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  1. Kitzconcept has exceptional customer service. They are always both friendly and helpful when talking to customers. This is a large part of the reason I enjoy supporting them. They also keep making improvements to their products which is great to see.
  2. I got an email this morning saying a factory problem is delaying the VF-1As another month or so. Wonder if we will even see them by summer
  3. Stealth Parts are pending. Dropped price on VF-19S
  4. I am not sure what the additional improvements they are describing are, but nice to see Max and Kakizaki 1A's!
  5. Had an excellent transaction with @wjrmonkey! Communication was smooth and payment was quick. Thanks!
  6. I got the email about the VF-1S Rick/Roy too and the balance invoice for them. Went with the surface Mail because I am not paying any higher shipping fees. Curious to see if these have further changes to them based on their Facebook page comments Looks like my reissue VF-1J and Heavy Armor just shipped too.
  7. Price drop on remaining items
  8. Thinning the herd a little because I can't figure out where to put all these Valkyries. How do you guys store such large collections? And many of them put mine to shame lol. Prices are Paypal Friends and Family (or add 4% for fees) and include shipping in the continental US. Will add pictures shortly 1/60 Yamato VF-19S Emerald Force - Only the Valkyrie, accessories pictured, and instructional manual. There is no box. Stickers have been applied, but Valkyrie has never been transformed out of fighter. SOLD
  9. I doubt we will really see them next year. Their releases are always 6+ months behind the initial dates announced. Maybe some prototypes will be shown in summer. That being said it will be cool to have these in 1/72 scale. They also said in some Facebook comments that the VF-1 has been modified even further. Curious to see what they have done with it now
  10. 5 total people in my Ohio theater. Me and my two friends and a couple sitting behind us. I have never seen the movie version so it added to the experience for me. I didn't realize how much stuff they added, removed, and changed from the OVA. It was definitely great seeing it on the big screen and the Kawamori message before it was a nice touch. I can't believe how many years ago it came out! My OVA version is a set of VHS tapes
  11. Is the pre-show for sure at 6:30? I can't find info on that anywhere Curious to see if there's any other Macross fans here in NE Ohio
  12. Had great selling experiences with both @connor99 and @magicsp00n. Both were great to deal with in every regard!
  13. As somebody who wasn't collecting Macross when the VF-25s came out, I am excited for this one. It looks sharp and its a huge bonus if I am able to purchase it here in the US.
  14. Corrinald

    Hi-Metal R

    Holy crap its so great to see news on Hi Metal R Macross stuff! The line isn't dead after all - or at least probably not dead. Count me in for buying all of the new things listed.
  15. Been a little busier than I thought I would be this week - will get back to everyone in the next day or two
  16. Selling a couple of spare items. 1/60 Yamato TV Super Parts Set - all items present in like new condition including stickers and manual. SOLD Hi Metal R VF-1A Cannon Fodder and FEXT Hobby Armor 102F set. VF-1 in used but very good condition. All parts are present - box has some corner wear. The armor is complete including the stand but no box or diorama pieces. SOLD Also have some 1/48 Yamato Stealth Super/Strike Parts but I need to dig them out and get pictures
  17. Here's the pictures of the shoulder disassembled and then repaired. Completely forgot I had done this to experiment with disassembly for repainting.
  18. Yeah same here. I would love to see this in theater but the single time on a Tuesday night makes it difficult
  19. I can probably let my spare one go. Just need a minute to get it out for pictures
  20. What in the world? I will sell my gold special edition for a $1300! Thats a steal in comparison haha
  21. Just had an excellent buying experience with @Ryoma. He was great to talk to and deal with, and shipped the item out quickly. It was packaged with extra care and the box contents arrived safe and sound. Many thanks!
  22. Had a great exchange with @scand. Thanks for making the sale smooth and easy!
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