wait. I think the box is beautiful, and I'm totally going to hold onto that. The instruction manual ripped when I tried to unfold it..that bummed me out....When I opened the box poor Stakeout already had a popped off leg lol. Did have a very light amount of paint defect, none on the gold which was awesome. Most of it was on Star Saber's body around yellow regions and a little black paint mark on some white of his forearms. Victory Leo has a little black mark on the left side of his chest in the mustard yellow. Other than that I didn't find much else. Transformations were super easy to figure out, Victory Leo's forearms flipping to his beast form were insanely tight....I might look at that at some point when I got more time. Star Saber himself I fiddled with and it all seems to be really nice, not to tight not to loose. I will say I'm disappointed like many others over Victory Leo having that little missing paint application on his wings. I don't know if I'll apply them either as I'm sure they'll wear out in time. Since it's a gloss red I might just carefully mask the area off and paint it. I have the entire combined setup sitting on a my bench right now as I try to figure out where I'm going to put Victory Saber...that'll be a tough one. Combined form I think he's gonna be maybe a bit too big without compressing those cannons. Guess just wait and see! I'm just gonna admire it for now and go from there. Now to wait a year for Deathsaurus.
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