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  1. So I've been away from Macross fandom for quite a few years now. I just wanted to know about this Arcadia company. Are they a whole new thing or did Yamato change it's or something?
  2. Times are kinda tight, financially. However I really want to get a PS4. So i'm thinking about getting rid of My Yamato 1/48 Stealth Deluxe set with Super and Strike parts (one one in the massive black box). I've seen them go for as high as $500 on ebay, but everything is inflated there. But i'm just looking for a reasonable price I could ask for it. P.S the box has a bit of wear with the corners being a little smooshed
  3. I've been out of the loop of Macross stuff for the last few years. But, I decided to watch DYRL a few days ago and that renewed my interest. After a quick google search i read rumours about a new macross series or movie in production and can't find much on it nor can I find a thread here. Is there any truth to this rumour and can I get pointed to the thread? Anyway it's good to be back.
  4. Roy and Hikaru both used the FAST pack mounted laser-y (or plasma-y) cannons in DYRL and Alto had the Tornado pack in the first Mac F movie. (which was a very cool new type of weapon. 360 degree coverage, oh yeah.) Doesn't the YF-19 have machine guns located at the waist in battroid mode? I don't think i remember ever seeing those used.
  5. I never really got into Oblivion, but I loved Fallout3. Is Skyrim coming out for PS3 today, too? If so, maybe after this weekend I'll buy it and play like mad until Dec 20. I'm going back to university full time in Jan, so I'll only have time for 1 game next year.
  6. 1/60 YF-21 (the first run that came in a giant box with the clear stand) It was the only toy I've ever pre-ordered. No surprise considering the YF-21/VF-22S is my favourite valkyrie design, the most innovative valk design, IMO.
  7. Oh well, it doesn't start until friday. Just make sure you get the client downloaded, it's around 20gb.
  8. I agree about doing the characters much better. Sheryl was always my favourite MacF character, but the movie did her even better. Though I do wish that they hadn't slashed Cathy's role to the extended cameo that she had in the movies.
  9. I'd bet there are fanfics that are much better written than RTSC.
  10. Glad to see my topic is still alive after all this time. I've really been on this Japanese 70's exploitation Katate movie kick. Stuff with Sonny Chiba and Etsuko Shihomi. Can anyone give me some suggestions within the genre? (think The Streetfighter)
  11. I quit WoW a year ago and haven't been interested in a new MMO until i found out about SWtOR. It seems close enough to WoW in gameplay, so it is familiar and new enough in setting and other features (companions, spaceships and interactive stories) to draw me in. Ever since I played DA: O i wanted a MMO with choice based quests rather than the WoW style of go here, do this, come back for reward quests. More RPG in MMORPG, yes please.
  12. Wow, over $300, wow. I like the toy, but $300 for one toy is way too much.
  13. A reboot with brand new footage would be much easier to get on TV or sell for alternate distribution than an anime from the 80's. Theres a lot of anime kids nowadays that would never watch a show from the 80's and only watch new stuff. But, do such would require Tommy to do some work. Making new designs for everything to get away from Macross seems to be way out of Tommy abilities as well as being in control over a production (blaming the boobs in RTSC on the Korean animators just makes it seem like he didn't know what they were doing) HG may not be able (or willing) to do a reboot, but is it possible that some competant company may be able to purchase the trademarks to Macross, Robotch and the merchandising and distribution rights to Macross? That's pretty much my best hope for a proper relationship between RT America and Macross Japan.
  14. Overall, I really liked this movie. It provided a brand new story so it kept me surprised rather than just predicting what would happen based on the show. I really appreciated the lack of reused footage from the show (was there any reused footage?). I really hate anime movies that are primarily comprised of reused footage from the show but use a different story (RahXephon movie). Thanks, i did't want to waste any bandwidth after i already downloaded the Popgo raw.
  15. Yeah but the difference is that the Highlander franchise failed while doing something, actually producing some new stuff(crap it may be) Robotech just failed while doing next to nothing. (i don't count comics or fanfic, i mean, novels)
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