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  1. I will be adding a DX VF-1A Kakizaki to this listing today. Just need to grab a couple of pictures
  2. The post office finally managed to deliver my custom VF-1S Max from @Red Comet Apparently the postal service has a three week backlog on packages near where I live. I am just happy that this wasn't lost or destroyed! My photography doesn't do it justice.
  3. If I'm not too late, I would like to pick up another set of decals
  4. I would really like to have one of these but 50k is a lot of yen. I like the Arcadia paint better than the Yamato, plus it includes the band which is a nice touch The above VF-22 is a Gamlin
  5. Selling my 1/60 Arcadia VF-1J GBP 2nd Release Set. Wanted to get one and support Arcadia but I just don't care for the non gray visor. It's New in Box other than a quick inspection. I bought it from HLJ. 215 shipped in the US. SOLD Also adding a DX VF-1A Hayao Kakizaki. This has been transformed to Battroid once then back to fighter and displayed in a glass case. It's in like new condition and all accessories are included. Nothing wrong with it I just don't have room for multiples. $225 shipped. SOLD
  6. Awesome group picture @Alan Molina!
  7. Yeah I would much rather have my custom Max figure. This is the one I was looking forward to the most. Of all the Macross toys I had shipped this year - why did it have to be the irreplaceable one? Will keep you posted
  8. @Kanedas BikeYour Max looks great! I am fairly sure the post office lost mine in transit .
  9. This is an awesome package sale!
  10. I am hoping for a VF-1D as well. It would look amazing made by Calibre Wings. These 1/72 VF-1 models are a very nice representation of the Valkyrie. The elevator looks great too, but I don't have any room to display one.
  11. I would love some more PF Macross Zero stuff. It seems like the best way for them to go since there isn't any M0 competition. Still, I hope they release the teased VT-1.
  12. Corrinald

    Hi-Metal R

    That's nice to see the Dougram Hi Metal R line sort of continuing. The vehicles look good but they come with a straight up reissue of the Soltic? They should have at least changed the unit number Edit: Eh Maybe the Soltic is just there for reference and the vehicles are a set.
  13. Wow! Those look really nice :wallet preemptively turns to ash:
  14. Yes VF-1D and GBP! I had a hunch it would be something off the wall the way Bandai releases things. No doubt it will be nearly impossible to preorder, but I am excited for this one and will definitely get one or two somehow. Will be interesting to see if there's some non canon options for the GBP too. Lots of cool stuff coming...my wallet is going to suffer
  15. Here are pictures. Stickers are unused and sealed with the instruction manual. Two people have asked me about it so it's already pending
  16. Oops - forgot there is also a camo one. This is the gray one
  17. I will get pictures sent to you soon. Will verify joint condition - I think it's good
  18. Selling a few more things, starting with a 1/48 Yamato VF-1A Low Visibility . Valkyrie is in excellent shape and includes all accessories and unused stickers. Box lid is unfortunately crushed in the center. I will get some pictures soon. SOLD
  19. I have one that has some sunburn. One head laser was broken but I fixed it, and I think the peg on one side of the heat shield is broken. Was going to fix it with epoxy but I haven't tried yet.
  20. Received the refund for my Kakizaki, but still no movement on the refund for my Fast Pack order cancellation. I opened a PayPal case for that too, including a screenshot of my conversation with NY where they agreed to the refund. My NY account hasn't been banned yet somehow. Maybe their 'customer service' department is down to one person trying to sort through ten thousand ticket complaints and issues?
  21. An overdue thank you to @RedComet for this beautiful custom DX Roy! Also thank yous to @dafob, @sjoebarry, @kkx, @yman1437, and @Anasazi37 (and for the high quality decals) for making sales of my extras smooth and easy!
  22. Corrinald

    Hi-Metal R

    They could do a two pack of TV Max VF-1A and DYRL VF-1A Max plus the same for Hayao.....or a two pack thats TV Max and Hayao VF-1A plus a two pack for DYRL Max and Hayao
  23. PayPal has ruled in my favor and is giving me a refund for the Kakizaki I pre-ordered. NY never even responded to them. My NY account still shows refund pending for my Tv Fast Packs but I haven't received anything yet.
  24. I agree with this feeling toward Bandai's figures. The DX figures plus accessories are difficult to get and expensive on the secondary market. This is getting to be quite a turn off for me. They do a few things better than 1/48 Yamato VF-1 figures but also a few things worse. The Super/Strike Parts are rather underwhelming considering how hard they have been to get. It is curious and amusing that there is some details hidden inside the glued on covers. Bandai could have made the greatest VF-1 toy of all time but they settled for pretty good.
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