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  1. Another EXCELLENT transaction with Archer Great communication, great packaging, thank you again!
  2. An inexpensive aliexpress "Gundam" lego kit (called Mobile Warrior) that I built/modded to match my custom 1/60 Impulse Gundam that I painted to match Sword Impulse colors.
  3. Could you elaborate on "DYRL does include the Patlabor game"? Like the PS1 Patlabor game in it's entirety or something else? Thanks
  4. COOL! Please upload another pic or two if and when you display it!
  5. Well, I did think capillary action sounded so "basement level biology lab" instead of "hobby man-cave" lingo... How 'bout... panel-streaking panoodling seam-surfing panellary action pan-hesion copaneling panelicking
  6. Great! Yeah, so like I said you'll have to cut it in half right down the original seam line where they glued it in the first place. There aren't any solvents that you can safely use that won't either ruin the paint or even worse start dissolving the plastic like acetone will totally do. When I needed to fix the automatic door locks on my wife's car that totally stopped working with the remote, the door actuators themselves were listed at $65ea. I decided to have a look and took them out of the door and the actuators were self-contained molded plastic units that had been glued together (no screws) full of gears and control arms all powered by a single little electric motor just like you'd see in a toy car. After patiently cutting the whole thing in half along the original seam line with a fresh blade, I was able to remove the burnt out motor and plop in $2 motors acquired at (then) Radioshack, glue, clamp back together...and they've work flawlessly. Now was all that effort worth saving $60 per door? That's for each individual to decide but as for me...it just meant more valk money
  7. ^ looking good! R-Jetan Metallic Version showed up today and honestly was not expecting the box to be so big (VF-1J DX for scale)! Being a Fewture release I was thinking maybe a small shoebox for this guy, but a 16" x 15" x 6" box! Seems a little overkill for a figure looking to be about 8"...no wonder shipping was up there!
  8. ^ to separate the two halves you're just gonna need a fresh x-acto blade and some patience (obviously don't forget to open the missile hatch) and just glue and clamp back together when you're done. Man, that "c" clamp's a bummer...hard to fix those tension clips. Hopefully as these age the pieces that repeatedly break will draw the attention of Xigfrid, Plastic Soldiers, Rocket Punch Garage, 3dyeti, etc. (Calling all Shapeway creators) to come to the rescue! As far as the fuselage joint break goes, mine cracked exactly like UN Spacy's but it really wasn't too bad to replace with a piece of square aluminum tubing instead of another piece of plastic. To get to it, this area came apart quite easily in a way that made sense to be able to put it easily back together. I just cut a piece of 1/8" aluminum tubing to 7/16" in length and then drilled the 2 tiny holes for the hinge-pins all using hand tools. I added 4 tiny washes as well but I don't think they were necessary. I've transformed mine numerous times without any issue and can let it dangle with confidence.
  9. Thank you jasonmacross83 for the easy transaction and the great communication!
  10. Thank you jeniusornome for a smooth and easy transaction! Really appreciate it!
  11. Thank you Mechamaniac for a great transaction! Perfectly packed, great communication, THANKS!
  12. So I was helping a friend's son with some panel lining tips and couldn't think of the actual term to describe the behavior of the pigment when it moves itself along the panel lines. Does anyone know the technical word to describe how the liquid pigment just moves itself up down along these tiny channels even against gravity? I'm guessing it is either some sort of liquid capillary action or surface adhesion? Just figured someone here might be in a field that deals with these kind of fluid dynamics.
  13. ^ very informative and appreciate the detailed write up Been using SC40 for awhile but never tried trapping it in with a bin and the use of foil...now I'm wanting to go try it!
  14. Wow...that came out really nice! Looks heavy too!
  15. Bobby

    Hi-Metal R

    Does anyone know if there are any sales reports available somewhere regarding how well the different Hi-Metal R's have sold/are selling?
  16. Great! If you look down the neckline while pulling/pushing them in/out you can also see the the interlocking-grey pegs (when locked helps it stand) move in/out of the way to give the red swivel channel for the neck a clear path. But +1 on the racheted joints...I coated the leg joints with future floor wax which helped some. And I agree about the sculpt being the best imo as well. The dynamic muscularity and overall robust shape really sets it apart from all other iterations. But especially the pose-ability and gimmicks like the telescoping thighs and rotating groin plates so the black lion can sit!
  17. ^ Me too...I'd REALLY like a UNIT 3A!!! So much Saturn nostalgia for me...
  18. All you gotta do is pull the upper arms out. If you expand the shoulders fully outwards...neck should go right down!
  19. Ditto on mcfly50!!! Thanks for the easy transaction.
  20. These are soooo coool...I just wish they were easier to obtain...I missed out when they did the first Garland.
  21. Agreed...+1 on the GoodSmile version (8"- 9" tall) vs. MegaHouse version (4"- 5" tall).
  22. This would be interesting...
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