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  1. I really enjoy these models and all of their details. They are going to make great displays. In one of the Calibre Wings videos awhile back, Noel said he hasn't been approached yet to renew his license. Really hoping we will see more of these. He said he wanted to do some with Fast Packs too. How awesome would that be?
  2. Jeez even the expensive stuff sold out quickly. They must not have had much stock of anything. Why bother with a week long sale? Was thinking about a PF SDF-1 if they held on for a minute. The flip side is I didn't spend any money yay!
  3. I was going to gripe that of course now that I ordered and paid up front HLJ put it up for sale but wow there's some markup. https://www.hlj.com/1-60-scale-complete-transformation-yf-19-with-fast-pack-premium-finish-acamrk821572
  4. This does seem to be the case. The deposit payment up front only for the PF VF-4 was a nice break, but I think it was just a goof. FJ got back to me and confirmed that my order for the YF-19 went through. They said it shows as pending because they have only made the deposit with Arcadia. They will pay the balance around a month before the release and then it the status will change.
  5. I got charged full price as well. Not sure why the delay making the purchase, it's usually within a day. Arcadia doesn't have pre-order purchase limits similar to Bandai do they?
  6. You beat me to it. Looks like they are offering just about every Macross item they have made. The question is how limited is their stock of each item.
  7. As it hasn't appeared for sale anywhere else yet, I decided to bite the bullet too and order one through FJ. Got the confirmation a few days ago and made the Charge 1 payment, but my order is still only pending.
  8. Wow no kidding. Did they do another production run? Bandai keep some stock waiting in the wings? That's nice to see. I almost want to buy another just so I can say I got a DX at MSRP. Really don't need it though haha
  9. I got my PF VF-4A and honestly I have mixed feelings about it. The panel lining gives it depth but it's relatively sloppy. I would have been happy with a PF figure that had all the tampo but no panel lining, such as the previous releases (other than the VF-0D).
  10. Neat....but would much prefer a PF. Then again, maybe that will appear soon like the VF-4's and they will offer both
  11. They mentioned they are waiting for pictures of the Rick 1S from the factory. I haven't seen any posted anywhere The GBP should be up for preorder soon, but no movement just yet.
  12. Isn't that nuts? I will be using surface shipping for just about everything from here on out.
  13. Thank you to @TheLoneWolffor a smooth and easy sale! Also many thanks to @Alphahorizonfor selling me a HMR Destroid. The figure arrived quickly and was packaged very well!
  14. Yes looks like mine are shipping today. Very excited to get them, these are very nice VF-1 models. I hope they will be producing more down the road
  15. Corrinald

    Hi-Metal R

    They have been somewhat steadily releasing HMR stuff from other IPs. In addition to the world covid situation, Bandai probably didn't want to have Macross releases across two different lines once the 1/48 DX came out. I am still holding out hope for more Macross HMR. Definitely hoping for Destroids if nothing else. That upcoming Dragonar sure is a sharp looking figure.
  16. Unrelated picture that I don't know where to post
  17. Bought a Yamato 1/48 from @sqidd - the valk arrived quickly and well packaged. Many thanks!
  18. Shipping included for the US. I don't have any spare movie super/strike parts
  19. Added another Roy for sale including Tv Super Parts
  20. I opted for the PF. The normal version looks great but I am really looking forward to the Premium Finish treatment.
  21. I believe it was originally present on Roy's Valkyrie in the TV series but added to the others in the movie. I may be incorrect and getting toys mixed up with show canon
  22. The VF-1S definitely looks improved over the 1J. The rivets look better and the screen isn't as obnoxious. No skull and crossbones symbol behind the cockpit though. Would be cool if the Kitzconcept figures fit in there
  23. I have another I can sell if you are still looking
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