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  1. The me of 5+ years ago would be pretty upset about this, I ordered from them almost exclusively and had a string of years where it got crazy how much $$ I spent with them. Then their customer service completely fell apart, because of this they lost my business and I literally cold turkey cut them off. As of late the only things I was getting from them were Right Stuf exclusives like Aniplex titles, and Sunrise items. They were literally the defacto anime distributor in the US. Sentai, Funi, Aniplex.. Sunrise, BigWest.. I would be curious if Sentai pulls out now that CR owns their distribution methods. RS at least packed their items like they gave a ****, unlike amazon where it was Wild West with how much protection things had.
  2. I personally want more of the SD valks. The SD GBP is pretty much why I am sticking around. Enemy Mecha and Destroids have my interest but the cloth figures.. not so much. As for the 1/72 valks so far minus some QA issues I like them, probably not going to get every release as they keep going up in price.
  3. Nice, the fastpacks really look good on these toys.
  4. Tossing this here since its abit Random. These pins are relatively recent, all from Udon I believe. Was trying to figure out a way to display and someone mentioned a shadowbox. Works pretty well.
  5. Nice, I am hoping mine are good as well. I will try and dig them out this evening.
  6. Since I am a sucker for SD stuff.. sure. Probably in for Frontier stuff at the minimum depending on price.
  7. I will see if I can get to them this evening.. no time as of late. I order from KC directly so HK.. if you order from say BBTS they will come from the USA.
  8. I don't think that they are, I agree that they are not Bandai 1/48 DXs but they aren't garbage either. I think they sit in a nice middle level, yes there are some QC issues as of late. However unlike Bandai.... KC is pretty good at addressing them. There is no debate that the Bandai DX is the better option, but the price is 2X or 3X or even higher in certain situations. KC does a pretty good job for their price points IMO. I still want to see more of the SD line though.. sigh
  9. @jvmacross Technically 2 separate boxes, both together in an outer sleeve which is the main artwork found in my first few pictures. The 2 individual boxes slide out like trays bundled in 1 overall box.
  10. So this arrived faster then I expected. I probably won't get these open for a day or 2, but I will try and go over them this weekend.
  11. The company making these is called Kigomi.. https://www.facebook.com/Kigomi.hk/ You can get a full set of all 9 watches for about $350. Neat idea, blind box unless you buy a whole set.
  12. @Vifam7 I'll give it a shot, I went into it without any knowledge of the manga.
  13. It's been a few years since I watched welcome to the NHK. I don't remember it being that bad. Back from AX and doing my wrap ups. Shield Hero S2.. meh if that is all they animate then so be it. Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san - wrapped Ep 12 today. Overall I thought it was enjoyable pretty light hearted with a twist on expected rolls in relationships. Apparently did not fare so well with JP viewers so unlikely to see more. A bunch of new stuff obviously since Summer 2022. Lot's of things on my Radar now that things have started to drop. I am going to have to really try hard not to be critical of MOT..
  14. I hear you on this one, I'll probably check mine out once I get them.
  15. Yeah, I went ahead and did the same they are sending out what I need to fix my 1S Hikaru, along with my M&M order. I forgot to inquire about the V2 fastpacks.
  16. My find from AX this year. I went a little overboard on VF1 pins, since they were blinds. I think I have them all. The Macross Word Wide lanyard and pin was from the Tamashi Nations booth.
  17. Wrapped Kaginado S2... I stick with my statement that Angel Beats saved this series. S1 was filled with the same jokes repeatedly across multiple episodes, this became painfully obvious late in S1 as it felt like the series was just stumbling around in the dark. S2 came out strong and was able to at least coast to a fairly good end. I was going to say my only real complaint would be the complete lack of anything Planetarian in S2 but the last episode rectified that. The rest waits now till after AX.. I think I still have 3 series outstanding.. and now I am seeing that "Kakkou no Iinazuke" is 24 eps.. so next season.
  18. Wrapped up Kaguya-sama S3.. and I loved it. Spectacular finale and TBH if that's all there is for this series.. then A+. Obviously they already announced another animated project, but that could be anything. Started watching Spriggan on Netflix, only 1 episode in. It has been forever since I read or watched any of this so I had to do some catch up. So far though so good, let's hope it keeps at it.
  19. I see only 3 things in that list from Crunchyroll.. Devil is a part timer S2, Tonikawa, and Utawarerumono MOT.
  20. I agree, IMO it was the best title of Spring 2022.
  21. Wrapped up another. Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakechuu - I came into this series not expecting much, and got what I expected. It was good enough to get me to follow the manga for abit and was entertaining. Not Skull shattering "haha see what I did there" but not a stinker either. I'd like to see more of this at some point as there is a pretty good plot developing past where this series ends. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari S2 - Yea there is still another episode, but I had low expectations for this right out of the gate. I think the anime did better then some people are giving it credit for but it was nowhere near the level of S1. I'm not familiar with its source material but it feels to me that S2 edited a great amount of relevant information out. All in all not as terrible as I was expecting, but I probably will pass on any future seasons unless I am dragged into it.
  22. Yup she is an apparent regular in the reflection room.. lol Best line so far in season 2.. Guard Skill Thieving cat eraser.. lol
  23. And with the 2022 Spring season drawing to a close, I figured I'd wrap on what I can so far. Yuusha, Yamemasu, Overall I thought this series was very dull, it really turned into a slog halfway thought it, and after reading ahead abit the climax was anything but a climax. To be fair there is much after this anime ends that in some ways makes it a little easier to swallow but this anime adaptation can easily be passed on. Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu, Most of what has been said already in this thread is correct. The main character in both the manga and the anime really comes off as an ASS. I think the Anime makes him look even worse mostly because of edits for time because of the 12 episode limit. Also having read into this pretty far, I probably would say give the manga a shot if you liked the anime. Overall I would not recommend this series.
  24. If they are trying to end it where I think, then they needed to introduce Judgement princess as a series villain. They jumped around all over the place with the plot progression and I think this is an end result of doing so.
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