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  1. I'm thinking the hip and knee joints are worm geared and there's a tool to move them without having a knob sticking out all the time.
  2. The YF-24 was approved by the Federal NUNS (i.e. Earth) for production in 2057. The specs were then partially redacted and transmitted to the colonies for them to do with them what they will. Frontier developed it into the YF- and VF-25 and the YF-29. Galaxy developed it into the VF-27. Presumably some fleets just produced it locally without changes. The "main NUNS fighter" of Earth is the VF-24, but the local NUNS branches at each colony fleet are doing their own thing. You may be thinking of the YF-29, which absolutely is too expensive to produce.
  3. I think the second set of sub-wings are just visible beneath the main wings.
  4. I mean... I like Max and Milia, but they're in their mid-70s by the time this movie is set. Why are they not enjoying their well-deserved retirement?
  5. It's been a while since I've seen any of the Brosnan films, but the biggest difference I remember in his portrayal is that Brosnan's Bond always seemed to have a plan or clever gadget to get him out of every conceivable situation, whereas Craig is more likely to just fight his way out of a bind. I haven't read any of the books or seen enough of the films to have much of an opinion over which one is better or worse, they're just different, to me.
  6. I like The Witch overall, but I feel like it was made worse by there actually being a witch. The movie was inspired by stories of puritan American settlers and their religious paranoia, and I didn't really like how that paranoia was realized in the movie. Still haven't seen Hereditary or Midsommar although I've been meaning to check out both. Maybe I'll watch them with my sister, we haven't had a horror movie watch party in a while. Not sure how I feel about Lamb from the trailer.
  7. Counterpoint: While it may bear some superficial similarity to the SV-51 Battroid and VF-4 fighter, it presumably transforms like neither of them, given where various bits appear to end up (obviously excepting the VF-4 style legs). Between this and the SV-262, I'd argue that Delta gave us some pretty darn original designs.
  8. I hope that big gap between the wingtip and its mount is just it being mistransformed. I never ended up getting a 31A so I may pick up one of the 31AX's. I guess I'll wait and see which/how many we get.
  9. An oldie but goodie. Original publication at https://brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=153337.
  10. That looks more like a new ghost fighter than anything else. Perhaps a companion to the new VF.
  11. Watched this last week with my parents. I thought the story was... ok. I had several huge issues with the science and the way some of the characters were presented that I just couldn't get over, though. ...Space nerd rant over.
  12. Those look a lot like VF-27 toes on the back of the wing engines. Also a vernier ring or thrust reverser doohicky just forward of them. I agree with Sanity is Optional that the outboard engines look like the lower legs, but I'm not sure where the arms go.
  13. If you unscrew just the bottom visible screw there, you can get the nub past its stop with not much effort.
  14. Wait, the circled one is the wrong one? Both of the hips on mine look like that... Great. While I'm at it, anyone else have issues with the ankle ball joints being really loose? They're not so bad that they flop around under their own weight, but they definitely don't support any poses. In order for it to stand, at least one of the ankles needs to be at the extreme forward (toe up) end of its range of motion so it can't move anywhere.
  15. I just got a delivery date change notification from Amazon JP. Was 7/03-7/06, now 6/26-6/29. Be on the lookout, those of you who ordered there!
  16. I build nerf blasters. http://nerfhaven.com/forums/topic/28347-project-8/ http://nerfhaven.com/forums/topic/28450-project-10/ And occasionally make videos about our games. https://www.youtube.com/user/snakerbot
  17. Cool, thanks guys. Oh, while we're at it... I was rewatching Frontier the other day, and I noticed Luca's comment in episode 12 about the super fold booster going through fold faults. Was any info given on how the super fold booster and Fold Dimension Resonance system compare in this regard? Was one more or less efficient than the other? Cheaper? Faster? I understand the FDR does plenty of other things, like increase engine thrust and energy output, but specifically for fold travel, does it offer anything the super fold booster doesn't?
  18. Was Ariel II not transmitted from Earth along with the YF-24 specs? Or did Frontier make improvements when making the YF/VF-25 that would make it more suitable for the YF-30? And why do they need to part out an actual fighter instead of just transmitting the code or something?
  19. How does this even happen? Did they somehow make way more of one leg than the other?
  20. The Sylphid is also the most "normal" looking design in the show. The rest are all a little weird, and several of them look like they come from a universe where aerodynamics work differently. As much as I like the Fand II, I'm of no delusion that it's a reasonable design for a plane. I see a lot of people here write about Shapeways, but I'm kind of curious how FDM printers (looks at Prusa on the desk) would handle some of the things people come up with. Layer lines would have to be smoothed, of course. I don't know how much work that actually is since I've never printed anything where looks are that important.
  21. I'd be down for that. I'm still missing the Flip Knight, although that's probably the one least likely to get reissued. While I'm dreaming though, what I'd really like is some of the other planes from the series. I super love the Fand I and II.
  22. My first thought about that side profile was that it looked really fat directly under the wings. I think it was the amount it curves down, like how far the lowest point of the belly plates is below the intakes, but after looking at it a bit more, I'm changing my mind. With the all the misaligned panels there and the big gap under the wing leading edge, I suspect it's somewhat mistransformed and the belly plates will pull up a few more millimeters. And if Bandai allows us to mount the guns down there (and they better) then that will break the profile up and help out as well. I think I'm sold.
  23. How do fleet economics work? How did Frontier get so rich, and how does that help them build a YF-29? Are the fleets close enough to each other and colonized systems that they are buying raw materials and/or contracting out work?
  24. snakerbot

    Macross figures

    Yeah, I was about to say it actually looks like Sheryl for once.
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