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  1. Same here on the film. There's no replacing the voice for sure. Age-wise man I dunno...it's kinda hard watching Stallone and Arnie in any geriatric roles but you know who could probably pull it off is that actor from 1917 (George Mackay) he kinda looks like him (quik photochop)... They'd need a little makeup to mimic Wellar's signature philtrum!
  2. I asked because I've used Zenmarket for years and have never paid a percentage for an item. It's always the same thing: item price, ¥300 per item (regardless of its value which includes them buying the item, asking the seller questions for me, packing consolidation and repacking the items) so $0 consolidation fee, and then ship fee (the ¥300 incl giving you every ship option: EMS, Air, Sal, UPS, FedEx, and DHL so you can choose). The only percentage fee I know of for buying an item is if you buy an intangible good (like downloadable music which I've never done) but it is not on anything else. Perhaps SanityisOpt meant you have to pay a deposit fee of ¥360 for every $100 you load onto your account (?) ...I can see how that could be considered 'paying a percentage' but $3.50 is still cheaper than when Buyee charges you ¥500 for 2 items or ¥1000 for 2+items just to consolidate a package for you. -update- I just saw your post Sanity...thanks
  3. Could you explain or where does it say that? Thx
  4. Thank You Alphahorizon! Great Transaction! Total Standup Guy!
  5. That is soooooooo cool!
  6. Awesome shot...one of my fav sculpts for the D-1!
  7. Totally Meganite! "Miss Yui Tsukioka, please report to Senjo City Centre now ...the Trillennium Committee needs your help!"
  8. ^ ah...one of my fav's from the early 80's
  9. 6?! Wow! Any chance a mandatory global-scale shut down might possibly give you some free time? That is...unless you are part of lifesaving infrastructure in which case your workload just went Super Saiyan
  10. Read mid-way down this post here and try that which may help --> http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/45175-consolidated-megazone-23-toymodel-thread-for-2017-2018/page/12/?tab=comments#comment-1500557
  11. BIG thanks to Kuma Style for great communication and a smooth transaction!
  12. With considerable newly acquired downtime during this "state of caution" I decided to add eyes so the nightmares would finally end... Before (from previous post)... After... modeled after... and Lightning... modeled after... Be safe out there everyone
  13. Woah, that's cool! ...did you know they all made it back to the amusement park?...they just needed the help of an "Outsider"
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