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  1. https://www.e2046.com/p/39385/&title=patlabor-ingram-1st-bust 1/20 scale Unit 1 Ingram bust resin kit (has a cockpit canopy similar to the AV-2 Variant)
  2. ^ Wow ... that's seems outta nowhere ... I don't particularly like the new Supra but I think I can make an exception!
  3. Those are cool! I recognize lots of parts from Bandia's 30MM kits (30 Minute Missions) ... they have a wide variety of styles / option parts and some already resemble existing characters from other series out of the box.
  4. Woah, finally a version where Eagle Fighter's elbows can bend!
  5. Excited for the new Tri-charger figure and in the meantime modified a Transformers Legacy Arcee into a "Mass Production Type" Drone Tri Charger
  6. While waiting on this release, I modified a Transformers Legacy Arcee into a "Mass Production Type Tri Charger"
  7. I believe this was an elaborate April 1st post (sadly) staged by RiseofGunpla out of Paris.
  8. If you like Frontier, can't help but think of SMS every time (technically still a puzzle) 😁
  9. This is awesome! Also nice to see Triple Jim's development's coming along!
  10. Interesting ... I wonder how close in scale these are to the SD Infinity VF-25F
  11. As a kid, this is how I always kinda pictured Mon-Star ...
  12. I just received a haul that had both the Icarus and the Tukuru and very pleased with both! Your comment about the weight of the Tukuru is spot on and really makes the toy worthwhile imo. However, I am pretty disappointed in how easily the florescent "tron-like" markings rub off! I have a backlight flashlight to activate it and can see where it's already missing. Although a really cool effect, just simply transforming it is removing the reflective paint ... all in all it just comes off way to easy and they should have applied a coating or used decal instead of such a thin, flaky paint. The Icarus is super cool and feels like a refreshing take on some awesome looking jet fighters and surprisingly tall combined when considering they fit into two-and-a-quarter-inch boxes! My only disappointment is that while both Eagle and Raven have working retractable landing gear, Eagle is in a constant pop-a-wheelie pose since the center of gravity is too far behind from where they placed the rear wheels.
  13. Woah ... this is awesome news! Looking a little parts-formerish but hey, VV's hard to come by.
  14. That's Triple Jim (robot / racecar / helicopter) who was sort of the trusty bodyguard/guard dog that's always there to protect Reina Stol. The one and only toy for it was released around the mid-80's and he was incredibly hard to acquire and still nowadays fetches bids up to $300 MIB due to rarity and rare 3-modes. Extremely happy to see a modern take on this chunky triple changer!
  15. Kinda digging this FSS+Patlabor Unit 2 mashup...
  16. Makes perfect sense ... I see now it's more of "explain it to me like I'm a 5yr old" that way we'll know exactly what you're talking about as easy as possible and technical facets aside. I agree with Sketchley, in this instance you kinda have to use 'backpack' even if you don't prefer it because there's really no mistaking what part you're talking about ... I'd add plate (backpack cover plate) and wager a 5yr old would know exactly where to point to 😄 With the goal of simpler=better you might not be able to reduce some naming down to less than 3 words. While 'wings' 'canopy' 'landing gear' 'nose cone' are easy/universal, it's the proprietary parts that need more contextual relationship. Perhaps the formula could be: 1st word = general vicinity (head, leg, arm, etc.) 2nd word = part/piece (laser, thruster, hinge, etc.) 3rd word (if necessary) = modifier/detail (large, channel, plate, etc.) For ex. head laser channel, backpack small thruster/backpack large thruster, backpack cover plate ... you could use hyphens to get it down to 2 words: head-laser channel, backpack small-thruster, backpack coverplate, etc. I'm guessing lots of this is actually already in your notes!
  17. Welcome! I can also vouch for ToyzInTheBox ... w/regard to pre-order used them for my SOC GX-88 Dairugger back in the day (2019) for a low price + free ship and no issue!
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