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  1. been a long time since I've up for one of these and I don't miss it lol. What are the odds that this will come over the states with the new HG deal?
  2. Love the look. I’m happy to actually post something for the first time in awhile lol
  3. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/89872 Voltron preorder
  4. I understand production cost go up and so do licensing fees but this is a straight re paint lol. That’s Premium pricing we are dealing with. That said...I got one from AJ
  5. This is the best price for the US
  6. Thanks for the pre order link! Honestly with the exchange rate here in the US, add on taxes and shipping with a month before the US getting it, it’s worth the pre order. If anything it’s the same price but you get it a month or 2 earlier
  7. Mezco is the king of 1/12 line lol. Sorry to hear about spidey though. I know this goes a little against what I said earlier but the SHF advanced suit spider man is great. The only SHF I’d recommend over any other spider man in scale
  8. I should have been more specific in the I meant they are stealing money from me buying anything SHF lately. They hold the ball in court when it comes to Dragonball but I feel like lately they haven’t really released anything that has me going “Dam that’s amazing.” I grew up on TAS so I’m just a sucker for premium figures. I don’t own any hasbro figures or DC collectibles cause they all look terrible with the exposed joints to me. This has me excited
  9. Dam Batman looks fantastic. Mafex is really stealing money from SHF with these releases
  10. So you’re favorite character is Max right? Lol
  11. I’m like 98% sure it’s initial release.
  12. I’m legit hoping someone wants to trade me pre order for the YF-29. I already have the VF-1S hikaru but I’m jumping on the hype train. Let me know if anyone is interested
  13. No I’ve seen that one. The Top looks alright but the legs throw off the look. That and the lack of waist swivel/ab crunch just ruin it for me. It needs a straight 2.0. Black wing doesn’t deserve this lol
  14. I love Black wing but the old Dancouga needs a update. I’ll save money with the sentinel but appreciate the links Incase I change my mind
  15. Looks like a jet with a trailer....lol
  16. Please excuse the Dirty table and after 4 of July mess but these showed up and couldn’t wait to put them on. Not enough gerwalk here
  17. That’s a crazy price number when my mp-44 was only $22
  18. I’m just hoping the shipping isn’t over $100 from amiami. Amazon Japan is usually amazing with its shipping but this one was too much.
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