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  1. @daproAre you still looking for one?
  2. Thank you, but I am looking for the white and tan TV version. Not minty if possible, hoping somebody has one they could let go for cheaper
  3. +1 each for @505thAirborne, @Dax415, and @Algy for smooth and enjoyable selling experiences. Glad I was able to help everybody out with what they were looking for. Thanks again!
  4. I am looking for a 1/48 Yamato VF-1A TV Kakizaki if anyone has one they'd part with for a reasonable price. It doesn't have to be in perfect condition or even include the box.
  5. I found myself rather underwhelmed when adding the Super Parts to Roy's VF-1S in fighter mode. Could not get the arms to tab in and hold the gunpod up at the right angle. Hadn't tried the display stand yet...so that's a bummer how it lines up there too. Otherwise they look really nice and it's great to have proper red tipped missiles. I will have to display it in Gerwalk or Battroid for less annoyance.
  6. This is a nice surprise. Looking forward to an upgraded 1S figure. Kitzconcept said the GBP would be available for preorder soon on their Facebook page. There was no mention of this one coming
  7. This just happened to me too. Was just telling my proxy that I am fairly sure I got scammed on this auction and suddenly there it is. I had already bought a replacement so now there's a spare coming that will be for sale when it arrives.
  8. Had a great selling experience with @MaxFan2112! Very smooth and enjoyable conversations and he exercised great patience in waiting for the postal service to get the package to him (and the correct state!). Many thanks and would definitely deal with again!
  9. I have a VF-1S Roy, VF-1A Cannon Fodder, and a VF-1J Hikaru. The 1S is kinda beat and I need the 1A for parts to repair another 1A. The 1J is the nicest of the three. It's in very good condition other than the yellowing, and the joints are tight. Will include the missiles, pilot, and gunpod + strap.
  10. Apologies, I haven't had time to dig through my stuff yet. Will get on it this weekend and get back to you
  11. That same thing happened to me on Christmas Eve. Just got both garage door springs replaced this morning - it was $250. I wasn't about to pay emergency holiday call out rates for it. Luckily one car was outside the garage
  12. Same here. They should ship sometime this upcoming week
  13. This is my favorite alternate paint scheme. I have a spare yellowed Yamato GBP and VF-1 that I want to paint up like this. Someday I will get an airbrush and a place to paint
  14. I think I have a couple of various spares. Give me a couple of days to dig them out
  15. Yep just got my From Japan order failure/cancellation notice email too
  16. They will let you know either way. My order with them is still pending Zen market failed to get me one and haven't heard from From Japan. Given my near perfect failure record with them and Bandai pre-orders, I got one from Kuramatoys and one from Okiniland since everybody seems happy with their service.
  17. Speaking of markup. https://kuramatoys.com/dx-chogokin-vf-1d-valkyrie-fun-racer/
  18. No, sorry that was poorly worded. I think it was cancelled and my money returned within a few hours of the preorder going live.
  19. I put one through too just to see, noting the release date and time. Half expecting it to get bounced back. From Japan may just hit their 6 order limit with Bandai quickly. My Kakizaki order was cancelled when those released
  20. That's what they told me for shipping two sets to Ohio.
  21. Bandai'd. I think I saw a marking or two like this on one of my DX figures too What's the safest way to remove a small section of tampo like this?
  22. Corrinald


    These are still available?! Everyone give up on HMR? I am trying very hard to resist these (due to severe Macross overspending)
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