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  1. Awesome transaction w/VALKYRIE-EXCHANGE.COM THANKS!!!
  2. Thanks MilkManXMinty-minty book! Smooth transaction...great communication...deal with confidence!
  3. Fast Shipping! Excellent Communication! Awesome Item! Thanks gwfalcon!
  4. Smooth Transaction, Great Communication with VF-Zer0SThanks!
  5. excellent transaction w/ danththanks!
  6. Smooth transaction with Roy's BluesThanks!
  7. Smooth transaction with Gakken85Thanks!
  8. Another for a smooth transaction w/Maiden Japan!
  9. Excellent Transaction w/ SuperHoboGreat communication, fast shipping, item just as described! Thx
  10. Bobby

    VF-2SS site

    ...another update. Look for some new killer images in the ART sxn as well as some great new videos in the MOTION sxn. Enjoy. P.S. Yamato...please make a vf-2ss
  11. Bobby

    VF-2SS site

    Just an update to the site...Shinagami submitted his latest creation (home>model>shinagami). Hint: think red... think sylvie vf-2ss.com (perhaps the only one of its kind in the world and a nice compliment to p. belic's submission) P.S. Yamato...please make a vf-2ss
  12. No, you are right, Ikeda's point was that Kawamori didn't join directly, but rather that the actual transformation pattern for the VF-2SS is purely derived from Kawamori's first Valkyrie and that without this previous work, Fujita couldn't/wouldn't have designed the VF-2SS as we know it today.
  13. T. Ikeda, a friend and fellow VF-2SS enthusiast in Japan, has asked me to submit his latest site creations paying homage to the VF-2SS Valkyrie II in both English and Japanese. Please enjoy. English Japanese
  14. Bobby

    VF-2SS site

    woah...1000 fans 5 weeks later great to see so many Macross fans in general! sure hope someone makes a PT 1/60 vf-2ss...
  15. Bobby

    VF-2SS site

    wow...it's been about 8 weeks since adding the Facebook link to vf-2ss.com and about 300 people from around the world are fans...there's even some ladies too...who knew!
  16. Bobby

    VF-2SS site

    New model added to the model gallery...and some new pics in the art gallery! Plus check out Facebook too!
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