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  1. Sorry to hear ... broken or missing parts is always a bummer. Mine just arrived and is actually missing the front half of his head which means he has no face ... I sent in a request to David @ ShowZ and am hopeful. MKT's comments about requiring lots of focus and time and parts being a bit too snugly are spot on but the reward's worth it.
  2. Soul of Chogokin's GX-59 Daltanious (anime color version). It has been combined only a few times and is in excellent condition. It's complete and has been stored (smoke-free home) in the box which has some corner wear. Asking SOLD shipped continental US. I am on the SSL, let me know if you have any questions.
  3. Big thanks to Corrinald for great communication and fast shipment on a great item! Thanks
  4. Just wanted to say I am pretty pleased with the proportions of the MA Thunder Warrior SX-01 in alt mode. Zeta Toys ZV-02 Flash Mechanical Alliance Thunder Warrior EX-01 and another fun gerwalker...
  5. This photo was just taken by David Morris along the coast of England ... looks like they're finally getting a hang of the gravity control system Article - temperature inversion causing superior mirage
  6. Ugh, that profile shot definitely shows the truncated length which I did not know about prior to ordering. Reminds me of what the old 747SP's looked like in comparison to other 7's... ...and especially stubby compared the the latest (and very rare) 747-8
  7. Have both MA and Zeta on order as well. Exactly what I'm hoping ... can't stand those struts on my Studio Series version so I removed them... Before After
  8. That's pretty much what they did with the addition of the entire arms/shoulders on a 180˚ swivel apparatus to move its placement fore and aft along the body for the transformation.
  9. Late followup ... but the box seems to indicate Hasbro might be needing to pay licensing $$$ to both Paramount Pictures and Northrop Grumman for the likenesses ... the Delorean from BTTF and the '59 Caddy from Ghostbusters are also rather pricey (perhaps the same dealio). In case anyone's curious about the underside kibble ...
  10. VERY exited about the Peacemakers! (don't like the 'pending licensor's approval' in red tho)
  11. Yeah a little bit for everyone in this creation ... in addition to Z.O.E. it's got a strong Frame Arms vibe to it and even a little exosuit from District 9. Scale wise it feels 1/115ish
  12. Just got this from Hasbro Pulse ... Finally an F-14 transformer... Top Gun fun
  13. Thanks ... gerwalk's been fun with this guy Agreed ... fresh is so refreshing right now with all endless constant remakes it seems ... have a lumitent pre-ordered as well and really looking forward to it!
  14. I'd been in for a set as well! Just let me know where to paypal
  15. Farmer: This is so painful it's like watchin' paint dry! Worker: You mean like so slow it's like watchin' grass grow! Macross Fan: Yeah totally, it's like watching my valkyrie yellow! Farmer: What in tarnation is he talkin' about?
  16. It is my understanding that is on the list of factors that affect our plastics/polymers: UV radiation/exposure to visible light, extreme temperatures, humidity, exposure to solvents (which cause polymers to fail over time), but when it comes to yellowing, UV light is usually the primary culprit.
  17. ^Good questions! I've even wondered if there's some degree of interaction that causes it with the variety of plastic bags out there (material, quality ...some with holes ...some air sealed), the foam trays (vs. clear blister packs), the plastic windows (sometimes) in presentation tray tops, and the occasional sheet of cardboard tray top itself ...lots of variables to consider for sure. After reading your post I thought I'd to go check in storage and take a peak at my original 80's Bandai H.C.M. Series#20 1:72 Scale VF-1J that's been stored for years and years in its original packaging out of direct UV. The toy itself is wrapped inside a plastic bag, inserted in its original foam tray, with its original cardboard tray insert on top...and oh that bit of anxiety as you're opening it ...eager to see what color "white" once you lift the cardboard off Happy to say, it's still very white ...but then compare it to the infamous v1 VF-25 Alto which is packaged practically the exact same way which looks absolutely horrible! So is the biggest determinant sunlight, or the plastic quality itself, or both? Seems like it's unfortunately somewhat "predetermined" with the different batches and qualities of plastic manufacturers can use, and yellowing may still occur despite all our precautionary efforts to prevent it (but still worth doing them for sure).
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