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  1. To continue from an earlier post in this thread, just another fun assembly with leftover parts of an akira-ish "scooter-like" bike!
  2. Hey Jenius, I'm outta town but when I get back I'll email you the materials that came with my XI (periwinkle sticker sheet for screw holes and strike parts instruction insert). Nice review update!
  3. Strike Parts are really cool! In bike mode it makes your Garland kinda look like the GR-2 Mass Production Type Bike Mode from Part II! The shoulder armor mechanism is really slick with how it folds around in both slave and bike mode. Rocket launcher panels open up to reveal missiles and there is a foldable scope on the telescoping beam cannon. One thing I had hoped to not have to do is you have to remove the taillights to fasten the backpack weapons holster. A single complaint is the long range beam cannon is sooo flimsy it just comes apart easily but still looks cool. Strike Parts for Garland!
  4. Although I enjoy my Miracle Voltron a lot, one thing that bugged me was that due to their engineering you had to switch the feet in Land Team mode resulting in them being on the wrong side. It's great to see the SOC version get this and so many other things right!
  5. I'm gonna try out the strike parts tomorrow on the red/white version!
  6. Well it arrived and the pain is now less I'll leave it to the reviewers to review but one thing I'll quickly mention I'm particularly happy abut is the whole thing is finished in a very nice matte finish which may resolve some of the chipping issues the previous gloss white version had around the chest plate. In love the colors...what a cool piece!
  7. I know the original line art gave the foot vehicles large(r) front bumpers...but if I were to have only one critique from what's been revealed so far, and not that beggers can be choosers (and I've been begging for one of these forever) the bumpers imo really stand out and seem just a tad bit too long. It reminds me of the early Volvos when they were pioneering their crash safety rating and developing their ultra-shock-absorbing bumpers... Other than that I'm super excited and ready to pre-order!
  8. I got my payment notification today and... ...it hurt!
  9. This is a modded Sky Gundam kit that I removed a lot of parts from...
  10. Don't mean to interrupt the discussion on wedge plates just want to post the latest put-together and figured this was the best place... the lineup... cowl hatch open... ...basically saw something similar online and tried to make my own.
  11. If anyone's interested in the 12" Sofubi Marmit Garland there's an unopened one at Madarake --> https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1103358099&ref=list&soldOut=1&keyword=メガゾーン23&lang=en
  12. came across this interesting background track ... do you remember it
  13. Honestly, I don't know how else you'll come across them AND it be with a seller who's willing to ship international ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ There are some really cool lego builds (vol.2) and unique art in them I've never seen anywhere else (like Bahamote B.D Coffee Vending Machines - vol.1). Even one of our forum's VF-2SS gurus, SAVE, had an ad in one for his website otaku2.com (now defunct) in a fun, McDonalds-esque style, promoting a MegaMac 2 sandwich
  14. Yes, Volumes 0, 1, & 2 and as a fan I can highly recommend all three of them! That was a tremendous guess you made btw! edit - after closer inspection the bike that daBlah posted is slightly different (way more pointier) than the way it is actually shown in Vol. 0
  15. That is correct, the concept/design was featured in Festival Times and referred to as: Lost Possibility Megazone 23 – Special Contents: Concept of New Megazone. It's from c. 2008 and planning at the time: Keisuke Hirota and the mechanical design: R-AREA. It features: The Crossline Garland (has wheels for feet) Army Garland GR-II (featured in above post but in army green vs. traditional colors) Strike Garland (blue and white version with armor parts) Garland 1+1 (unique 2-seater garland) Moto Flagger (an updated flagger that looks like a Madox-01 flying head that turns into a motorcycle) Sport Garland (looks like a crotch-rocket, think Kawaskai Ninja meets MZ23) Maneuver Slave B-Type (updated Hargun from pt. I) Maneuver Slave A-Type (updated Hargun from pt. II) Maneuver Slave C-Type (maybe updated Hargun pt. III ?) Special Ghost Harland (highly stylized VF-27 lucifer-like: plane/quadruped/robot) Mystery Garland (looks like a cross from Maximilian from Black Hole and a re-imagined cylon)
  16. Just wanting to add this to this thread like before...another holy grail MZ23 item. This is a pre-colored GR-2 Garland from MZ23 Part II also designed by Hiroshi Imizu. Like the previous Garland from page 3 of this thread that he did, it is very small (1/48 scale), and usually sells for upwards of $400-$500 if you can find one and was only available at the 2019 Wonder Festival.
  17. The closest I've seen is the Hasegawa Limited Edition 1/72 F-15 Active --> https://www.super-hobby.com/products/F15-Active-IFCS.html
  18. Love my shirt! A lot better quality than other shirts I've bought online. Thanks for designing it...I bought 2 other designs as well!
  19. A DX YF-29 that I converted into a "VF-31"-ish build after a wear-n-tear mishap [LINK]
  20. A BIG thanks and ANOTHER solid deal with Archer !
  21. Great and easy transaction with gingaio thanks!
  22. and this... but I'll stop here because it does look cool...as long as you don't touch it!!!
  23. This sums up my feelings towards my ownership of the Freeing E=X Garland...
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