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  1. About the Jam sylph. To quote Isamu, "I've been waiting for you.......Pretty girl." "I need one now so I can blow you out of the sky, it's a rematch, you wont disappear on your own this time." -Rei Fukai
  2. By the way 100 mega that is a very impressive collection you have there. Which one completed your collection? I’m still hunting down the Super Sylph. Absolutely crazy prices now. All you have there in that pic is expensive enough to display in a vault. Ha ha.
  3. Speaking of which after all these years 3.0+1.0 is out at last and I hear the reviews are great. People actually move to tears in the cinema. Can’t wait.
  4. The third novel was released in 2009. Unbroken arrow. I have a hot copy in my hand but alas I am not Japanese. How ever the translator of the 2 previous novels gives a brief but tantalisingly overview of the third novel without giving anything away. You can get a digital copy of both translated novels and I highly recommend reading them ‘wow’ Kambayashi wasn’t awarded best sci fi writer on a whim. You’ll love it and be left wanting more.
  5. By the way if anyone has scanned images of the SAF flight manual and the FAF technical orders I'd be very happy. There is character art work in them that isn't in FAF at war, Blue and purple or Sento Yosei Yukikaze - Mechanical Design Works.
  6. Hi 100mega, The downloaded blueray of Yukikaze I have is definitely better quality than the standard DVD. The blueray version I downloaded about 2010 has no subtitles or English dub. I bought the original series back in 2002 when it first came out. Mind you I got the Platinum edition with the DTS 6 channel sound so I couldn't speak for the sound, however the picture quality on the blueray is better even if it is in the standard 4:3 ratio. My advise is, that if you can get an original blueray copy then get it, as they are super rare. Plus you get a fantastic art book and other goodies like the Diecast 1:200 yukikaze FFR-41mr aircraft behind a little window in the blueray box. I opted out as they were around $300 dollars at the time they came out new from CD Japan. I'm going on Aust, dollars.
  7. Good to know. I almost presses buy at Nippon Yasan. But at over $500 Australian dollars, (what the!!!!) I can't justify it at all. I'm really glad they said they'd PO again. These are crazy times. Imagine ten years ago purchasing something over $300 dollars. I'd probably have to explain to my wife's folks why I'm still fit to be married to their daughter...pun intended. There just seems to be no end of amazing releases coming out every month. It's been a good lesson in restraint..but it makes me cry watching all of the amazing releases pass by.
  8. Eva 2......Damn you nippon yasan I almost want it. I was camping with my trigger finger at the ready at hobbylink and still missed it. If any of you have ordered 2 at the recomended price I'm willing to buy it off of you. Please let me know.........:)
  9. Hey guys!!!!!! So we know it's coming. I'm very excited. What would you think if Unit 2 came out on the Rail brace seen in the rebuild movies. I'm just putting it out there, as I think it would be Fantastic!!!! but I want to know what you think. I've already "hinted" to Bandai about it. Whats you opinions???????????? p.s. have a wall paper or two
  10. My latest Macross purchase is this. Bandai Yf-19 So happy!!!!!!!
  11. I just did a Star Wars movie marathon with my friends this weekend. A new hope/ Empire strikes back and Return of the Jedi. And I realise what's lacking in the new movies. Everything the originals had!!!!! Well besides that, it was the credibility of the characters. They are real people with realistic out looks and feelings, and reacted to situations in a realistic way which gave credibility to the story. That's why I love them. They have whit and intelligence. Not the slap stick representations of real humans they have in the new ones. The Star Wars movie you want to see is right there in your DVD cabinet go pull it out and watch it. You'll be glad you did. I've decided I'll definitely wait for a week or two before I see the next one.
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