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  1. Definitely worked out good with the current exchange rate. Now if only I could click the button to ship my items now.... Issues with the glorious new website? I got it to work. Was doing something weird with my address
  2. Wow that production run of Rick 1S figures was definitely a mess! I didn't inspect any of my battery covers....will have to take a look at them. I know I generally don't care for the newer version of that cover.
  3. That's a good idea I may end up doing that
  4. They didn't specify if it was a one off issue or not. Figured I could touch up the leg but then I saw the cockpit area. Here's the pics:
  5. My orders finally cleared customs after a strangely long delay. I opened all of my recent figures and mostly everything looks good, no backwards feet or anything on my 1J. The 1S Rick has some major painting errors though... the side of one leg is a mess and one side of the cockpit/nose has no paint at all. I reached out to Kitzconcept and they said they will send me a new one. I really appreciate their excellent customer service!
  6. Still waiting for mine to clear customs. It's been a week....
  7. @Offswitch nice to see you are still around! I couldnt pass one up at the current exchange rate. May get a second one domestically...we'll see. Really digging the figure
  8. @jvmacross hmmm do you have two of the same feet? I can't really tell from the pictures. The 1J does look snazzy Mine have been stuck in customs all week.
  9. I was waiting for BBTS. A little bit expensive but I want to help support the Macross USA Market. Also long over the whole stay up all night for a preorder and still fail to get one game.
  10. Agreed. I watched it but it completely ruined it for me. Should have stopped when it turned me off a few episodes prior.
  11. I am cool with that. Would rather have a set that fits appropriately with the new style figures
  12. Customer Service said Max and Miriya will have the new Fast Packs . Thats good news...I hope they did something about the on/off switches for the lights too
  13. Hopefully the Fast Packs get upgraded for the M&M figures. Would really be a shame if they couldnt cleanly be transformed into all three modes. The FP 1.5 sounds interesting. I asked about the long delayed Heavy Armor set. They said they are making changes to it and it won't be ready until 4th quarter. This is definitely a more complete line than HMR. KC has stated they will do a VF-1D at some point. Here's hoping for paint variants of that too
  14. Max and Miraya set is up now. https://www.kitzconcept.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=99 Looks like you can get them individually as well
  15. Agreed....Episode 8 got rather weird. Turned me off a bit to this show just when it was starting to really grab me.
  16. That would be something, wouldn't it? Not really a big Bandai fan at this point
  17. I've been a Halo fan since the original game (ugh 20+ years ago...getting old). They said they were doing their own story with this show, so I tried to keep an open mind when watching. Five episodes in my honest opinion is that I don't love it, but I don't hate it. It has a high production value and everything looks great - costumes, weapons, vehicles, sets, aliens...obviously a lot of work and money went into it. They just went to a lot of trouble to have a weird take on the universe and the characters. Master Chiefs character is completely wrong and they didn't really get the Spartans right either. I understand they wanted to make Master Chief into a character, but he really does spend an excessive amount of time with his helmet off. Makee's story is not my favorite thing forced into this universe and I don't really care about Kwan. Having Jen Taylor voice Cortana made the show feel more like 'home' so that and the intense action is fun enough to keep me watching. Otherwise was this show worth waiting 20 years for? Ehh....
  18. It will be nice not to have such a floppy loose torso joint. I got excited about the open gun barrels but realized all of my Yamatos have that on the arms. They mean the machine gun looking torso gun closest to the chest. Ending up ordering one from AmiAmi because the price was hard to beat and I like supporting Arcadia. Hopefully the exchange rate is still good in a year or two when this actually releases. I didnt think BBTS would have them but its cool to see. From Mr.K's quote doesnt seem like a PF is planned yet. Thats disappointing
  19. I don't see it anywhere else yet. Waiting for confirmation on if there's a Premium Format version. The AmiAmi listing says it comes with marking stickers.
  20. Super excited I paid up front for one of these. It will release someday I guess
  21. Whoa...they really decided to re-release the Tomahawk? Didn't think I would see that day. Wonder if we will get any weathering, special paint schemes or a premium format Wish they would make the missing ones instead
  22. Good call on that one. Reset and back in!
  23. Man that really sucks. Thought it was all kinda sudden and the prices were too good. The English seemed broken too or typed in an extreme hurry... I got to the point of asking for PayPal address, but they just responded to confirm price and payment type so no info was given
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